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Ps2FilesystemFactory Class Reference

#include <ps2-fs-factory.h>

Inheritance diagram for Ps2FilesystemFactory:

AbstractFilesystemFactory Common::Singleton< Ps2FilesystemFactory > Common::NonCopyable

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Creates PS2FilesystemNode objects.

Parts of this class are documented in the base interface class, AbstractFilesystemFactory.

Definition at line 36 of file ps2-fs-factory.h.

Public Types

typedef Common::String String

Public Member Functions

virtual AbstractFilesystemNodemakeCurrentDirectoryFileNode () const
virtual AbstractFilesystemNodemakeFileNodePath (const String &path) const
virtual AbstractFilesystemNodemakeRootFileNode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Ps2FilesystemFactoryinstance ()
static AbstractFilesystemFactorymakeFSFactory ()

Protected Types

typedef Ps2FilesystemFactory SingletonBaseType


class Common::Singleton< SingletonBaseType >

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