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Scumm::Player_V1 Class Reference

#include <player_v1.h>

Inheritance diagram for Scumm::Player_V1:

Scumm::Player_V2 Audio::AudioStream Scumm::MusicEngine

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Detailed Description

Scumm V1 PC-Speaker player.

Definition at line 36 of file player_v1.h.

Public Member Functions

bool endOfData () const
virtual bool endOfStream () const
virtual int getMusicTimer () const
int getRate () const
virtual int getSoundStatus (int sound) const
bool isStereo () const
 Player_V1 (ScummEngine *scumm, Audio::Mixer *mixer, bool pcjr)
int readBuffer (int16 *buffer, const int numSamples)
virtual void setMusicVolume (int vol)
virtual void startSound (int sound)
virtual void stopAllSounds ()
virtual void stopSound (int sound)
virtual void terminate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static AudioStream * openStreamFile (const Common::String &basename, uint32 startTime=0, uint32 duration=0, uint numLoops=1)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void chainNextSound ()
virtual void chainSound (int nr, byte *data)
virtual void clear_channel (int i)
virtual void generatePCjrSamples (int16 *data, uint len)
virtual void generateSpkSamples (int16 *data, uint len)
void lowPassFilter (int16 *data, uint len)
void mutex_down ()
void mutex_up ()
void nextPCjrCmd ()
void nextSpeakerCmd ()
virtual void nextTick ()
void parsePCjrChunk ()
void parseSpeakerChunk ()
void restartSound ()
void set_mplex (uint mplex)
void squareGenerator (int channel, int freq, int vol, int noiseFeedback, int16 *sample, uint len)

Protected Attributes

byte * _current_data
int _current_nr
unsigned int _decay
int _header_len
bool _isV3Game
int _level
byte * _next_data
int _next_nr
uint32 _next_tick
bool _pcjr
byte * _retaddr
unsigned int _RNG
uint32 _sample_rate
Audio::SoundHandle _soundHandle
uint32 _tick_len
int _timer_count [4]
int _timer_output
unsigned int _update_step
unsigned int _volumetable [16]

Private Attributes

channel_data_v1 _channels [4]
uint _chunk_type
int _delta
int _delta_2
uint _end
int _forced_level
uint _freq_current
uint _mplex
uint _mplex_step
byte * _next_chunk
uint16 _random_lsr
byte * _repeat_chunk
uint _repeat_ctr
uint _start
uint _start_2
uint _time_left
uint _time_left_2
uint * _value_ptr
uint * _value_ptr_2


struct  channel_data_v1

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