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Scumm::Player_NES Class Reference

#include <player_nes.h>

Inheritance diagram for Scumm::Player_NES:

Audio::AudioStream Scumm::MusicEngine

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Scumm NES sound/music driver.

Definition at line 48 of file player_nes.h.

Public Member Functions

bool endOfData () const
virtual bool endOfStream () const
virtual int getMusicTimer () const
int getRate () const
virtual int getSoundStatus (int sound) const
bool isStereo () const
 Player_NES (ScummEngine *scumm, Audio::Mixer *mixer)
int readBuffer (int16 *buffer, const int numSamples)
virtual void setMusicVolume (int vol)
virtual void startSound (int sound)
virtual void stopAllSounds ()
virtual void stopSound (int sound)
virtual void terminate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static AudioStream * openStreamFile (const Common::String &basename, uint32 startTime=0, uint32 duration=0, uint numLoops=1)

Private Member Functions

byte APU_readStatus ()
void APU_writeChannel (int chan, int offset, byte value)
void APU_writeControl (byte value)
void chainCommand (int chan)
void checkSilenceChannels (int chan)
void do_mix (int16 *buf, uint len)
byte fetchSoundByte (int nr)
void playMusic ()
void playSFX (int nr)
void sound_play ()

Private Attributes

APUe::APU * _apu
int _current_sample
int _maxvol
struct Scumm::Player_NES::mchan _mchan [NUMCHANS]
int _sample_rate
int _samples_per_frame
struct Scumm::Player_NES::slot _slot [NUMSLOTS]
Audio::SoundHandle _soundHandle
byte * auxData1
byte * auxData2
byte * dataStart
bool isSFXplaying
int numNotes
byte * soundptr
bool wasSFXplaying


struct  mchan
struct  slot

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