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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-11-1/engines/kyra/kyra_v2.h $
 * $Id: kyra_v2.h 30944 2008-02-23 22:50:18Z sev $

#ifndef KYRA_KYRA_V2_H
#define KYRA_KYRA_V2_H

#include "kyra/kyra.h"
#include "kyra/script.h"
#include "kyra/screen_v2.h"

#include "common/list.h"

namespace Kyra {

enum kSequences {
      kSequenceVirgin = 0,



enum kNestedSequences {
      kSequenceFiggle = 0,

class WSAMovieV2;
class KyraEngine_v2;
class TextDisplayer_v2;
class Debugger_v2;

struct SequenceControl {
      int8 frameIndex;
      int8 frameDelay;

struct ActiveWSA {
      int16 flags;
      WSAMovieV2 *movie;
      uint16 startFrame;
      uint16 endFrame;
      uint16 frameDelay;
      int (KyraEngine_v2::*callback)(WSAMovieV2*, int, int, int);
      uint32 nextFrame;
      uint16 currentFrame;
      uint16 lastFrame;
      uint16 x;
      uint16 y;
      const SequenceControl *control;
      uint16 startupCommand;
      uint16 finalCommand;

struct ActiveText {
      uint16 strIndex;
      uint16 x;
      uint16 y;
      int duration;
      uint16 width;
      uint32 startTime;
      int16 textcolor;

struct Sequence {
      uint16 flags;
      const char * wsaFile;
      const char * cpsFile;
      uint8 startupCommand;
      uint8 finalCommand;
      int16 stringIndex1;
      int16 stringIndex2;
      uint16 startFrame;
      uint16 numFrames;
      uint16 frameDelay;
      uint16 xPos;
      uint16 yPos;
      int (KyraEngine_v2::*callback)(WSAMovieV2*, int, int, int);
      uint16 duration;

struct NestedSequence {
      uint16 flags;
      const char * wsaFile;
      uint16 startframe;
      uint16 endFrame;
      uint16 frameDelay;
      int (KyraEngine_v2::*callback)(WSAMovieV2*, int, int, int);
      uint16 x;
      uint16 y;
      const SequenceControl * wsaControl;
      uint16 startupCommand;
      uint16 finalCommand;
      uint16 unk1;

enum kMusicDataID {
      kMusicIntro = 0,

class KyraEngine_v2 : public KyraEngine {
friend class Debugger_v2;
friend class TextDisplayer_v2;
      KyraEngine_v2(OSystem *system, const GameFlags &flags);

      virtual Screen *screen() { return _screen; }
      Screen_v2 *screen_v2() { return _screen; }
      int language() const { return _lang; }

      virtual Movie *createWSAMovie();
      // Main menu code, also used for Kyra 3
      static const char *_mainMenuStrings[];

      virtual void gui_initMainMenu() {}
      int gui_handleMainMenu();
      virtual void gui_updateMainMenuAnimation();
      void gui_drawMainMenu(const char *const *strings, int select);
      void gui_drawMainBox(int x, int y, int w, int h, int fill);
      bool gui_mainMenuGetInput();

      void gui_printString(const char *string, int x, int y, int col1, int col2, int flags, ...);

      // intro/outro
      void seq_playSequences(int startSeq, int endSeq = -1);

      int seq_introWestwood(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introTitle(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introOverview(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introLibrary(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introPoint(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introZanfaun(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);

      int seq_introOver1(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introOver2(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introForest(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introDragon(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introDarm(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introLibrary2(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introMarco(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand1a(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand1b(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand1c(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand2(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_introHand3(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);

      int seq_finaleFunters(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFerb(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFish(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFheep(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFarmer(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFuards(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFirates(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);
      int seq_finaleFrash(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);

      void seq_finaleActorScreen();
      int seq_finaleFiggle(WSAMovieV2 *wsaObj, int x, int y, int frm);

      void seq_sequenceCommand(int command);
      void seq_loadNestedSequence(int wsaNum, int seqNum);
      void seq_nestedSequenceFrame(int command, int wsaNum);
      void seq_animatedSubFrame(int srcPage, int dstPage, int delaytime,
            int steps, int x, int y, int w, int h, int openClose, int directionFlags);
      bool seq_processNextSubFrame(int wsaNum);
      void seq_resetActiveWSA(int wsaNum);
      void seq_unloadWSA(int wsaNum);
      void seq_processWSAs();
      void seq_cmpFadeFrame(const char *cmpFile);

      void seq_playTalkText(uint8 chatNum);
      void seq_resetAllTextEntries();
      uint32 seq_activeTextsTimeLeft();
      void seq_waitForTextsTimeout();
      int seq_setTextEntry(uint16 strIndex, uint16 posX, uint16 posY, int duration, uint16 width);
      void seq_processText();
      char *seq_preprocessString(const char *str, int width);
      void seq_printCreditsString(uint16 strIndex, int x, int y, uint8 * colorMap, uint8 textcolor);
      void seq_playWsaSyncDialogue(uint16 strIndex, uint16 vocIndex, int textColor, int x, int y, int width,
            WSAMovieV2 * wsa, int firstframe, int lastframe, int wsaXpos, int wsaYpos);
      int seq_generateFixedRandomValue(int rangeFirst, int rangeLast);
      void seq_showStarcraftLogo();

      void seq_init();
      void seq_uninit();

      int init();
      int go();

      Screen_v2 *_screen;
      TextDisplayer_v2 *_text;
      Debugger_v2 *_debugger;

      uint8 *_mouseSHPBuf;

      static const char *_dosSoundFileListIntro[];
      static const char *_dosSoundFileListFinale[];
      static const char *_dosSoundFileList[];
      static const int _dosSoundFileListSize;
      static const int8 _dosTrackMap[];
      static const int _dosTrackMapSize;

      // game initialization
      void startup();
      void runLoop();
      void cleanup();

      void setupTimers();
      void setupOpcodeTable();

      void loadMouseShapes();
      void loadItemShapes();

      // run
      void update();
      void updateWithText();

      Functor0Mem<void, KyraEngine_v2> _updateFunctor;

      void updateMouse();

      int checkInput(void *p);
      void removeInputTop();
      void handleInput(int x, int y);
      bool handleInputUnkSub(int x, int y);

      int inputSceneChange(int x, int y, int unk1, int unk2);

      // - Input
      void updateInput();

      int _mouseX, _mouseY;
      Common::List<Common::Event> _eventList;

      // gfx/animation specific
      uint8 *_gamePlayBuffer;
      void restorePage3();

      uint8 *_screenBuffer;
      uint8 *_maskPage;
      uint8 *_gfxBackUpRect;

      void backUpGfxRect24x24(int x, int y);
      void restoreGfxRect24x24(int x, int y);

      uint8 *getShapePtr(int index) { return _defaultShapeTable[index]; }
      uint8 *_defaultShapeTable[250];
      uint8 *_sceneShapeTable[50];

      WSAMovieV2 *_wsaSlots[10];

      void freeSceneShapePtrs();

      struct ShapeDesc {
            uint8 unk0, unk1, unk2, unk3, unk4;
            uint16 width, height;
            int16 xAdd, yAdd;

      ShapeDesc *_shapeDescTable;

      struct SceneAnim {
            uint16 flags;
            int16 x, y;
            int16 x2, y2;
            int16 width, height;
            uint16 unkE;
            uint16 specialSize;
            uint16 unk12;
            int16 shapeIndex;
            uint16 wsaFlag;
            char filename[14];

      SceneAnim _sceneAnims[10];
      WSAMovieV2 *_sceneAnimMovie[10];
      bool _specialSceneScriptState[10];
      bool _specialSceneScriptStateBackup[10];
      ScriptState _sceneSpecialScripts[10];
      uint32 _sceneSpecialScriptsTimer[10];
      int _lastProcessedSceneScript;
      bool _specialSceneScriptRunFlag;

      void updateSpecialSceneScripts();
      void freeSceneAnims();

      int _loadedZTable;
      void loadZShapes(int shapes);
      void loadInventoryShapes();

      void resetScaleTable();
      void setScaleTableItem(int item, int data);
      int getScale(int x, int y);
      uint16 _scaleTable[15];

      void setDrawLayerTableEntry(int entry, int data);
      int getDrawLayer(int x, int y);
      int _drawLayerTable[15];

      int _layerFlagTable[16]; // seems to indicate layers where items get destroyed when dropped to (TODO: check this!)

      char _newShapeFilename[13];
      int _newShapeLastEntry;
      int _newShapeWidth, _newShapeHeight;
      int _newShapeXAdd, _newShapeYAdd;
      int _newShapeFlag;
      uint8 *_newShapeFiledata;
      int _newShapeCount;
      int _newShapeAnimFrame;
      int _newShapeDelay;

      int initNewShapes(uint8 *filedata);
      void processNewShapes(int unk1, int unk2);
      void resetNewShapes(int count, uint8 *filedata);

      // animator
      struct AnimObj {
            uint16 index;
            uint16 type;
            uint16 enabled;
            uint16 needRefresh;
            uint16 unk8;
            uint16 animFlags;
            uint16 flags;
            int16 xPos1, yPos1;
            uint8 *shapePtr;
            uint16 shapeIndex1;
            uint16 animNum;
            uint16 shapeIndex3;
            uint16 shapeIndex2;
            uint16 unk1E;
            uint8 unk20;
            uint8 unk21;
            uint8 unk22;
            uint8 unk23;
            int16 xPos2, yPos2;
            int16 xPos3, yPos3;
            int16 width, height;
            int16 width2, height2;
            AnimObj *nextObject;

      AnimObj _animObjects[42];
      void clearAnimObjects();

      AnimObj *_animList;
      bool _drawNoShapeFlag;
      AnimObj *initAnimList(AnimObj *list, AnimObj *entry);
      AnimObj *addToAnimListSorted(AnimObj *list, AnimObj *entry);
      AnimObj *deleteAnimListEntry(AnimObj *list, AnimObj *entry);

      void drawAnimObjects();
      void drawSceneAnimObject(AnimObj *obj, int x, int y, int drawLayer);
      void drawCharacterAnimObject(AnimObj *obj, int x, int y, int drawLayer);

      void refreshAnimObjects(int force);
      void refreshAnimObjectsIfNeed();

      void flagAnimObjsForRefresh();

      void updateCharFacing();
      void updateCharacterAnim(int);
      void updateSceneAnim(int anim, int newFrame);

      void addItemToAnimList(int item);
      void deleteItemAnimEntry(int item);

      int _animObj0Width, _animObj0Height;
      void setCharacterAnimDim(int w, int h);
      void resetCharacterAnimDim();

      // scene
      struct SceneDesc {
            char filename[10];
            uint16 exit1, exit2, exit3, exit4;
            uint8 flags;
            uint8 sound;

      SceneDesc *_sceneList;
      int _sceneListSize;
      uint16 _currentScene;

      const char *_sceneCommentString;
      uint16 _sceneExit1, _sceneExit2, _sceneExit3, _sceneExit4;
      int _sceneEnterX1, _sceneEnterY1, _sceneEnterX2, _sceneEnterY2,
            _sceneEnterX3, _sceneEnterY3, _sceneEnterX4, _sceneEnterY4;
      int _specialExitCount;
      uint16 _specialExitTable[25];
      bool checkSpecialSceneExit(int num, int x, int y);
      uint8 _scenePal[688];
      bool _overwriteSceneFacing;

      void enterNewScene(uint16 newScene, int facing, int unk1, int unk2, int unk3);
      void enterNewSceneUnk1(int facing, int unk1, int unk2);
      void enterNewSceneUnk2(int unk1);
      void unloadScene();

      void loadScenePal();
      void loadSceneMsc();

      void fadeScenePal(int srcIndex, int delay);

      void startSceneScript(int unk1);
      void runSceneScript2();
      void runSceneScript4(int unk1);
      void runSceneScript6();
      void runSceneScript7();

      void initSceneAnims(int unk1);
      void initSceneScreen(int unk1);

      int trySceneChange(int *moveTable, int unk1, int updateChar);
      int checkSceneChange();

      // pathfinder
      int _movFacingTable[600];
      int findWay(int curX, int curY, int dstX, int dstY, int *moveTable, int moveTableSize);
      bool lineIsPassable(int x, int y);
      bool directLinePassable(int x, int y, int toX, int toY);

      int pathfinderUnk1(int *moveTable);
      int pathfinderUnk2(int index, int v1, int v2);
      int pathfinderUnk3(int tableLen, int x, int y);
      int pathfinderUnk4(int index, int v);
      void pathfinderUnk5(int *moveTable, int unk1, int x, int y, int moveTableSize);

      int _pathfinderUnkTable1[400];
      int _pathfinderUnkTable2[200];

      // item
      uint8 _itemHtDat[176];

      struct Item {
            uint16 id;
            uint16 sceneId;
            int16 x;
            uint8 y;
            uint16 unk7;
      Item *_itemList;

      uint16 _hiddenItems[20];

      int findFreeItem();
      int countAllItems();
      int findItem(uint16 sceneId, uint16 id);
      int checkItemCollision(int x, int y);
      void resetItemList();

      int _itemInHand;
      int _handItemSet;

      bool dropItem(int unk1, uint16 item, int x, int y, int unk2);
      bool processItemDrop(uint16 sceneId, uint16 item, int x, int y, int unk1, int unk2);
      void itemDropDown(int startX, int startY, int dstX, int dstY, int itemSlot, uint16 item);
      void exchangeMouseItem(int itemPos);
      bool pickUpItem(int x, int y);

      bool isDropable(int x, int y);

      static const byte _itemStringMap[];
      static const int _itemStringMapSize;

      void setMouseCursor(uint16 item);
      void setHandItem(uint16 item);
      void removeHandItem();

      // inventroy
      static const int _inventoryX[];
      static const int _inventoryY[];

      // localization
      void loadCCodeBuffer(const char *file);
      void loadOptionsBuffer(const char *file);
      void loadChapterBuffer(int chapter);
      uint8 *_optionsBuffer;
      uint8 *_cCodeBuffer;

      uint8 *_chapterBuffer;
      int _currentChapter;
      int _newChapterFile;

      const uint8 *getTableEntry(const uint8 *buffer, int id);
      const char *getTableString(int id, const uint8 *buffer, int decode);
      const char *getChapterString(int id);
      int decodeString1(const char *src, char *dst);
      void decodeString2(const char *src, char *dst);

      void changeFileExtension(char *buffer);

      // - Just used in French version
      int getItemCommandStringDrop(uint16 item);
      int getItemCommandStringPickUp(uint16 item);
      // -

      char _internStringBuf[200];
      static const char *_languageExtension[];
      static const char *_scriptLangExt[];

      // character
      struct Character {
            uint16 sceneId;
            uint16 unk2;
            uint8 height;
            uint8 facing;
            uint16 animFrame;
            uint8 unk8;
            uint8 unk9;
            uint8 unkA;
            uint16 inventory[20];
            int16 x1, y1;
            int16 x2, y2;

      Character _mainCharacter;
      bool _useCharPal;
      int _charPalEntry;
      uint8 _charPalTable[16];
      void updateCharPal(int unk1);
      void setCharPalEntry(int entry, int value);

      void moveCharacter(int facing, int x, int y);
      int updateCharPos(int *table);
      void updateCharPosWithUpdate();
      void updateCharAnimFrame(int num, int *table);

      int checkCharCollision(int x, int y);

      int _mainCharX, _mainCharY;
      int _charScaleX, _charScaleY;

      static const int _characterFrameTable[];

      // text
      void showMessageFromCCode(int id, int16 palIndex, int);
      void showMessage(const char *string, int16 palIndex);
      void showChapterMessage(int id, int16 palIndex);

      void updateCommandLineEx(int str1, int str2, int16 palIndex);

      const char *_shownMessage;

      byte _messagePal[3];
      int _msgUnk1;

      // chat
      int _vocHigh;

      const char *_chatText;
      int _chatObject;
      bool _chatIsNote;
      uint32 _chatEndTime;
      int _chatVocHigh, _chatVocLow;

      ScriptData _chatScriptData;
      ScriptState _chatScriptState;

      int chatGetType(const char *text);
      int chatCalcDuration(const char *text);

      void objectChat(const char *text, int object, int vocHigh, int vocLow);
      void objectChatInit(const char *text, int object, int vocHigh, int vocLow);
      void objectChatPrintText(const char *text, int object);
      void objectChatProcess(const char *script);
      void objectChatWaitToFinish();
      void initTalkObject(int initObject);
      void deinitTalkObject(int initObject);

      // sound
      int _oldTalkFile;
      int _currentTalkFile;
      void openTalkFile(int newFile);

      virtual void snd_playVoiceFile(int id);
      void snd_loadSoundFile(int id);
      void snd_assignMusicData(kMusicDataID id);

      void playVoice(int high, int low);

      // timer
      void timerFunc2(int);
      void timerCauldronAnimation(int);
      void timerFunc4(int);
      void timerFunc5(int);
      void timerFunc6(int);

      void setTimer1DelaySecs(int secs);

      uint32 _nextIdleAnim;
      int _lastIdleScript;

      void setNextIdleAnimTimer();
      void showIdleAnim();
      void runIdleScript(int script);

      // delay
      void delay(uint32 millis, bool updateGame = false, bool isMainLoop = false);

      // Talk object handling
      struct TalkObject {
            char filename[13];
            int8 scriptId;
            int16 x, y;
            int8 color;
      TalkObject *_talkObjectList;

      struct TIMHeader {
            uint16 deleteBufferFlag;
            int16 unkFlag;
            int16 unkFlag2;
            int16 unkOffset;
            int16 unkOffset2;
            int16 AVTLOffset;
            int16 TEXTOffset;

      struct TIMStructUnk1 {
            uint16 unk_0;
            uint16 unk_2;
            uint16 unk_4;
            uint16 unk_8;
            uint16* unk_20;

      struct TIMBuffers {
            uint16 *AVTLChunk;
            byte *TEXTChunk;
            TIMStructUnk1 *UnkChunk;
      TIMBuffers _TIMBuffers;

      struct TalkSections {
            byte *STATim;
            byte *TLKTim;
            byte *ENDTim;
      TalkSections _currentTalkSections;

      bool _objectChatFinished;
      byte* loadTIMFile(const char *filename, byte *buffer, int32 bufferSize);
      void freeTIM(byte *buffer);

      // ingame static sequence handling
      void seq_makeBookOrCauldronAppear(int type);
      void seq_makeBookAppear();

      struct InventoryWsa {
            int x, y, x2, y2, w, h;
            int page;
            int curFrame, lastFrame, specialFrame;
            int sfx;
            int delay;
            bool running;
            uint32 timer;
            WSAMovieV2 *wsa;
      } _invWsa;

      // TODO: move inside KyraEngine_v2::InventoryWsa?
      void loadInvWsa(const char *filename, int run, int delay, int page, int sfx, int sFrame, int flags);
      void closeInvWsa();

      void updateInvWsa();
      void displayInvWsaLastFrame();

      // opcodes
      int o2_setCharacterFacingRefresh(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setCharacterPos(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_defineObject(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_refreshCharacter(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getCharacterX(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getCharacterY(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getCharacterFacing(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setSceneComment(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setCharacterAnimFrame(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_trySceneChange(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_showChapterMessage(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_wsaClose(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_displayWsaFrame(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_displayWsaSequentialFrames(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_wsaOpen(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_checkForItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_defineItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_countItemInInventory(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_queryGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_resetGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setHandItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_removeHandItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_handItemSet(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_hideMouse(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_addSpecialExit(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setMousePos(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_showMouse(ScriptState *script);
      //int o2_playSoundEffect(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_delay(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setScaleTableItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setDrawLayerTableItem(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setCharPalEntry(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_drawSceneShape(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_drawSceneShapeOnPage(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_restoreBackBuffer(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_update(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_fadeScenePal(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_enterNewSceneEx(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_switchScene(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getShapeFlag1(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setLayerFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setZanthiaPos(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_loadMusicTrack(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_playWanderScoreViaMap(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_playSoundEffect(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getRand(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_encodeShape(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_defineRoomEntrance(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_runTemporaryScript(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setSpecialSceneScriptRunTime(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_defineSceneAnim(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_updateSceneAnim(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_defineRoom(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_countItemInstances(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_initObject(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_deinitObject(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_makeBookOrCauldronAppear(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setSpecialSceneScriptState(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_clearSpecialSceneScriptState(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_querySpecialSceneScriptState(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setHiddenItemsEntry(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getHiddenItemsEntry(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_customChat(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_customChatFinish(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_setVocHigh(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getVocHigh(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_zanthiaChat(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_isVoiceEnabled(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_isVoicePlaying(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_stopVoicePlaying(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_getGameLanguage(ScriptState *script);
      int o2_dummy(ScriptState *script);

      // opcodes temporary
      // TODO: rename it from temporary to something more appropriate
      int o2t_defineNewShapes(ScriptState *script);
      int o2t_setCurrentFrame(ScriptState *script);
      int o2t_playSoundEffect(ScriptState *script);
      int o2t_fadeScenePal(ScriptState *script);
      int o2t_setShapeFlag(ScriptState *script);

      // script
      void runStartScript(int script, int unk1);
      void loadNPCScript();

      bool _noScriptEnter;

      ScriptData _npcScriptData;

      ScriptData _sceneScriptData;
      ScriptState _sceneScriptState;

      ScriptData _temporaryScriptData;
      ScriptState _temporaryScriptState;
      bool _temporaryScriptExecBit;
      Common::Array<const Opcode*> _opcodesTemporary;

      void runTemporaryScript(const char *filename, int unk1, int unk2, int newShapes, int shapeUnload);

      // pathfinder
      int _pathfinderFlag;

      uint8 *_unkBuf500Bytes;
      uint8 *_unkBuf200kByte;
      bool _unkFlag1;
      int _unk3, _unk4, _unk5;
      bool _unkSceneScreenFlag1;
      bool _unkHandleSceneChangeFlag;

      // sequence player
      ActiveWSA *_activeWSA;
      ActiveText *_activeText;

      const char *const *_sequenceSoundList;
      int _sequenceSoundListSize;
      const char *const *_sequenceStrings;
      int _sequenceStringsSize;

      static const char *_sequenceSoundList_PC[];
      static const int _sequenceSoundListSize_PC;
      static const char *_sequenceSoundList_TOWNS[];
      static const int _sequenceSoundListSize_TOWNS;
      static const char *_sequenceStrings_TOWNS_EN[];
      static const int _sequenceStringsSize_TOWNS_EN;
      static const char *_sequenceStrings_PC_EN[];
      static const int _sequenceStringsSize_PC_EN;
      static const char _actorScreenStrings_PC_EN[];
      static const int _actorScreenStringsSize_PC_EN;

      int _sequenceStringsDuration[33];

      static const uint8 _seqTextColorPresets[];
      char *_seqProcessedString;
      WSAMovieV2 *_seqWsa;

      bool _abortIntroFlag;
      int _menuChoice;

      uint32 _seqFrameDelay;
      uint32 _seqEndTime;
      int _seqFrameCounter;
      int _seqWsaCurrentFrame;
      bool _seqSpecialFlag;
      int _seqRandomizeBase;
      bool _seqSubframePlaying;
      uint8 _seqTextColor[2];
      uint8 _seqTextColorMap[16];

      const Sequence *_sequences;

      static const Sequence _sequences_PC[];
      static const Sequence _sequences_TOWNS[];
      static const NestedSequence _nSequences[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlLibrary[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlHand1b[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlHand1c[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlHand2[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlHand3[];
      static const SequenceControl _wsaControlHand4[];

} // end of namespace Kyra


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