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Common::SeekableReadStream Class Reference

#include <stream.h>

Inheritance diagram for Common::SeekableReadStream:

Common::ReadStream Common::Stream Common::BufferedSeekableReadStream Common::File Common::MemoryReadStream Common::MemoryReadStreamEndian Common::SeekableSubReadStreamEndian

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Detailed Description

Interface for a seekable & readable data stream.

Get rid of SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, or SEEK_END, use our own constants

Definition at line 331 of file stream.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearErr ()
virtual void clearIOFailed ()
virtual bool eos () const =0
virtual bool err () const
virtual bool ioFailed () const
virtual bool ioFailed ()
virtual int32 pos () const =0
virtual uint32 read (void *dataPtr, uint32 dataSize)=0
byte readByte ()
virtual String readLine ()
virtual char * readLine_NEW (char *s, size_t bufSize)
int8 readSByte ()
int16 readSint16BE ()
int16 readSint16LE ()
int32 readSint32BE ()
int32 readSint32LE ()
MemoryReadStreamreadStream (uint32 dataSize)
uint16 readUint16BE ()
uint16 readUint16LE ()
uint32 readUint32BE ()
uint32 readUint32LE ()
virtual bool seek (int32 offset, int whence=SEEK_SET)=0
virtual int32 size () const =0
virtual bool skip (uint32 offset)

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