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Audio::Paula Class Reference

#include <paula.h>

Inheritance diagram for Audio::Paula:

Audio::AudioStream Audio::Infogrames

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Detailed Description

Emulation of the "Paula" Amiga music chip The interrupt frequency specifies the number of mixed wavesamples between calls of the interrupt method

Definition at line 40 of file paula.h.

Public Member Functions

void clearVoice (byte voice)
void clearVoices ()
bool endOfData () const
virtual bool endOfStream () const
int getRate () const
bool isStereo () const
 Paula (bool stereo=false, int rate=44100, int interruptFreq=0)
void pausePlay (bool pause)
bool playing () const
int readBuffer (int16 *buffer, const int numSamples)
void setInterruptFreq (int freq)
void startPlay (void)
void stopPlay (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static AudioStreamopenStreamFile (const Common::String &basename, uint32 startTime=0, uint32 duration=0, uint numLoops=1)

Static Public Attributes

static const int NUM_VOICES = 4

Protected Member Functions

frac_t getChannelOffset (byte channel)
virtual void interrupt (void)=0
void setChannelData (uint8 channel, const int8 *data, const int8 *dataRepeat, uint32 length, uint32 lengthRepeat, int32 offset=0)
void setChannelOffset (byte channel, frac_t offset)
void setChannelPanning (byte channel, byte panning)
void setChannelPeriod (byte channel, int16 period)
void setChannelVolume (byte channel, byte volume)
void startPaula ()
void stopPaula ()

Protected Attributes

bool _end
Common::Mutex _mutex

Private Member Functions

template<bool stereo>
int readBufferIntern (int16 *buffer, const int numSamples)

Private Attributes

int _curInt
int _intFreq
bool _playing
const int _rate
const bool _stereo
Channel _voice [NUM_VOICES]


struct  Channel

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