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Common::Map< Key, Value, Comparator > Class Template Reference

#include <map.h>

Inherited by Common::ConfigManager::Domain.

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Detailed Description

template<class Key, class Value, class Comparator = DefaultComparator<Key>>
class Common::Map< Key, Value, Comparator >

Template based map (aka dictionary) class which uniquely maps elements of class Key to elements of class Value.

This implementation is fairly limited. In particular, the tree is not balanced. Ultimately this template should be reimplemented, e.g. using a red-black tree. Or if one day using Std C++ lib becomes acceptable, we can use that.
Having unit tests for this class would be very desirable. There are a big number of things which can go wrong in this code.

Definition at line 52 of file map.h.

Public Member Functions

Value & addKey (const Key &key)
const_iterator begin () const
void clear ()
bool contains (const Key &key) const
const_iterator end () const
bool isEmpty () const
void merge (const Map< Key, Value, Comparator > &map)
const Value & operator[] (const Key &key) const
Value & operator[] (const Key &key)
void remove (const Key &key)

Protected Member Functions

void clearNodes (Node *node)
Node * findNode (Node *node, const Key &key) const
Node * findOrCreateNode (Node *node, const Key &key)
void merge (const Node *node)

Protected Attributes

Node * _header
Node * _root

Private Member Functions

 Map (const Map< Key, Value, Comparator > &map)
Map< Key, Value, Comparator > & operator= (const Map< Key, Value, Comparator > &map)


class  const_iterator
struct  Node

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