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GUI::PopUpWidget Class Reference

#include <PopUpWidget.h>

Inheritance diagram for GUI::PopUpWidget:

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Detailed Description

Popup or dropdown widget which, when clicked, "pop up" a list of items and lets the user pick on of them.

Implementation wise, when the user selects an item, then a kPopUpItemSelectedCmd is broadcast, with data being equal to the tag value of the selected entry.

Definition at line 45 of file PopUpWidget.h.

Public Member Functions

void appendEntry (const String &entry, uint32 tag=(uint32)-1)
void changeLabelWidth (uint newWidth)
void clearEntries ()
void clearFlags (int flags)
void clearHints (int hints)
void draw ()
virtual int16 getAbsX () const
virtual int16 getAbsY () const
virtual int16 getChildX () const
virtual int16 getChildY () const
int getFlags () const
virtual uint16 getHeight () const
int getHints () const
int getSelected () const
const StringgetSelectedString () const
uint32 getSelectedTag () const
CommandReceiver * getTarget () const
virtual uint16 getWidth () const
virtual bool handleKeyDown (Common::KeyState state)
virtual bool handleKeyUp (Common::KeyState state)
void handleMouseDown (int x, int y, int button, int clickCount)
void handleMouseEntered (int button)
void handleMouseLeft (int button)
virtual void handleMouseMoved (int x, int y, int button)
virtual void handleMouseUp (int x, int y, int button, int clickCount)
virtual void handleMouseWheel (int x, int y, int direction)
virtual void handleTickle ()
void init ()
bool isEnabled () const
bool isVisible () const
void lostFocus ()
Widget * next ()
 PopUpWidget (GuiObject *boss, const String &name, const String &label, uint labelWidth=0)
void receivedFocus ()
virtual void reflowLayout ()
void resize (int x, int y, int w, int h)
virtual void sendCommand (uint32 cmd, uint32 data)
void setEnabled (bool e)
void setFlags (int flags)
void setHints (int hints)
void setNext (Widget *w)
virtual void setPos (int x, int y)
void setSelected (int item)
void setSelectedTag (uint32 tag)
virtual void setSize (int w, int h)
void setTarget (CommandReceiver *target)
virtual bool wantsFocus ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Widget * findWidgetInChain (Widget *start, const char *name)
static Widget * findWidgetInChain (Widget *start, int x, int y)

Protected Member Functions

void drawWidget ()
virtual Widget * findWidget (int x, int y)
uint32 getMillis ()
void handleCommand (CommandSender *sender, uint32 cmd, uint32 data)
virtual void lostFocusWidget ()
virtual void receivedFocusWidget ()
void releaseFocus ()
void updateState (int oldFlags, int newFlags)

Protected Attributes

GuiObject * _boss
EntryList _entries
Widget * _firstWidget
uint16 _h
bool _hasFocus
uint16 _hints
uint16 _id
String _label
int _labelSpacing
uint _labelWidth
int _leftPadding
Common::String _name
Widget * _next
int _rightPadding
int _selectedItem
Theme::WidgetStateInfo _state
CommandReceiver * _target
uint32 _type
uint16 _w
int16 _x
int16 _y

Private Types

typedef Common::Array< Entry > EntryList
typedef Common::String String


class PopUpDialog


struct  Entry

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