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GUI::NewGui Class Reference

#include <newgui.h>

Inheritance diagram for GUI::NewGui:

Common::Singleton< T > Common::NonCopyable

List of all members.

Detailed Description

GUI manager singleton.

Definition at line 64 of file newgui.h.

Public Member Functions

void clearDragWidget ()
Eval * evaluator ()
int getCharWidth (byte c, Theme::FontStyle style=Theme::kFontStyleBold) const
const Graphics::FontgetFont (Theme::FontStyle style=Theme::kFontStyleBold) const
int getFontHeight (Theme::FontStyle style=Theme::kFontStyleBold) const
int getStringWidth (const Common::String &str, Theme::FontStyle style=Theme::kFontStyleBold) const
WidgetSize getWidgetSize ()
bool isActive () const
bool loadNewTheme (const Common::String &file)
void runLoop ()
void screenChange ()
Themetheme ()

Static Public Member Functions

static T & instance ()

Protected Types

typedef T SingletonBaseType

Protected Member Functions

void animateCursor ()
void closeTopDialog ()
Dialog * getTopDialog () const
void loop ()
void openDialog (Dialog *dialog)
void redraw ()
void restoreState ()
void saveState ()
void setupCursor ()

Protected Attributes

byte _cursor [2048]
int _cursorAnimateCounter
int _cursorAnimateTimer
DialogStack _dialogStack
struct {
   int   count
   uint32   time
   int16   x
   int16   y
int _lastScreenChangeID
bool _needRedraw
bool _stateIsSaved
bool _themeChange
bool _useStdCursor

Private Types

typedef Common::String String


class Common::Singleton< SingletonBaseType >
class Dialog

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