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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-11-1/engines/touche/touche.h $
 * $Id: touche.h 30944 2008-02-23 22:50:18Z sev $


#include "common/array.h"
#include "common/endian.h"
#include "common/file.h"
#include "common/rect.h"
#include "common/util.h"

#include "sound/mixer.h"

#include "engines/engine.h"

namespace Touche {

struct Area {
      Common::Rect r;
      int16 srcX, srcY;

      Area() {
            srcX = srcY = 0;

      Area(int16 x, int16 y, int16 w, int16 h) {
            r = Common::Rect(x, y, x + w, y + h);
            srcX = srcY = 0;

      bool clip(const Common::Rect &rect) {
            const int dx = r.left - rect.left;
            if (dx < 0) {
                  srcX -= dx;
            const int dy = r.top - rect.top;
            if (dy < 0) {
                  srcY -= dy;
            if (rect.left > r.left) {
                  r.left = rect.left;
            if (rect.top > r.top) {
                  r.top = rect.top;
            if (rect.right < r.right) {
                  r.right = rect.right;
            if (rect.bottom < r.bottom) {
                  r.bottom = rect.bottom;
            return (r.right > r.left && r.bottom > r.top);

struct KeyChar {
      uint16 num;
      uint16 flags;
      int16 currentAnimCounter;
      int16 strNum;
      int16 walkDataNum;
      int16 spriteNum;
      Common::Rect prevBoundingRect;
      Common::Rect boundingRect;
      int16 xPos;
      int16 yPos;
      int16 zPos;
      int16 xPosPrev;
      int16 yPosPrev;
      int16 zPosPrev;
      int16 prevWalkDataNum;
      uint16 textColor;
      int16 inventoryItems[4];
      int16 money;
      int16 pointsDataNum;
      int16 currentWalkBox;
      uint16 prevPointsDataNum;
      int16 currentAnim;
      int16 facingDirection;
      int16 currentAnimSpeed;
      int16 framesList[16];
      int16 framesListCount;
      int16 currentFrame;
      int16 anim1Start;
      int16 anim1Count;
      int16 anim2Start;
      int16 anim2Count;
      int16 anim3Start;
      int16 anim3Count;
      int16 followingKeyCharNum;
      int16 followingKeyCharPos;
      uint16 sequenceDataIndex;
      uint16 sequenceDataOffset;
      int16 walkPointsListIndex;
      int16 walkPointsList[40];
      uint16 scriptDataStartOffset;
      uint16 scriptDataOffset;
      int16 *scriptStackPtr;
      int16 delay;
      int16 waitingKeyChar;
      int16 waitingKeyCharPosTable[3];
      int16 scriptStackTable[40];

struct Script {
      uint8 opcodeNum;
      uint32 dataOffset;
      int16 keyCharNum;
      uint8 *dataPtr;
      int16 *stackDataPtr;
      int16 *stackDataBasePtr;
      int16 quitFlag;
      int16 stackDataTable[500];

      void init(uint8 *data) {
            dataPtr = data;
            stackDataPtr = stackDataBasePtr = &stackDataTable[499];
            dataOffset = 0;
            quitFlag = 0;

      uint8 readByte(uint32 offs) const {
            return *(dataPtr + offs);

      int16 readWord(uint32 offs) const {
            return READ_LE_UINT16(dataPtr + offs);

      uint8 readNextByte() {
            uint8 val = readByte(dataOffset);
            return val;

      int16 readNextWord() {
            int16 val = readWord(dataOffset);
            dataOffset += 2;
            return val;

struct TalkEntry {
      int16 otherKeyChar;
      int16 talkingKeyChar;
      int16 num;

struct ConversationChoice {
      int16 num;
      int16 msg;

struct AnimationEntry {
      int16 num;
      int16 x;
      int16 y;
      int16 dx;
      int16 dy;
      int16 posNum;
      int16 delayCounter;
      int16 displayCounter;
      Common::Rect displayRect;

struct SequenceEntry {
      int16 sprNum;
      int16 seqNum;

struct SpriteData {
      uint32 size;
      uint8 *ptr;
      uint16 bitmapWidth;
      uint16 bitmapHeight;
      uint16 w;
      uint16 h;

struct InventoryState {
      int16 displayOffset;
      int16 lastItem;
      int16 itemsPerLine;
      int16 *itemsList;

struct ProgramPointData {
      int16 x, y, z;
      int16 order;

struct ProgramWalkData {
      int16 point1;
      int16 point2;
      int16 clippingRect;
      int16 area1;
      int16 area2;

struct ProgramAreaData {
      Area area;
      int16 id;
      int16 state;
      int16 animCount;
      int16 animNext;

struct ProgramBackgroundData {
      Area area;
      int16 type;
      int16 offset;
      int16 scaleMul;
      int16 scaleDiv;

struct ProgramHitBoxData {
      int16 item;
      int16 talk;
      uint16 state;
      int16 str;
      int16 defaultStr;
      int16 actions[8];
      Common::Rect hitBoxes[2];

struct ProgramActionScriptOffsetData {
      int16 object1;
      int16 action;
      int16 object2;
      uint16 offset;

struct ProgramKeyCharScriptOffsetData {
      int16 keyChar;
      uint16 offset;

struct ProgramConversationData {
      int16 num;
      uint16 offset;
      int16 msg;

enum {
      kDebugEngine   = 1 << 0,
      kDebugGraphics = 1 << 1,
      kDebugResource = 1 << 2,
      kDebugOpcodes  = 1 << 3,
      kDebugMenu     = 1 << 4

enum ResourceType {
      kResourceTypeRoomImage = 0,

enum TalkMode {
      kTalkModeTextOnly = 0,

enum ScriptFlag {
      kScriptStopped = 1 << 0,
      kScriptPaused  = 1 << 1

enum SaveLoadMode {
      kSaveGameState = 0,

enum InventoryArea {
      kInventoryCharacter = 0,

enum {
      kScreenWidth = 640,
      kScreenHeight = 400,
      kRoomHeight = 352,
      kStartupEpisode = 90,
      kCycleDelay = 1000 / (1193180 / 32768),
      kIconWidth = 58,
      kIconHeight = 42,
      kCursorWidth = 58,
      kCursorHeight = 42,
      kTextHeight = 16,
      kMaxProgramDataSize = 61440,
      kMaxSaveStates = 100

class MidiPlayer;

class ToucheEngine: public Engine {

      enum {
            NUM_FLAGS = 2000,
            NUM_KEYCHARS = 32,
            NUM_SPRITES = 7,
            NUM_SEQUENCES = 7,
            NUM_TALK_ENTRIES = 16,
            NUM_ANIMATION_ENTRIES = 4,
            NUM_INVENTORY_ITEMS = 100,
            NUM_DIRTY_RECTS = 30,
            NUM_DIRECTIONS = 135

      typedef void (ToucheEngine::*OpcodeProc)();

      ToucheEngine(OSystem *system, Common::Language language);
      virtual ~ToucheEngine();

      virtual int init();
      virtual int go();


      bool detectGame();

      void restart();
      void readConfigurationSettings();
      void writeConfigurationSettings();
      void mainLoop();
      void processEvents(bool handleKeyEvents = true);
      void runCycle();
      int16 getRandomNumber(int max);
      void changePaletteRange();
      void playSoundInRange();
      void resetSortedKeyCharsTable();
      void setupEpisode(int num);
      void setupNewEpisode();
      void drawKeyChar(KeyChar *key);
      void sortKeyChars();
      void runKeyCharScript(KeyChar *key);
      void runCurrentKeyCharScript(int mode);
      void executeScriptOpcode(int16 param);
      void initKeyChars(int keyChar);
      void setKeyCharTextColor(int keyChar, uint16 color);
      void waitForKeyCharPosition(int keyChar);
      void setKeyCharBox(int keyChar, int value);
      void setKeyCharFrame(int keyChar, int16 type, int16 value1, int16 value2);
      void setKeyCharFacingDirection(int keyChar, int16 dir);
      void initKeyCharScript(int keyChar, int16 spriteNum, int16 seqDataIndex, int16 seqDataOffs);
      uint16 findProgramKeyCharScriptOffset(int keyChar) const;
      bool scrollRoom(int keyChar);
      void drawIcon(int x, int y, int num);
      void centerScreenToKeyChar(int keyChar);
      void waitForKeyCharsSet();
      void redrawRoom();
      void fadePalette(int firstColor, int colorCount, int scale, int scaleInc, int fadingStepsCount);
      void fadePaletteFromFlags();
      void moveKeyChar(uint8 *dst, int dstPitch, KeyChar *key);
      void changeKeyCharFrame(KeyChar *key, int keyChar);
      void setKeyCharRandomFrame(KeyChar *key);
      void setKeyCharMoney();
      const char *getString(int num) const;
      int getStringWidth(int num) const;
      void drawString(uint16 color, int x, int y, int16 num);
      void drawGameString(uint16 color, int x1, int y, const char *str);
      int restartKeyCharScriptOnAction(int action, int obj1, int obj2);
      void buildSpriteScalingTable(int z1, int z2);
      void drawSpriteOnBackdrop(int num, int x, int y);
      void updateTalkFrames(int keyChar);
      void setKeyCharTalkingFrame(int keyChar);
      void lockUnlockHitBox(int num, int lock);
      void drawHitBoxes();
      void showCursor(bool show);
      void setCursor(int num);
      void setDefaultCursor(int num);
      void handleLeftMouseButtonClickOnInventory();
      void handleRightMouseButtonClickOnInventory();
      void handleMouseInput(int flag);
      void handleMouseClickOnRoom(int flag);
      void handleMouseClickOnInventory(int flag);
      void scrollScreenToPos(int num);
      void clearRoomArea();
      void startNewMusic();
      void startNewSound();
      void updateSpeech();
      int handleActionMenuUnderCursor(const int16 *actions, int offs, int y, int str);

      void redrawBackground();
      void addRoomArea(int num, int flag);
      void updateRoomAreas(int num, int flags);
      void setRoomAreaState(int num, uint16 state);
      void findAndRedrawRoomRegion(int num);
      void updateRoomRegions();
      void redrawRoomRegion(int num, bool markForRedraw);

      void initInventoryObjectsTable();
      void initInventoryLists();
      void setupInventoryAreas();
      void drawInventory(int index, int flag);
      void drawAmountOfMoneyInInventory();
      void packInventoryItems(int index);
      void appendItemToInventoryList(int index);
      void addItemToInventory(int inventory, int16 item);
      void removeItemFromInventory(int inventory, int16 item);

      void resetTalkingVars();
      int updateKeyCharTalk(int pauseFlag);
      const char *formatTalkText(int *y, int *h, const char *text);
      void addToTalkTable(int talkingKeyChar, int num, int otherKeyChar);
      void removeFromTalkTable(int keyChar);
      void addConversationChoice(int16 num);
      void removeConversationChoice(int16 num);
      void runConversationScript(uint16 offset);
      void findConversationByNum(int16 num);
      void clearConversationChoices();
      void scrollDownConversationChoice();
      void scrollUpConversationChoice();
      void drawCharacterConversation();
      void drawConversationString(int num, uint16 color);
      void clearConversationArea();
      void setupConversationScript(int num);
      void handleConversation();

      void buildWalkPointsList(int keyChar);
      int findWalkDataNum(int pointNum1, int pointNum2);
      void changeWalkPath(int num1, int num2, int16 val);
      void adjustKeyCharPosToWalkBox(KeyChar *key, int moveType);
      void lockWalkPath(int num1, int num2);
      void unlockWalkPath(int num1, int num2);
      void resetPointsData(int num);
      bool sortPointsData(int num1, int num2);
      void updateKeyCharWalkPath(KeyChar *key, int16 dx, int16 dy, int16 dz);
      void markWalkPoints(int keyChar);
      void buildWalkPath(int dstPosX, int dstPosY, int keyChar);

      void addToAnimationTable(int num, int posNum, int keyChar, int delayCounter);
      void copyAnimationImage(int dstX, int dstY, int w, int h, const uint8 *src, int srcX, int srcY, int fillColor);
      void drawAnimationImage(AnimationEntry *anim);
      void processAnimationTable();
      void clearAnimationTable();

      void addToDirtyRect(const Common::Rect &r);
      void clearDirtyRects();
      void setPalette(int firstColor, int colorCount, int redScale, int greenScale, int blueScale);
      void updateScreenArea(int x, int y, int w, int h);
      void updateEntireScreen();
      void updateDirtyScreenAreas();
      void updatePalette();

      void saveGameStateData(Common::WriteStream *stream);
      void loadGameStateData(Common::ReadStream *stream);
      bool saveGameState(int num, const char *description);
      bool loadGameState(int num);
      void readGameStateDescription(int num, char *description, int len);
      void generateGameStateFileName(int num, char *dst, int len, bool prefixOnly = false) const;
      int getGameStateFileSlot(const char *filename) const;

      void setupOpcodes();
      void op_nop();
      void op_jnz();
      void op_jz();
      void op_jmp();
      void op_true();
      void op_false();
      void op_push();
      void op_testFalse();
      void op_add();
      void op_sub();
      void op_mul();
      void op_div();
      void op_mod();
      void op_and();
      void op_or();
      void op_not();
      void op_testGreater();
      void op_testEquals();
      void op_testLower();
      void op_fetchScriptWord();
      void op_testGreaterOrEquals();
      void op_testLowerOrEquals();
      void op_testNotEquals();
      void op_endConversation();
      void op_stopScript();
      void op_getFlag();
      void op_setFlag();
      void op_fetchScriptByte();
      void op_getKeyCharWalkBox();
      void op_startSound();
      void op_moveKeyCharToPos();
      void op_loadRoom();
      void op_updateRoom();
      void op_startTalk();
      void op_loadSprite();
      void op_loadSequence();
      void op_setKeyCharBox();
      void op_initKeyCharScript();
      void op_setKeyCharFrame();
      void op_setKeyCharDirection();
      void op_clearConversationChoices();
      void op_addConversationChoice();
      void op_removeConversationChoice();
      void op_getInventoryItem();
      void op_setInventoryItem();
      void op_startEpisode();
      void op_setConversationNum();
      void op_enableInput();
      void op_disableInput();
      void op_faceKeyChar();
      void op_getKeyCharCurrentAnim();
      void op_getCurrentKeyChar();
      void op_isKeyCharActive();
      void op_setPalette();
      void op_changeWalkPath();
      void op_lockWalkPath();
      void op_initializeKeyChar();
      void op_setupWaitingKeyChars();
      void op_updateRoomAreas();
      void op_unlockWalkPath();
      void op_addItemToInventoryAndRedraw();
      void op_giveItemTo();
      void op_setHitBoxText();
      void op_fadePalette();
      void op_getInventoryItemFlags();
      void op_drawInventory();
      void op_stopKeyCharScript();
      void op_restartKeyCharScript();
      void op_getKeyCharCurrentWalkBox();
      void op_getKeyCharPointsDataNum();
      void op_setupFollowingKeyChar();
      void op_startAnimation();
      void op_setKeyCharTextColor();
      void op_startMusic();
      void op_sleep();
      void op_setKeyCharDelay();
      void op_lockHitBox();
      void op_removeItemFromInventory();
      void op_unlockHitBox();
      void op_addRoomArea();
      void op_setKeyCharFlags();
      void op_unsetKeyCharFlags();
      void op_loadSpeechSegment();
      void op_drawSpriteOnBackdrop();
      void op_startPaletteFadeIn();
      void op_startPaletteFadeOut();
      void op_setRoomAreaState();

      void res_openDataFile();
      void res_closeDataFile();
      void res_allocateTables();
      void res_deallocateTables();
      uint32 res_getDataOffset(ResourceType type, int num, uint32 *size = NULL);
      void res_loadSpriteImage(int num, uint8 *dst);
      void res_loadProgram(int num);
      void res_decodeProgramData();
      void res_loadRoom(int num);
      void res_loadSprite(int num, int index);
      void res_loadSequence(int num, int index);
      void res_decodeScanLineImageRLE(uint8 *dst, int lineWidth);
      void res_loadBackdrop();
      void res_loadImage(int num, uint8 *dst);
      void res_loadImageHelper(uint8 *imgData, int imgWidth, int imgHeight);
      void res_loadSound(int flag, int num);
      void res_stopSound();
      void res_loadMusic(int num);
      void res_loadSpeech(int num);
      void res_loadSpeechSegment(int num);
      void res_stopSpeech();

      void drawButton(void *button);
      void redrawMenu(void *menu);
      void handleMenuAction(void *menu, int actionId);
      void handleOptions(int forceDisplay);
      void drawActionsPanel(int dstX, int dstY, int deltaX, int deltaY);
      void drawConversationPanelBorder(int dstY, int srcX, int srcY);
      void drawConversationPanel();
      void printStatusString(const char *str);
      void clearStatusString();
      int displayQuitDialog();
      void displayTextMode(int str);

      Common::Point getMousePos() const;

      MidiPlayer *_midiPlayer;

      Common::Language _language;
      Common::RandomSource _rnd;

      bool _inp_leftMouseButtonPressed;
      bool _inp_rightMouseButtonPressed;
      int _disabledInputCounter;
      bool _hideInventoryTexts;

      bool _displayQuitDialog;
      int _saveLoadCurrentPage;
      int _saveLoadCurrentSlot;

      int _newMusicNum;
      int _currentMusicNum;
      int _newSoundNum;
      int _newSoundDelay;
      int _newSoundPriority;
      int _playSoundCounter;
      bool _speechPlaying;
      Audio::SoundHandle _sfxHandle;
      Audio::SoundHandle _speechHandle;

      int16 _inventoryList1[101];
      int16 _inventoryList2[101];
      int16 _inventoryList3[7];
      InventoryState _inventoryStateTable[3];
      int16 _inventoryItemsInfoTable[NUM_INVENTORY_ITEMS];
      int16 *_inventoryVar1;
      int16 *_inventoryVar2;
      int _currentCursorObject;
      Common::Rect _inventoryAreasTable[13];

      int _talkTextMode;
      int _talkListEnd;
      int _talkListCurrent;
      bool _talkTextRectDefined;
      bool _talkTextDisplayed;
      bool _talkTextInitialized;
      bool _skipTalkText;
      int _talkTextSpeed;
      int _keyCharTalkCounter;
      int _talkTableLastTalkingKeyChar;
      int _talkTableLastOtherKeyChar;
      int _talkTableLastStringNum;
      int _objectDescriptionNum;
      TalkEntry _talkTable[NUM_TALK_ENTRIES];

      bool _conversationChoicesUpdated;
      int _conversationReplyNum;
      bool _conversationEnded;
      int _conversationNum;
      int _scrollConversationChoiceOffset;
      int _currentConversation;
      bool _disableConversationScript;
      bool _conversationAreaCleared;
      ConversationChoice _conversationChoicesTable[NUM_CONVERSATION_CHOICES];

      int16 _flagsTable[NUM_FLAGS];
      KeyChar _keyCharsTable[NUM_KEYCHARS];
      KeyChar *_sortedKeyCharsTable[NUM_KEYCHARS];
      int _currentKeyCharNum;

      int _newEpisodeNum;
      int _currentEpisodeNum;

      int _currentAmountOfMoney;
      int _giveItemToKeyCharNum;
      int _giveItemToObjectNum;
      int _giveItemToCounter;
      int _currentRoomNum;
      int _waitingSetKeyCharNum1;
      int _waitingSetKeyCharNum2;
      int _waitingSetKeyCharNum3;
      uint8 _updatedRoomAreasTable[200];
      Common::Rect _moveKeyCharRect;
      Common::Point _screenOffset;
      int _currentObjectNum;
      int _processRandomPaletteCounter;
      int16 _spriteScalingIndex[1000];
      int16 _spriteScalingTable[1000];

      bool _fastWalkMode;
      bool _fastMode;

      AnimationEntry _animationTable[NUM_ANIMATION_ENTRIES];

      Script _script;
      const OpcodeProc *_opcodesTable;
      int _numOpcodes;

      Common::File _fData;
      Common::File _fSpeech[2];
      int _compressedSpeechData;

      uint8 *_textData;
      uint8 *_backdropBuffer;
      uint8 *_menuKitData;
      uint8 *_convKitData;
      uint8 *_sequenceDataTable[NUM_SEQUENCES];
      uint8 *_programData;
      uint32 _programDataSize;
      uint8 *_mouseData;
      uint8 *_iconData;

      SpriteData _spritesTable[NUM_SPRITES];
      SequenceEntry _sequenceEntryTable[NUM_SEQUENCES];
      int _currentBitmapWidth;
      int _currentBitmapHeight;
      int _currentImageWidth;
      int _currentImageHeight;
      int _roomWidth;

      uint8 *_programTextDataPtr;
      Common::Array<Common::Rect> _programRectsTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramPointData> _programPointsTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramWalkData> _programWalkTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramAreaData> _programAreaTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramBackgroundData> _programBackgroundTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramHitBoxData> _programHitBoxTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramActionScriptOffsetData> _programActionScriptOffsetTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramKeyCharScriptOffsetData> _programKeyCharScriptOffsetTable;
      Common::Array<ProgramConversationData> _programConversationTable;
      Common::Rect _cursorObjectRect;
      Common::Rect _talkTextRect, _talkTextRect2;
      Common::Rect _screenRect;
      Common::Rect _roomAreaRect;

      bool _roomNeedRedraw;
      int _fullRedrawCounter;
      int _menuRedrawCounter;
      uint8 *_offscreenBuffer;
      uint8 _paletteBuffer[256 * 4];
      Common::Rect _dirtyRectsTable[NUM_DIRTY_RECTS];
      int _dirtyRectsTableCount;

      static const uint8 _directionsTable[NUM_DIRECTIONS];


      115 : don't set backdrop palette on room loading
      118 : current amount of money
      119 : current cursor object
      176 : keychar max direction
      266 : keychar direction override
      267 : don't decode picture/sprite images (in load_image_helper)
      268 : don't decode picture/sprite images
      269 : disable room background animations
      270 : play random sound
      290 : process random palette
      295 : game cycle counter (incremented)
      296 : game cycle counter (incremented)
      297 : game cycle counter (incremented)
      298 : game cycle counter (decremented)
      299 : game cycle counter (decremented)
      600 : last ascii key press
      603 : fade palette "scale" increment (in vbl handler)
      605 : fade palette "scale"
      606 : inventory redraw disabled
      607 : first palette color to fade
      608 : last palette color to fade
      609 : max fade palette "scale"
      610 : min fade palette "scale"
      611 : quit game
      612 : random number modulo
      613 : last generated random number
      614 : room scroll x offset
      615 : room scroll y offset
      616 : disable room scrolling
      617 : current speech file number
      618 : hide mouse cursor
      621 : enable french version "features"
      902 : debug/draw walk boxes
      911 : load scripts/programs from external files

} // namespace Touche


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