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void Audio::Mixer::playRaw ( SoundType  type,
SoundHandle handle,
void *  sound,
uint32  size,
uint  rate,
byte  flags,
int  id = -1,
byte  volume = 255,
int8  balance = 0,
uint32  loopStart = 0,
uint32  loopEnd = 0 

Start playing the given raw sound data. Internally, this simply creates an audio input stream wrapping the data (using the makeLinearInputStream factory function), which is then passed on to playInputStream.

Definition at line 154 of file mixer.cpp.

References FLAG_REVERSE_STEREO, and playInputStream().


      // Create the input stream
      AudioStream *input = makeLinearInputStream((byte *)sound, size, rate, flags, loopStart, loopEnd);

      // Play it
      playInputStream(type, handle, input, id, volume, balance, true, false, ((flags & Mixer::FLAG_REVERSE_STEREO) != 0));

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