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Agi::AgiGame Struct Reference

#include <agi.h>

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Detailed Description

AGI game structure. This structure contains all global data of an AGI game executed by the interpreter.

Definition at line 454 of file agi.h.

Public Attributes

AgiBlock block
int clockEnabled
unsigned int colorBg
unsigned int colorFg
uint32 crc
char cursorChar
int cursorPos
AgiDir dirLogic [MAX_DIRS]
AgiDir dirPic [MAX_DIRS]
AgiDir dirSound [MAX_DIRS]
AgiDir dirView [MAX_DIRS]
uint8 echoBuffer [40]
AgiWord egoWords [MAX_WORDS]
AgiEvent evKeyp [MAX_DIRS]
int exitAllLogics
uint8 flags [MAX_FLAGS]
int gameFlags
int gfxMode
int hasPrompt
int hasWindow
int horizon
char id [8]
uint8 inputBuffer [40]
int inputEnabled
int inputMode
int keypress
int lineMinPrint
int lineStatus
int lineUserInput
AgiLogic logics [MAX_DIRS]
int lognum
uint32 msgBoxTicks
char name [8]
int numEgoWords
unsigned int numObjects
AgiPicture pictures [MAX_DIRS]
int pictureShown
int playerControl
uint8 priTable [_HEIGHT]
int quitProgNow
uint8 * sbuf
uint8 * sbuf16c
uint8 * sbuf256c
uint8 * sbufOrig
int simpleSave
AgiSoundsounds [MAX_DIRS]
int state
int statusLine
uint8 vars [MAX_VARS]
int32 ver
AgiView views [MAX_DIRS]
VtEntry viewTable [MAX_VIEWTABLE]
AgiBlock window

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