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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * Additional copyright for this file:
 * Copyright (C) 1994-1998 Revolution Software Ltd.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-11-1/engines/sword2/logic.h $
 * $Id: logic.h 30944 2008-02-23 22:50:18Z sev $

// logic management

#ifndef SWORD2_LOGIC_H
#define SWORD2_LOGIC_H

#include "common/endian.h"
#include "sword2/animation.h"
#include "sword2/memory.h"

namespace Sword2 {

#define MAX_events 10

#define TREE_SIZE 3

// This must allow for the largest number of objects in a screen


class Sword2Engine;
class Router;

struct EventUnit {
      uint32 id;
      uint32 interact_id;

class Logic {
      Sword2Engine *_vm;

      inline byte *decodePtr(int32 n) {
            return _vm->_memory->decodePtr(n);

      uint32 _objectKillList[OBJECT_KILL_LIST_SIZE];

      // keeps note of no. of objects in the kill list
      uint32 _kills;

      // denotes the res id of the game-object-list in current use
      uint32 _currentRunList;

      //pc during logic loop
      uint32 _pc;

      // each object has one of these tacked onto the beginning
      ObjectHub _curObjectHub;

      EventUnit _eventList[MAX_events];

      // Resource id of the wav to use as lead-in/lead-out from smacker
      uint32 _smackerLeadIn;
      uint32 _smackerLeadOut;

      // keeps count of number of text lines to disaply during the sequence
      uint32 _sequenceTextLines;

      SequenceTextInfo _sequenceTextList[MAX_SEQUENCE_TEXT_LINES];

      // when not playing a wav we calculate the speech time based upon
      // length of ascii

      uint32 _speechTime;

      uint32 _animId;

      // 0 lip synced and repeating - 1 normal once through
      uint32 _speechAnimType;

      uint32 _leftClickDelay;       // click-delay for LEFT mouse button
      uint32 _rightClickDelay;      // click-delay for RIGHT mouse button

      // calculated by locateTalker() for use in speech-panning & text-sprite
      // positioning

      int16 _textX, _textY;

      void locateTalker(int32 *params);
      void formText(int32 *params);
      bool wantSpeechForLine(uint32 wavId);

      // Set by fnPassMega()
      byte _engineMega[56];

      Logic(Sword2Engine *vm);

      EventUnit *getEventList() { return _eventList; }
      byte *getEngineMega() { return _engineMega; }

      byte _saveLogic[8];
      byte _saveGraphic[12];
      byte _saveMega[56];

      // Point to the global variable data
      byte *_scriptVars;

      // "TEXT" - current official text line number - will match the wav
      // filenames

      int16 _officialTextNumber;

      // so speech text cleared when running a new start-script
      uint32 _speechTextBlocNo;

      uint32 readVar(int n) {
            return READ_LE_UINT32(_scriptVars + 4 * n);

      void writeVar(int n, uint32 value) {
            WRITE_LE_UINT32(_scriptVars + 4 * n, value);

      int runResScript(uint32 scriptRes, uint32 offset);
      int runResObjScript(uint32 scriptRes, uint32 objRes, uint32 offset);
      int runScript(byte *scriptData, byte *objectData, uint32 offset);
      int runScript2(byte *scriptData, byte *objectData, byte *offset);

      void sendEvent(uint32 id, uint32 interact_id);
      void setPlayerActionEvent(uint32 id, uint32 interact_id);
      void startEvent();
      int checkEventWaiting();
      void clearEvent(uint32 id);
      void killAllIdsEvents(uint32 id);

      uint32 countEvents();

      struct SyncUnit {
            uint32 id;
            uint32 sync;

      // There won't be many, will there? Probably 2 at most i reckon
      SyncUnit _syncList[10];

      void clearSyncs(uint32 id);
      void sendSync(uint32 id, uint32 sync);
      int getSync();

      Router *_router;

      typedef int32 (Logic::*OpcodeProc)(int32 *);
      struct OpcodeEntry {
            OpcodeProc proc;
            const char *desc;
      const OpcodeEntry *_opcodes;
      int _numOpcodes;
      void setupOpcodes();

      int32 fnTestFunction(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTestFlags(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRegisterStartPoint(int32 *params);
      int32 fnInitBackground(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetSession(int32 *params);
      int32 fnBackSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSortSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnForeSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRegisterMouse(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRandom(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPreLoad(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddSubject(int32 *params);
      int32 fnInteract(int32 *params);
      int32 fnChoose(int32 *params);
      int32 fnWalk(int32 *params);
      int32 fnWalkToAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTurn(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStandAt(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStand(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStandAfterAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPause(int32 *params);
      int32 fnMegaTableAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddMenuObject(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStartConversation(int32 *params);
      int32 fnEndConversation(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetFrame(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRandomPause(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRegisterFrame(int32 *params);
      int32 fnNoSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSendSync(int32 *params);
      int32 fnUpdatePlayerStats(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPassGraph(int32 *params);
      int32 fnInitFloorMouse(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPassMega(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFaceXY(int32 *params);
      int32 fnEndSession(int32 *params);
      int32 fnNoHuman(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddHuman(int32 *params);
      int32 fnWeWait(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTheyDoWeWait(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTheyDo(int32 *params);
      int32 fnWalkToTalkToMega(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFadeDown(int32 *params);
      int32 fnISpeak(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTotalRestart(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetWalkGrid(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSpeechProcess(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScaling(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStartEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnCheckEventWaiting(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRequestSpeech(int32 *params);
      int32 fnGosub(int32 *params);
      int32 fnTimedWait(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPlayFx(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStopFx(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPlayMusic(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStopMusic(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetValue(int32 *params);
      int32 fnNewScript(int32 *params);
      int32 fnGetSync(int32 *params);
      int32 fnWaitSync(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRegisterWalkGrid(int32 *params);
      int32 fnReverseMegaTableAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnReverseAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddToKillList(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetStandbyCoords(int32 *params);
      int32 fnBackPar0Sprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnBackPar1Sprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnForePar0Sprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnForePar1Sprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetPlayerActionEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScrollCoordinate(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStandAtAnim(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScrollLeftMouse(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScrollRightMouse(int32 *params);
      int32 fnColour(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFlash(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPreFetch(int32 *params);
      int32 fnGetPlayerSaveData(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPassPlayerSaveData(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSendEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddWalkGrid(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRemoveWalkGrid(int32 *params);
      int32 fnCheckForEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPauseForEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnClearEvent(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFaceMega(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPlaySequence(int32 *params);
      int32 fnShadedSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnUnshadedSprite(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFadeUp(int32 *params);
      int32 fnDisplayMsg(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetObjectHeld(int32 *params);
      int32 fnAddSequenceText(int32 *params);
      int32 fnResetGlobals(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetPalette(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRegisterPointerText(int32 *params);
      int32 fnFetchWait(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRelease(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPrepareMusic(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSoundFetch(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSmackerLeadIn(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSmackerLeadOut(int32 *params);
      int32 fnStopAllFx(int32 *params);
      int32 fnCheckPlayerActivity(int32 *params);
      int32 fnResetPlayerActivityDelay(int32 *params);
      int32 fnCheckMusicPlaying(int32 *params);
      int32 fnPlayCredits(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScrollSpeedNormal(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetScrollSpeedSlow(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRemoveChooser(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetFxVolAndPan(int32 *params);
      int32 fnSetFxVol(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRestoreGame(int32 *params);
      int32 fnRefreshInventory(int32 *params);
      int32 fnChangeShadows(int32 *params);

      // do one cycle of the current session
      int processSession();

      // cause the logic loop to terminate and drop out
      void expressChangeSession(uint32 sesh_id);

      uint32 getRunList();

      // setup script_id and script_pc in _curObjectHub - called by fnGosub()
      void logicUp(uint32 new_script);

      void logicReplace(uint32 new_script);
      void logicOne(uint32 new_script);
      void resetKillList();

} // End of namespace Sword2


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