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#ifndef SOUND_H
#define SOUND_H

#include "common/stdafx.h"
#include "common/scummsys.h"
#include "sound/mididrv.h"
#include "sound/midiparser.h"
#include "kyra.h"

namespace Kyra {
      class MusicPlayer : public MidiDriver {
            MusicPlayer(MidiDriver* driver, KyraEngine* engine);
            void setVolume(int volume);
            int getVolume() { return _volume; }
            void hasNativeMT32(bool nativeMT32) { _nativeMT32 = nativeMT32; }

            void playMusic(const char* file);
            void playMusic(uint8* data, uint32 size);
            void stopMusic();
            void playTrack(uint8 track);
            void setPassThrough(bool b)   { _passThrough = b; }

            //MidiDriver interface implementation
            int open();
            void close();
            void send(uint32 b);
            void metaEvent(byte type, byte *data, uint16 length);

            void setTimerCallback(void *timerParam, void (*timerProc)(void *)) { }
            uint32 getBaseTempo(void) { return _driver ? _driver->getBaseTempo() : 0; }

            //Channel allocation functions
            MidiChannel *allocateChannel()            { return 0; }
            MidiChannel *getPercussionChannel() { return 0; }
            static void onTimer(void *data);
            MidiChannel* _channel[16];
            uint8 _channelVolume[16];
            MidiDriver* _driver;
            bool _nativeMT32;
            bool _passThrough;
            uint8 _volume;
            bool _isPlaying;
            MidiParser* _parser;
            KyraEngine* _engine;

} // end of namespace Kyra


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