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Scumm::IMuseInternal Class Reference

#include <imuse_internal.h>

Inheritance diagram for Scumm::IMuseInternal:

Scumm::IMuse Scumm::MusicEngine

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Detailed Description

SCUMM implementation of IMuse. This class implements the IMuse mixin interface for the SCUMM environment.

Definition at line 378 of file imuse_internal.h.

Public Types

enum  {

Public Member Functions

virtual void addSysexHandler (byte mfgID, sysexfunc handler)
int32 doCommand (int numargs, int args[])
bool get_sound_active (int sound) const
int getMusicTimer () const
int getSoundStatus (int sound) const
void pause (bool paused)
uint32 property (int prop, uint32 value)
int save_or_load (Serializer *ser, ScummEngine *scumm)
void setBase (byte **base)
void setMusicVolume (int vol)
void startSound (int sound)
void stopAllSounds ()
void stopSound (int sound)
void terminate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IMuseInternalcreate (OSystem *syst, MidiDriver *nativeMidiDriver, MidiDriver *adlibMidiDriver)

Protected Member Functions

void addDeferredCommand (int time, int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f)
Part * allocate_part (byte pri, MidiDriver *midi)
Player * allocate_player (byte priority)
int clear_queue ()
void copyGlobalAdlibInstrument (byte slot, Instrument *dest)
int32 doCommand_internal (int numargs, int args[])
int32 doCommand_internal (int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g, int h)
int enqueue_command (int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g)
int enqueue_trigger (int sound, int marker)
Player * findActivePlayer (int id)
byte * findStartOfSound (int sound)
void fix_parts_after_load ()
void fix_players_after_load (ScummEngine *scumm)
int get_channel_volume (uint a)
int get_queue_sound_status (int sound) const
int get_volchan_entry (uint a)
MidiDrivergetBestMidiDriver (int sound)
int getSoundStatus_internal (int sound, bool ignoreFadeouts) const
void handle_marker (uint id, byte data)
void handleDeferredCommands (MidiDriver *midi)
int32 ImClearTrigger (int sound, int id)
int32 ImFireAllTriggers (int sound)
int32 ImSetTrigger (int sound, int id, int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g, int h)
void init_parts ()
void init_players ()
void init_queue ()
void initGM (MidiDriver *midi)
int initialize (OSystem *syst, MidiDriver *nativeMidiDriver, MidiDriver *adlibMidiDriver)
void initMidiDriver (TimerCallbackInfo *info)
void initMT32 (MidiDriver *midi)
bool isMIDI (int sound)
bool isMT32 (int sound)
bool isNativeMT32 ()
void on_timer (MidiDriver *midi)
int query_queue (int param)
void reallocateMidiChannels (MidiDriver *midi)
void reset_tick ()
void sequencer_timers (MidiDriver *midi)
int set_channel_volume (uint chan, uint vol)
int set_volchan (int sound, int volchan)
int set_volchan_entry (uint a, uint b)
void setGlobalAdlibInstrument (byte slot, byte *data)
int setImuseMasterVolume (uint vol)
bool startSound_internal (int sound)
int stopAllSounds_internal ()
int stopSound_internal (int sound)
void update_volumes ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void midiTimerCallback (void *data)

Protected Attributes

byte ** _base_sounds
uint16 _channel_volume [8]
uint16 _channel_volume_eff [8]
CommandQueue _cmd_queue [64]
DeferredCommand _deferredCommands [4]
bool _direct_passthrough
bool _enable_gs
uint32 _game_id
Instrument _global_adlib_instruments [32]
bool _initialized
byte _master_volume
byte _music_volume
Common::Mutex _mutex
bool _native_mt32
Part _parts [32]
bool _paused
int _player_limit
Player _players [8]
byte _queue_adding
byte _queue_cleared
uint _queue_end
byte _queue_marker
uint _queue_pos
uint _queue_sound
bool _recycle_players
bool _sc55
uint16 _snm_trigger_index
ImTrigger _snm_triggers [16]
sysexfunc _sysex
int _tempoFactor
TimerCallbackInfo _timer_info_adlib
TimerCallbackInfo _timer_info_native
uint16 _trigger_count
uint16 _volchan_table [8]


struct Part
class Player

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