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Gob::Imd Class Reference

#include <coktelvideo.h>

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Detailed Description

Coktel Vision's IMD files.

Definition at line 159 of file coktelvideo.h.

Public Types

enum  Features {
  kFeaturesNone = 0, kFeaturesPalette = 8, kFeaturesDataSize = 0x20, kFeaturesSound = 0x40,
  kFeaturesFrameCoords = 0x80, kFeaturesStdCoords = 0x100, kFeaturesFramesPos = 0x200, kFeaturesVideo = 0x400
enum  StateFlags {
  kStateNone = 0, kStatePalette = 0x10, kStateJump = 0x200, kStateFrameCoords = 0x400,
  kStateNoVideoData = 0x800, kStateStdCoords = 0x1000, kStateSeeked = 0x2000, kStateBreak = 0x8000

Public Member Functions

void copyCurrentFrame (byte *dest, uint16 x, uint16 y, uint16 width, int16 transp=-1)
void disableSound ()
void enableSound (Audio::Mixer &mixer)
uint16 getCurrentFrame () const
uint16 getFeatures () const
int16 getFrameRate () const
uint16 getFramesCount () const
int16 getHeight () const
const byte * getPalette () const
uint32 getSyncLag () const
int16 getWidth () const
int16 getX () const
int16 getY () const
bool load (Common::SeekableReadStream &stream)
State nextFrame ()
void seekFrame (int32 frame, int16 whence=SEEK_SET, bool restart=false)
void setVideoMemory ()
void setVideoMemory (byte *vidMem, uint16 width, uint16 height)
void setXY (int16 x, int16 y)
void unload ()
void waitEndFrame ()

Protected Member Functions

void clear (bool del=true)
void deleteVidMem (bool del=true)
void deLZ77 (byte *dest, byte *src)
State processFrame (uint16 frame)
uint32 renderFrame (int16 left, int16 top, int16 right, int16 bottom)
void unsignedToSigned (byte *buffer, int length)

Protected Attributes

Audio::SoundHandle _audioHandle
uint16 _curFrame
uint16 _features
uint32 _firstFramePos
uint16 _flags
Coord * _frameCoords
byte * _frameData
uint32 _frameDataSize
uint32 _frameLength
uint16 _framesCount
uint32 * _framesPos
bool _hasOwnVidMem
bool _hasSound
int16 _height
uint32 _lastFrameTime
byte _palette [768]
uint32 _skipFrames
bool _soundEnabled
uint16 _soundFlags
int16 _soundFreq
uint16 _soundSliceLength
int16 _soundSlicesCount
int16 _soundSliceSize
uint8 _soundStage
uint32 _soundStartTime
int16 _stdHeight
int16 _stdWidth
int16 _stdX
int16 _stdY
uint16 _version
byte * _vidBuffer
uint32 _vidBufferSize
byte * _vidMem
uint16 _vidMemHeight
uint16 _vidMemWidth
int16 _width
int16 _x
int16 _y
struct Gob::Imd::Coord PACKED_STRUCT


struct  Coord

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