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bool Common::FSNode::isDirectory (  )  const [virtual]

Indicates whether the node refers to a directory or not.

Currently we assume that a node that is not a directory automatically is a file (ignoring things like symlinks or pipes). That might actually be OK... but we could still add an isFile method. Or even replace isDirectory by a getType() method that can return values like kDirNodeType, kFileNodeType, kInvalidNodeType.

Definition at line 117 of file fs.cpp.

Referenced by Common::SearchSet::addDirectory(), DefaultSaveFileManager::checkPath(), Common::AdvancedMetaEngine::createInstance(), Common::FSDirectory::getMember(), Common::FSDirectory::hasFile(), Common::FSDirectory::listMatchingMembers(), Common::FSDirectory::listMembers(), Common::File::open(), Common::FSDirectory::openFile(), and operator<().

      if (_realNode == 0)
            return false;

      return _realNode->isDirectory();

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