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AbstractFilesystemNode Class Reference

#include <abstract-fs.h>

Inheritance diagram for AbstractFilesystemNode:

DS::DSFileSystemNode DS::GBAMPFileSystemNode GP32FilesystemNode Ps2FilesystemNode

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Detailed Description

Abstract file system node. Private subclasses implement the actual functionality.

Most of the methods correspond directly to methods in class FilesystemNode, so if they are not documented here, look there for more information about the semantics.

Definition at line 44 of file abstract-fs.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool exists () const =0
virtual bool getChildren (AbstractFSList &list, ListMode mode, bool hidden) const =0
virtual String getDisplayName () const
virtual String getName () const =0
virtual String getPath () const =0
virtual bool isDirectory () const =0
virtual bool isReadable () const =0
virtual bool isWritable () const =0
virtual ~AbstractFilesystemNode ()

Protected Types

typedef FilesystemNode::ListMode ListMode
typedef Common::String String

Protected Member Functions

virtual AbstractFilesystemNodegetChild (const String &name) const =0
virtual AbstractFilesystemNodegetParent () const =0


class FilesystemNode

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