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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-11-1/engines/parallaction/graphics.h $
 * $Id: graphics.h 30944 2008-02-23 22:50:18Z sev $


#include "common/rect.h"
#include "common/stream.h"

#include "graphics/surface.h"

#include "parallaction/defs.h"

namespace Parallaction {

#include "common/pack-start.h"      // START STRUCT PACKING

struct PaletteFxRange {

      uint16      _timer;
      uint16      _step;
      uint16      _flags;
      byte  _first;
      byte  _last;


#include "common/pack-end.h"  // END STRUCT PACKING

class Font {

      byte _color;

      Font() {}
      virtual ~Font() {}

      virtual void setColor(byte color) {
            _color = color;
      virtual uint32 getStringWidth(const char *s) = 0;
      virtual uint16 height() = 0;

      virtual void drawString(byte* buffer, uint32 pitch, const char *s) = 0;


struct Frames {

      virtual uint16    getNum() = 0;
      virtual byte*     getData(uint16 index) = 0;
      virtual void      getRect(uint16 index, Common::Rect &r) = 0;

      virtual ~Frames() { }


struct SurfaceToFrames : public Frames {

      Graphics::Surface *_surf;

      SurfaceToFrames(Graphics::Surface *surf) : _surf(surf) {

      ~SurfaceToFrames() {
            delete _surf;

      uint16      getNum() {
            return 1;
      byte* getData(uint16 index) {
            assert(index == 0);
            return (byte*)_surf->getBasePtr(0,0);
      void  getRect(uint16 index, Common::Rect &r) {
            assert(index == 0);
            r.left = 0;
            r.top = 0;


struct Cnv : public Frames {
      uint16      _count;     // # of frames
      uint16      _width;     //
      uint16      _height;    //
      byte**      field_8;    // unused
      byte* _data;

      Cnv() {
            _width = _height = _count = 0;
            _data = NULL;

      Cnv(uint16 numFrames, uint16 width, uint16 height, byte* data) : _count(numFrames), _width(width), _height(height), _data(data) {


      ~Cnv() {

      byte* getFramePtr(uint16 index) {
            if (index >= _count)
                  return NULL;
            return &_data[index * _width * _height];

      uint16      getNum() {
            return _count;

      byte  *getData(uint16 index) {
            return getFramePtr(index);

      void getRect(uint16 index, Common::Rect &r) {
            r.left = 0;
            r.top = 0;

#define NUM_BUFFERS 4

class Parallaction;

struct DoorData;
struct GetData;
struct Label;

struct MaskBuffer {
      // handles a 2-bit depth buffer used for z-buffering

      uint16      w;
      uint16  internalWidth;
      uint16      h;
      uint  size;
      byte  *data;

      MaskBuffer() : w(0), internalWidth(0), h(0), size(0), data(0) {

      void create(uint16 width, uint16 height) {
            w = width;
            internalWidth = w >> 2;
            h = height;
            size = (internalWidth * h);
            data = (byte*)calloc(size, 1);

      void free() {
            data = 0;
            w = 0;
            h = 0;
            internalWidth = 0;
            size = 0;

      inline byte getValue(uint16 x, uint16 y) {
            byte m = data[(x >> 2) + y * internalWidth];
            uint n = (x & 3) << 1;
            return ((3 << n) & m) >> n;


class Palette {

      byte  _data[768];
      uint  _colors;
      uint  _size;
      bool  _hb;

      Palette(const Palette &pal);

      void clone(const Palette &pal);

      void makeBlack();
      void setEntries(byte* data, uint first, uint num);
      void setEntry(uint index, int red, int green, int blue);
      void makeGrayscale();
      void fadeTo(const Palette& target, uint step);
      uint fillRGBA(byte *rgba);

      void rotate(uint first, uint last, bool forward);

class Gfx {

      enum Buffers {
            // bit buffers


      // balloons and text
      void drawBalloon(const Common::Rect& r, uint16 arg_8);
      void displayString(uint16 x, uint16 y, const char *text, byte color);
      void displayCenteredString(uint16 y, const char *text);
      bool displayWrappedString(char *text, uint16 x, uint16 y, byte color, int16 wrapwidth = -1);
      uint16 getStringWidth(const char *text);
      void getStringExtent(char *text, uint16 maxwidth, int16* width, int16* height);

      // labels
      Label *_label;
      void setLabel(Label *label);

      // cut/paste
      void flatBlitCnv(Graphics::Surface *cnv, int16 x, int16 y, Gfx::Buffers buffer);
      void flatBlitCnv(Frames *cnv, uint16 frame, int16 x, int16 y, Gfx::Buffers buffer);
      void blitCnv(Graphics::Surface *cnv, int16 x, int16 y, uint16 z, Gfx::Buffers buffer);
      void restoreBackground(const Common::Rect& r);
      void backupDoorBackground(DoorData *data, int16 x, int16 y);
      void restoreDoorBackground(const Common::Rect& r, byte *data, byte* background);
      void backupGetBackground(GetData *data, int16 x, int16 y);
      void restoreGetBackground(const Common::Rect& r, byte *data);

      void setDialogueBalloon(char *text, uint16 x, uint16 y, uint16 maxwidth, uint16 winding, byte textColor);
      void setItem(Frames* frames, uint16 x, uint16 y);
      void setItemFrame(uint item, uint16 f);
      void hideDialogueStuff();
      void freeBalloons();
      void freeItems();

      // low level surfaces
      void clearScreen(Gfx::Buffers buffer);
      void copyScreen(Gfx::Buffers srcbuffer, Gfx::Buffers dstbuffer);
      void copyRect(Gfx::Buffers dstbuffer, const Common::Rect& r, byte *src, uint16 pitch);
      void grabRect(byte *dst, const Common::Rect& r, Gfx::Buffers srcbuffer, uint16 pitch);
      void floodFill(Gfx::Buffers buffer, const Common::Rect& r, byte color);
      void invertRect(Gfx::Buffers buffer, const Common::Rect& r);

      // palette
      void setPalette(Palette palette);
      void setBlackPalette();
      void animatePalette();

      // amiga specific
      void setHalfbriteMode(bool enable);
    void setProjectorPos(int x, int y);

      // misc
      int16 queryMask(int16 v);
      void setFont(Font* font);
    void setFontShadow(bool enable);
      void swapBuffers();
      void updateScreen();
      void setBackground(Graphics::Surface *surf);
      void setMask(MaskBuffer *buffer);

      // init
      Gfx(Parallaction* vm);
      virtual ~Gfx();

      uint16                        _bgLayers[4];
      PaletteFxRange          _palettefx[6];
      Palette                       _palette;

      int                     _backgroundWidth;
      int                     _backgroundHeight;

      uint                    _screenX;         // scrolling position
      uint                    _screenY;

      Parallaction*           _vm;
      Graphics::Surface *_buffers[NUM_BUFFERS];
      MaskBuffer              *_depthMask;
      Font                    *_font;
      bool                _fontShadow;
      bool                    _halfbrite;

    Common::Point       _hbCirclePos;
    int                 _hbCircleRadius;

      struct Balloon {
            uint16 x;
            uint16 y;
            uint16 winding;
            Graphics::Surface surface;
      } _balloons[5];

      uint  _numBalloons;

      struct Item {
            uint16 x;
            uint16 y;
            uint16 frame;
            Frames *data;

            Common::Rect rect;
      } _items[2];

      uint  _numItems;

      void drawInventory();
      void drawLabel();
      void drawItems();
      void drawBalloons();

      void initBuffers(int w, int h);
      void freeBuffers();

      void copyRect(uint width, uint height, byte *dst, uint dstPitch, byte *src, uint srcPitch);

      Balloon *createBalloon(char *text, uint16 maxwidth, uint16 winding);

      void drawText(Graphics::Surface* surf, uint16 x, uint16 y, const char *text, byte color);
      bool drawWrappedText(Graphics::Surface* surf, char *text, byte color, int16 wrapwidth);
      void blit(const Common::Rect& r, uint16 z, byte *data, Graphics::Surface *surf);
      void flatBlit(const Common::Rect& r, byte *data, Graphics::Surface *surf, byte transparentColor);

} // Parallaction


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