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AbstractFilesystemNode Class Reference

#include <fs.h>

Inherited by FilesystemNode.

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Detailed Description

File system node.

Definition at line 72 of file fs.h.

Public Types

enum  ListMode { kListFilesOnly = 1, kListDirectoriesOnly = 2, kListAll = 3 }

Public Member Functions

virtual String displayName () const =0
virtual bool isDirectory () const =0
virtual bool isValid () const =0
virtual FSList listDir (ListMode mode=kListDirectoriesOnly) const =0
virtual bool operator< (const AbstractFilesystemNode &node) const
virtual String path () const =0

Protected Types

typedef Common::String String

Protected Member Functions

virtual AbstractFilesystemNodeparent () const =0

Static Protected Member Functions

static FilesystemNode wrap (AbstractFilesystemNode *node)


class FilesystemNode

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