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Common::EventManager Class Reference

#include <events.h>

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Detailed Description

The EventManager provides user input events to the client code. In addition, it keeps track of the state of various input devices, like keys, mouse position and buttons.

Definition at line 135 of file events.h.

Public Types

enum  { LBUTTON = 1 << 0, RBUTTON = 1 << 1 }

Public Member Functions

virtual int getButtonState () const =0
virtual int getModifierState () const =0
virtual Common::Point getMousePos () const =0
virtual void init ()
virtual bool pollEvent (Common::Event &event)=0
virtual void processMillis (uint32 &millis)=0
virtual void pushEvent (const Common::Event &event)=0
virtual void registerRandomSource (Common::RandomSource &rnd, const char *name)=0
virtual void resetRTL ()=0
virtual int shouldQuit () const =0
virtual int shouldRTL () const =0

Protected Attributes

Common::Queue< Common::EventartificialEventQueue

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