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Kyra::SoundAdlibPC Class Reference

#include <sound.h>

Inheritance diagram for Kyra::SoundAdlibPC:


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Detailed Description

AdLib implementation of the sound output device.

It uses a special sound file format special to Dune II, Kyrandia 1 and 2. While Dune II and Kyrandia 1 are using exact the same format, the one of Kyrandia 2 slightly differs.

See AdlibDriver for more information.

See also:

Definition at line 237 of file sound.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void assignData (kMusicDataID id)
void beginFadeOut ()
void enableMusic (int enable)
void enableSFX (bool enable)
int getVolume ()
void haltTrack ()
bool init ()
void loadSoundFile (uint file)
int musicEnabled () const
void playSoundEffect (uint8 track)
void playTrack (uint8 track)
void process ()
virtual void setSoundFileList (const char *const *list, uint s)
void setVolume (int volume)
bool sfxEnabled () const
 SoundAdlibPC (KyraEngine *vm, Audio::Mixer *mixer)
bool voiceIsPlaying ()
virtual void voicePlay (const char *file)
void voiceStop ()

Protected Member Functions

const char * soundFilename (uint file)

Protected Attributes

int _currentTheme
int _musicEnabled
bool _sfxEnabled
KyraEngine * _vm

Private Member Functions

void play (uint8 track)
void unk1 ()
void unk2 ()

Private Attributes

AdlibDriver * _driver
int _numSoundTriggers
uint8 _sfxFourthByteOfSong
int _sfxPlayingSound
uint8 _sfxPriority
uint8 * _soundDataPtr
uint _soundFileLoaded
const int * _soundTriggers
uint8 _trackEntries [500]
bool _v2

Static Private Attributes

static const int _kyra1NumSoundTriggers = ARRAYSIZE(SoundAdlibPC::_kyra1SoundTriggers)
static const int _kyra1SoundTriggers []

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