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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-11-1/engines/igor/igor.h $
 * $Id: igor.h 30944 2008-02-23 22:50:18Z sev $


#include "common/array.h"
#include "common/endian.h"
#include "common/file.h"
#include "common/str.h"
#include "common/util.h"

#include "sound/mixer.h"

#include "engines/engine.h"

#include "igor/resource_ids.h"

namespace Igor {

enum {
      kDebugEngine   = 1 << 0,
      kDebugResource = 1 << 1,
      kDebugScreen   = 1 << 2,
      kDebugWalk     = 1 << 3,
      kDebugGame     = 1 << 4

enum {

enum {
      kFlagDemo   = 1 << 0,
      kFlagFloppy = 1 << 1,
      kFlagTalkie = 1 << 2

enum {
      kStartupPart = 900,
      kInvalidPart = 255,
      kSharewarePart = 950,
      kTalkColor = 240,
      kTalkShadowColor = 241,
      kTickDelay = 1193180 / 4096,
      kTimerTicksCount = 8,
      kQuickSaveSlot = 0,
      kMaxSaveStates = 10,
      kNoSpeechSound = 999

enum {
      kLanguageEnglish = 0,
      kLanguageSpanish = 1

enum {
      kTalkModeSpeechOnly = 0,
      kTalkModeSpeechAndText = 1,
      kTalkModeTextOnly = 2

enum Verb {
      kVerbWalk = 1,

enum ObjectType {
      kObjectTypeInventory = 1,
      kObjectTypeRoom = 2

enum FacingPosition {
      kFacingPositionBack = 1,
      kFacingPositionRight = 2,
      kFacingPositionFront = 3,
      kFacingPositionLeft = 4

enum {
      kUpdateDialogueAnimEndOfSentence = 1,

enum InputVar {
      kInputSkipDialogue = 0,

struct DetectedGameVersion {
      int version;
      int flags;
      Common::Language language;
      const char *ovlFileName;
      const char *sfxFileName;

struct DialogueText {
      int num;
      int count;
      int sound;

struct ResourceEntry {
      int id;
      uint32 offs;
      uint32 size;

struct StringEntry {
      int id;
      Common::String str;

      StringEntry() : id(0) {}
      StringEntry(int i, const char *s) : id(i), str(s) {}

struct RoomObjectArea {
      uint8 area;
      uint8 object;
      uint8 y1Lum;
      uint8 y2Lum;
      uint8 deltaLum;

struct RoomDataOffsets {
      struct {
            int box;
            int boxSize;
            int boxSrcSize;
            int boxDstSize;
      } area;
      struct {
            int walkPoints;
            int walkFacingPosition;
      } obj;
      struct {
            int defaultVerb;
            int useVerb;
            int giveVerb;
            int object2;
            int object1;
            int objectSize;
      } action;
      struct {
            int questionsOffset;
            int questionsSize;
            int repliesOffset;
            int repliesSize;
            int matSize;
      } dlg;

struct RoomWalkBounds {
      int x1, y1;
      int x2, y2;

struct WalkData {
      int16 x, y;
      uint8 posNum;
      uint8 frameNum;
      uint8 clipSkipX;
      int16 clipWidth;
      int16 scaleWidth;
      uint8 xPosChanged;
      int16 dxPos;
      uint8 yPosChanged;
      int16 dyPos;
      uint8 scaleHeight;

      void setPos(int xPos, int yPos, uint8 facingPos, uint8 frame) {
            x = xPos;
            y = yPos;
            posNum = facingPos;
            frameNum = frame;

      void setDefaultScale() {
            clipSkipX = 1;
            clipWidth = 30;
            scaleWidth = 50;
            xPosChanged = 1;
            dxPos = 0;
            yPosChanged = 1;
            dyPos = 0;
            scaleHeight = 50;

      void setScale(int w, int h) {
            scaleWidth = w;
            scaleHeight = h;

      static void setNextFrame(uint8 pos, uint8 &frame) {
            switch (pos) {
            case kFacingPositionBack:
            case kFacingPositionFront:
                  if (frame == 6) {
                        frame = 1;
                  } else {
            case kFacingPositionLeft:
            case kFacingPositionRight:
                  if (frame == 8) {
                        frame = 1;
                  } else {

struct GameStateData {
      uint8 enableLight;
      int8 colorLum;
      int16 counter[5];
      bool igorMoving;
      bool dialogueTextRunning;
      bool updateLight;
      bool unkF;
      uint8 unk10;
      uint8 unk11;
      bool dialogueStarted;
      // byte[1]
      uint8 dialogueData[500];
      uint8 dialogueChoiceStart;
      uint8 dialogueChoiceCount;
      // byte[2]
      uint8 nextMusicCounter;
      bool jumpToNextMusic;
      uint8 configSoundEnabled;
      uint8 talkSpeed;
      uint8 talkMode;
      // byte[3]
      uint8 musicNum;
      uint8 musicSequenceIndex;

struct Action {
      uint8 verb;
      uint8 object1Num;
      uint8 object1Type;
      uint8 verbType; // 1:use,2:give
      uint8 object2Num;
      uint8 object2Type;

class TypeSerializer;
class MidiPlayer;

class IgorEngine: public Engine {

      enum {
            MAX_DIALOGUE_TEXTS = 6,
            MAX_OBJECT_NAME_LENGTH = 31,
            MAX_DIALOGUE_TEXT_LENGTH = 51,
            MAX_VERB_NAME_LENGTH = 12,
            MAX_ROOM_OBJECT_AREAS = 256,
            MAX_DIALOGUE_QUESTIONS = 30,
            MAX_DIALOGUE_REPLIES = 70

      typedef void (IgorEngine::*ExecuteActionProc)(int action);
      typedef void (IgorEngine::*UpdateDialogueProc)(int action);
      typedef void (IgorEngine::*UpdateRoomBackgroundProc)();

      IgorEngine(OSystem *system, const DetectedGameVersion *dgv);
      virtual ~IgorEngine();

      virtual int init();
      virtual int go();

      void handleOptionsMenu_paintSave();
      bool handleOptionsMenu_handleKeyDownSave(int key);
      void handleOptionsMenu_paintLoad();
      bool handleOptionsMenu_handleKeyDownLoad(int key);
      void handleOptionsMenu_paintQuit();
      bool handleOptionsMenu_handleKeyDownQuit(int key);
      void handleOptionsMenu_paintCtrl();
      bool handleOptionsMenu_handleKeyDownCtrl(int key);


      bool compareGameTick(int add, int mod) const { return ((_gameTicks + (add & ~7)) % mod) == 0; } // { return ((_gameTicks + add) % mod) == 0; }
      bool compareGameTick(int eq) const { return _gameTicks == (eq & ~7); } // { return _gameTicks == eq; }
      int getPart() const { return _currentPart / 10; }
      void readTableFile();
      const char *getString(int id) const;
      void restart();
      void waitForTimer(int ticks = -1);
      void copyArea(uint8 *dst, int dstOffset, int dstPitch, const uint8 *src, int srcPitch, int w, int h, bool transparent = false);
      int getRandomNumber(int m);
      void handleOptionsMenu();
      void handlePause();
      void startMusic(int cmf);
      void playMusic(int num);
      void updateMusic();
      void playSound(int num, int type);
      void stopSound();
      void loadIgorFrames();
      void loadIgorFrames2();
      void fixDialogueTextPosition(int num, int count, int *x, int *y);
      void startCutsceneDialogue(int x, int y, int r, int g, int b);
      void waitForEndOfCutsceneDialogue(int x, int y, int r, int g, int b);
      void fixIgorDialogueTextPosition(int num, int count, int *x, int *y);
      void startIgorDialogue();
      void waitForEndOfIgorDialogue();
      int getObjectFromInventory(int x) const;
      ResourceEntry *findData(int num);
      uint8 *loadData(int num, uint8 *dst = 0, int *size = 0);
      void decodeMainText(const uint8 *p);
      void decodeRoomStrings(const uint8 *p, bool skipObjectNames = false);
      void decodeRoomText(const uint8 *p);
      void decodeRoomAreas(const uint8 *p, int count);
      void decodeRoomMask(const uint8 *p);
      void loadRoomData(int pal, int img, int box, int msk, int txt);
      void loadAnimData(const int *anm, int loadOffset = 0);
      void loadActionData(int act);
      void loadDialogueData(int dlg);
      void loadMainTexts();
      void setupDefaultPalette();
      void updatePalette(int count);
      void clearPalette();
      void setPaletteColor(uint8 index, uint8 r, uint8 g, uint8 b);
      void setPaletteRange(int startColor, int endColor);
      void fadeInPalette(int count);
      void fadeOutPalette(int count);
      void scrollPalette(int startColor, int endColor);
      void drawChar(uint8 *dst, int chr, int x, int y, int color1, int color2, int color3);
      void drawString(uint8 *dst, const char *s, int x, int y, int color1, int color2 = -1, int color3 = -1);
      int getStringWidth(const char *s) const;
      void drawActionSentence(const char *sentence, uint8 color);
      void formatActionSentence(uint8 color);
      const uint8 *getAnimFrame(int baseOffset, int tableOffset, int frame);
      void decodeAnimFrame(const uint8 *src, uint8 *dst, bool preserveText = false);
      void copyAnimFrame(int srcOffset, int frame, int frameSize, int w, int h, int dstOffset);
      void setCursor(int num);
      void showCursor();
      void hideCursor();
      void updateRoomLight(int fl);
      void drawVerbsPanel();
      void redrawVerb(uint8 verb, bool highlight);
      int getVerbUnderCursor(int x) const { return ((x % 46) < 44) ? (kVerbTalk + x / 46) : 0; }
      void drawInventory(int start, int mode);
      void packInventory();
      void scrollInventory();
      void addObjectToInventory(int object, int index);
      void removeObjectFromInventory(int index);
      void executeAction(int action);
      void clearAction();
      void handleRoomInput();
      void animateIgorTalking(int frame);
      void handleRoomDialogue();
      void handleRoomIgorWalk();
      void handleRoomInventoryScroll();
      void handleRoomLight();
      void enterPartLoop();
      void leavePartLoop();
      void runPartLoop();
      int lookupScale(int xOffset, int yOffset, int h) const;
      void moveIgor(int pos, int frame);
      void buildWalkPathSimple(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void getClosestAreaTrianglePoint(int dstArea, int srcArea, int *dstY, int *dstX, int srcY, int srcX);
      void getClosestAreaTrianglePoint2(int dstArea, int srcArea, int *dstY, int *dstX, int srcY1, int srcX1, int srcY2, int srcX2);
      void buildWalkPath(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void buildWalkPathArea(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      int getVerticalStepsCount(int minX, int minY, int maxX, int maxY);
      int getHorizontalStepsCount(int minX, int minY, int maxX, int maxY);
      void lookupScale(int curX, int curY, uint8 &scale, uint8 &xScale, uint8 &yScale) const;
      void buildWalkPathAreaUpDirection(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void buildWalkPathAreaDownDirection(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void buildWalkPathAreaRightDirection(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void buildWalkPathAreaLeftDirection(int srcX, int srcY, int dstX, int dstY);
      void waitForIgorMove();
      void setRoomWalkBounds(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
      void fixWalkPosition(int *x, int *y);
      void recolorDialogueChoice(int num, bool highlight);
      void handleDialogue(int x, int y, int r, int g, int b);
      void drawDialogueChoices();
      int selectDialogue();
      void dialogueAskQuestion();
      void dialogueReplyToQuestion(int x, int y, int r, int g, int b, int reply = 0);

      void saveOrLoadGameState(TypeSerializer &typeSerializer);
      void loadGameState(int slot);
      void saveGameState(int slot);
      void generateGameStateFileName(int num, char *dst, int len) const;

      MidiPlayer *_midiPlayer;

      Common::RandomSource _rnd;

      Common::File _ovlFile;
      Common::File _sndFile;

      Audio::SoundHandle _sfxHandle;
      Audio::SoundHandle _speechHandle;

      uint8 *_screenVGA;
      uint8 *_facingIgorFrames[4];
      uint8 *_screenLayer1;
      uint8 *_screenLayer2;
      uint8 *_screenTextLayer;
      uint8 *_screenTempLayer;
      uint8 *_igorHeadFrames;
      uint8 *_animFramesBuffer;
      uint8 *_inventoryPanelBuffer;
      uint8 *_inventoryImagesBuffer;
      uint8 *_verbsPanelBuffer;
      int _screenVGAVOffset;

      bool _eventQuitGame;
      GameStateData _gameState;
      uint32 _nextTimer;
      bool _fastMode;
      int _language;
      DetectedGameVersion _game;

      WalkData _walkData[100];
      uint8 _walkCurrentPos;
      uint8 _walkDataLastIndex;
      uint8 _walkDataCurrentIndex;
      uint8 _walkCurrentFrame;
      int _walkDataCurrentPosX, _walkDataCurrentPosY;
      int _walkToObjectPosX, _walkToObjectPosY;

      int16 _currentPart;
      int _talkDelay;
      int _talkSpeechCounter;
      int _talkDelayCounter;
      DialogueText _dialogueTextsTable[MAX_DIALOGUE_TEXTS];
      int _dialogueTextsStart;
      int _dialogueTextsCount;
      int _dialogueDirtyRectY;
      int _dialogueDirtyRectSize;
      char _dialogueQuestions[MAX_DIALOGUE_QUESTIONS][2][41];
      char _dialogueReplies[MAX_DIALOGUE_REPLIES][51];
      bool _dialogueEnded;
      int _dialogueChoiceSelected;
      uint8 _dialogueInfo[6];

      uint8 _objectsState[112];
      uint8 _inventoryImages[36];
      uint8 _inventoryInfo[74];
      char _verbPrepositions[3][7];
      char _globalObjectNames[35][MAX_OBJECT_NAME_LENGTH];
      char _globalDialogueTexts[300][MAX_DIALOGUE_TEXT_LENGTH];
      char _verbsName[9][MAX_VERB_NAME_LENGTH];
      char _roomObjectNames[20][MAX_OBJECT_NAME_LENGTH];
      uint8 _currentPalette[768];
      uint8 _paletteBuffer[768];
      uint8 _igorPalette[48];
      uint8 *_igorTempFrames;
      uint8 _walkXScaleRoom[320];
      uint8 _walkYScaleRoom[144 * 3];
      RoomObjectArea _roomObjectAreasTable[MAX_ROOM_OBJECT_AREAS];
      uint8 _roomActionsTable[0x2000];
      ExecuteActionProc _executeMainAction;
      ExecuteActionProc _executeRoomAction;
      uint8 _previousMusic;
      uint8 *_musicData;
      Action _currentAction;
      uint8 _actionCode;
      uint8 _actionWalkPoint;
      int16 _inputVars[kInputVarCount];
      bool _scrollInventory;
      int _scrollInventoryStartY, _scrollInventoryEndY, _scrollInventoryDy;
      bool _roomCursorOn;
      int _currentCursor;
      bool _dialogueCursorOn;
      RoomDataOffsets _roomDataOffsets;
      RoomWalkBounds _roomWalkBounds;
      UpdateDialogueProc _updateDialogue;
      UpdateRoomBackgroundProc _updateRoomBackground;
      int _demoActionsCounter;
      int _gameTicks;
      int _resourceEntriesCount;
      ResourceEntry *_resourceEntries;
      int _soundOffsetsCount;
      uint32 *_soundOffsets;
      Common::Array<StringEntry> _stringEntries;
      char _saveStateDescriptions[kMaxSaveStates][100];

      static const uint8 _dialogueColor[];
      static const uint8 _sentenceColorIndex[];
      static const uint8 _fontCharIndex[];
      static const uint8 _fontCharWidth[];
      static const uint32 _fontData[];
      static const uint8 _talkDelays[];
      static const uint8 _inventoryOffsetTable[];
      static const uint8 _inventoryActionsTable[];
      static const uint8 _walkWidthScaleTable[];
      static const float _walkScaleSpeedTable[];
      static const uint8 _walkScaleTable[];
      static const uint8 _mouseCursorMask[];
      static const uint8 _mouseCursorData[];

      // game logic

      // main loop
      void ADD_DIALOGUE_TEXT(int num, int count, int sound = kNoSpeechSound);
      void SET_DIALOGUE_TEXT(int start, int count);
      void SET_EXEC_ACTION_FUNC(int i, ExecuteActionProc p);
      void EXEC_MAIN_ACTION(int action);
      void EXEC_MAIN_ACTION_38();
      void EXEC_MAIN_ACTION_43();
      void EXEC_MAIN_ACTION_54();
      void CHECK_FOR_END_OF_DEMO();
      void SET_PAL_208_96_1();
      void SET_PAL_240_48_1();
      void UPDATE_OBJECT_STATE(int num);
      void PART_MEANWHILE();
      void PART_UPDATE_FIGURES_ON_PAPER(int delay);
      void PART_MAIN();

      // college map
      void PART_04_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_04_CLEAR_OBJECT_STATE_84(int num);
      void PART_04();

      // bridge
      void PART_05_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_05_ACTION_102();
      void PART_05_ACTION_103();
      void PART_05_HELPER_1();
      void PART_05_HELPER_2();
      void PART_05_HELPER_3(int frame);
      void PART_05_HELPER_4(int num);
      void PART_05_HELPER_5(int frame);
      void PART_05_HELPER_6();
      void PART_05();

      // bridge (rock)
      void PART_06_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_06_ACTION_102();
      void PART_06_ACTION_103();
      void PART_06_ACTION_105();
      void PART_06_ACTION_107();
      void PART_06_ACTION_108();
      void PART_06_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_PHOTOGRAPHER(int action);
      void PART_06_HELPER_1(int frame);
      void PART_06_HELPER_2();
      void PART_06_HELPER_3();
      void PART_06_HELPER_6(int num);
      void PART_06_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_06_HELPER_8(int frame);
      void PART_06_HELPER_12();
      void PART_06_HELPER_13(int frame);
      void PART_06_HELPER_14();
      void PART_06_HELPER_15(int frame);
      void PART_06();

      // outside church
      void PART_12_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_12_ACTION_101();
      void PART_12_ACTION_104();
      void PART_12_ACTION_105();
      void PART_12_ACTION_108();
      void PART_12_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_CHURCHMAN(int action);
      void PART_12_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_12_HELPER_2();
      void PART_12_HELPER_3();
      void PART_12_HELPER_4();
      void PART_12_HELPER_5();
      void PART_12_HELPER_6();
      void PART_12_HELPER_8();
      void PART_12_HELPER_9();
      void PART_12_HELPER_10(int frame);
      void PART_12();

      // inside church
      void PART_13_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_13_ACTION_101_103();
      void PART_13_ACTION_104();
      void PART_13_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_13_HELPER_2();
      void PART_13_HELPER_3();
      void PART_13();

      // church puzzle
      void PART_14_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_14_ACTION_101();
      void PART_14_ACTION_103();
      void PART_14_ACTION_105();
      void PART_14_ACTION_106();
      void PART_14_ACTION_108();
      void PART_14_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_14_HELPER_2();
      void PART_14_HELPER_3();
      void PART_14_HELPER_4();
      void PART_14_HELPER_6();
      void PART_14_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_14_HELPER_8(int start, int end);
      void PART_14_HELPER_9();
      void PART_14_HELPER_10();
      void PART_14_PUSH_STONE(int screenOffset, int w, int h, int animOffset);
      void PART_14();
      void loadResourceData__ROOM_ChurchPuzzle();
      void loadResourceData__ANIM_ChurchPuzzle();

      // tobias office
      void PART_15_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_15_ACTION_101();
      void PART_15_ACTION_107();
      void PART_15_ACTION_115();
      void PART_15_ACTION_116();
      void PART_15_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_TOBIAS(int action);
      void PART_15_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_15_HELPER_2();
      void PART_15_HELPER_3();
      void PART_15_HELPER_5();
      void PART_15_HELPER_6(int frame);
      void PART_15_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_15_HELPER_8(int frame);
      void PART_15_HELPER_9(int frame);
      void PART_15_HELPER_10(int frame);
      void PART_15();

      // laboratory
      void PART_16_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_16_ACTION_101();
      void PART_16_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_MARGARET(int action);
      void PART_16_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_16_HELPER_2();
      void PART_16_HELPER_3();
      void PART_16_HELPER_5();
      void PART_16_HELPER_6(int frame);
      void PART_16();
      void loadResourceData__ROOM_Laboratory();
      void loadResourceData__ANIM_Laboratory();

      // outside college
      void PART_17_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_17_ACTION_101();
      void PART_17_ACTION_103();
      void PART_17_ACTION_105();
      void PART_17_ACTION_106();
      void PART_17_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_PHILIP(int action);
      void PART_17_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_PHILIP_JIMMY(int action);
      void PART_17_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_17_HELPER_2();
      void PART_17_HELPER_3(int lum);
      void PART_17_HELPER_4();
      void PART_17_HELPER_5(int lum);
      void PART_17_HELPER_6();
      void PART_17_HELPER_8(int num);
      void PART_17_HELPER_9(int num);
      void PART_17_HELPER_10();
      void PART_17_HELPER_11(int frame);
      void PART_17();

      // men toilets
      void PART_18_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_18_ACTION_109();
      void PART_18_ACTION_111();
      void PART_18_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_18_HELPER_2();
      void PART_18();
      void loadResourceData__ROOM_MenToilets();
      void loadResourceData__ANIM_MenToilets();

      // women toilets
      void PART_19_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_19_ACTION_107();
      void PART_19_ACTION_109();
      void PART_19_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_WOMEN(int action);
      void PART_19_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_19_HELPER_2();
      void PART_19_HELPER_3();
      void PART_19_HELPER_4();
      void PART_19_HELPER_5();
      void PART_19_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_19();

      // college corridor margaret
      void PART_21_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_21_ACTION_101();
      void PART_21_ACTION_102();
      void PART_21_ACTION_107();
      void PART_21_ACTION_108();
      void PART_21_ACTION_110();
      void PART_21_ACTION_111();
      void PART_21_ACTION_113();
      void PART_21_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_MARGARET_1(int action);
      void PART_21_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_MARGARET_2(int action);
      void PART_21_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_MARGARET_3(int action);
      void PART_21_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_21_HELPER_2();
      void PART_21_HELPER_3();
      void PART_21_HELPER_4();
      void PART_21_HELPER_6(int frame);
      void PART_21_HELPER_7();
      void PART_21_HELPER_8();
      void PART_21_HELPER_9();
      void PART_21_HELPER_10();
      void PART_21_HELPER_11(int frame);
      void PART_21();

      // bell church
      void PART_22_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_22_ACTION_101();
      void PART_22_ACTION_102();
      void PART_22_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_22_HELPER_2();
      void PART_22();

      // college corridor lucas
      void PART_23_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_23_ACTION_105();
      void PART_23_ACTION_107();
      void PART_23_ACTION_108();
      void PART_23_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_23_HELPER_2(int frame);
      void PART_23_HELPER_3();
      void PART_23_HELPER_4();
      void PART_23_HELPER_5();
      void PART_23_HELPER_6();
      void PART_23_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_23_HELPER_8(int frame);
      void PART_23();

      // college corridor sharon michael
      void PART_24_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_24_ACTION_102();
      void PART_24_ACTION_104();
      void PART_24_ACTION_105();
      void PART_24_ACTION_107();
      void PART_24_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_24_HELPER_2(int frame);
      void PART_24_HELPER_3(int frame);
      void PART_24_HELPER_4();
      void PART_24_HELPER_5();
      void PART_24_HELPER_7();
      void PART_24_HELPER_8();
      void PART_24_HELPER_9();
      void PART_24();

      // college corridor announcement board
      void PART_25_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_25_ACTION_105();
      void PART_25_ACTION_107();
      void PART_25_ACTION_108();
      void PART_25_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_25_HELPER_2();
      void PART_25_HELPER_3();
      void PART_25_HELPER_4();
      void PART_25_HELPER_5();
      void PART_25_HELPER_7();
      void PART_25();

      // college corridor miss barrymore
      void PART_26_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_26_ACTION_103();
      void PART_26_ACTION_104();
      void PART_26_ACTION_107();
      void PART_26_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_26_HELPER_2();
      void PART_26_HELPER_3();
      void PART_26_HELPER_4();
      void PART_26_HELPER_5();
      void PART_26_HELPER_7(int frame);
      void PART_26();

      // college lockers
      void PART_27_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_27_ACTION_106();
      void PART_27_ACTION_107();
      void PART_27_ACTION_108();
      void PART_27_ACTION_110();
      void PART_27_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_27_HELPER_2();
      void PART_27_HELPER_3();
      void PART_27_HELPER_4();
      void PART_27_HELPER_5();
      void PART_27();

      // college corridor caroline
      void PART_28_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_28_ACTION_108();
      void PART_28_ACTION_109();
      void PART_28_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_CAROLINE(int action);
      void PART_28_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_28_HELPER_2();
      void PART_28_HELPER_3();
      void PART_28_HELPER_5(int frame);
      void PART_28_HELPER_6();
      void PART_28_HELPER_8(int frame);
      void PART_28();

      // college corridor stairs first floor
      void PART_30_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_30_ACTION_102();
      void PART_30_ACTION_104();
      void PART_30_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_LAURA(int action);
      void PART_30_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_30_HELPER_2();
      void PART_30_HELPER_3();
      void PART_30_HELPER_4();
      void PART_30_HELPER_5();
      void PART_30_HELPER_8();
      void PART_30_HELPER_9(int frame);
      void PART_30();

      // college corridor stairs second floor
      void PART_31_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_31_ACTION_102();
      void PART_31_ACTION_103();
      void PART_31_ACTION_106();
      void PART_31_ACTION_110();
      void PART_31_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_31_HELPER_2(int frame);
      void PART_31_HELPER_3();
      void PART_31_HELPER_4();
      void PART_31_HELPER_5();
      void PART_31_HELPER_6();
      void PART_31_HELPER_9();
      void PART_31();

      // library
      void PART_33_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_33_ACTION_109();
      void PART_33_ACTION_111();
      void PART_33_ACTION_113();
      void PART_33_ACTION_114();
      void PART_33_ACTION_115();
      void PART_33_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_HARRISON_1(int action);
      void PART_33_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_HARRISON_2(int action);
      void PART_33_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_HARRISON_3(int action);
      void PART_33_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_33_HELPER_2();
      void PART_33_HELPER_3();
      void PART_33_HELPER_4(int frame);
      void PART_33_HELPER_5(int frame);
      void PART_33_HELPER_7();
      void PART_33_HELPER_8(int frame);
      void PART_33_HELPER_9();
      void PART_33();
      void loadResourceData__ROOM_Library();
      void loadResourceData__ANIM_Library();

      // chemistry classroom
      void PART_36_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_36_ACTION_102();
      void PART_36_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_36_HELPER_2();
      void PART_36_HELPER_4(int frame);
      void PART_36_HELPER_5(int *x, int *y);
      void PART_36();

      // physics classroom
      void PART_37_EXEC_ACTION(int action);
      void PART_37_ACTION_102();
      void PART_37_HELPER_1(int num);
      void PART_37_HELPER_2();
      void PART_37();

      // philip vodka cutscene
      void PART_75_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_PHILIP(int action);
      void PART_75_HELPER_1(int frame);
      void PART_75();

      // introduction cutscene
      void PART_85_UPDATE_DIALOGUE_PHILIP_LAURA(int action);
      void PART_85_HELPER_1(int frameOffset2, int frameOffset1, int firstFrame, int lastFrame, int delay);
      void PART_85_HELPER_2();
      void PART_85_HELPER_4();
      void PART_85_HELPER_6(int frame);
      void PART_85();

      // startup screens
      void PART_90();

      // shareware screens
      void PART_95();

      static const uint8 PAL_48_1[];
      static const uint8 PAL_96_1[];
      static const uint8 PAL_IGOR_1[];
      static const uint8 PAL_IGOR_2[];
      static const uint8 INVENTORY_IMG_INIT[];
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_04_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_05_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_06_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_12_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_13_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_14_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_15_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_16_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_17_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_18_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_19_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_21_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_22_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_23_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_24_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_25_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_26_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_27_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_28_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_30_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_31_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_33_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_36_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;
      static const RoomDataOffsets PART_37_ROOM_DATA_OFFSETS;

} // namespace Igor


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