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/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2003-2004 The ScummVM project
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * $Header: /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm/queen/logic.h,v 1.123 2004/12/02 22:59:57 cyx Exp $


#include "common/str.h"
#include "common/util.h"
#include "queen/defs.h"
#include "queen/structs.h"

namespace Queen {

enum RoomDisplayMode {
      RDM_FADE_NOJOE  = 0, // fade in, hide Joe
      RDM_FADE_JOE    = 1, // fade in, display Joe
      RDM_NOFADE_JOE  = 2, // screen does not dissolve into view
      RDM_FADE_JOE_XY = 3  // display Joe at the current X, Y coords

enum JoeWalkMode {
      JWM_NORMAL  = 0,
      JWM_MOVE    = 1,
      JWM_EXECUTE = 2,
      JWM_SPEAK   = 3

class Credits;
class Journal;
class LineReader;
class QueenEngine;

class Logic {

      Logic(QueenEngine *vm);
      virtual ~Logic();

      uint16 currentRoom() const { return _currentRoom; }
      void currentRoom(uint16 room) { 
            assert(room >= 1 && room <= _numRooms);
            _currentRoom = room; 

      uint16 oldRoom() const { return _oldRoom; }
      void oldRoom(uint16 room) { 
            assert(room <= _numRooms);
            _oldRoom = room; 

      uint16 newRoom() const { return _newRoom; }
      void newRoom(uint16 room) { 
            assert(room <= _numRooms);
            _newRoom = room; 

      ObjectData *objectData(int index) const;
      uint16 roomData(int room) const { return _roomData[room]; }
      GraphicData *graphicData(int index) const { return &_graphicData[index]; }
      ItemData *itemData(int index) const { return &_itemData[index]; }
      uint16 itemDataCount() const { return _numItems; }

      uint16 findBob(uint16 obj) const;
      uint16 findFrame(uint16 obj) const;
      uint16 objectForPerson(uint16 bobnum) const;
      WalkOffData *walkOffPointForObject(int16 obj) const;

      uint16 walkOffCount() const { return _numWalkOffs; }
      WalkOffData *walkOffData(int index) const { return &_walkOffData[index]; }
      uint16 currentRoomData() const { return _roomData[_currentRoom]; }
      GraphicAnim *graphicAnim(int index) const { return &_graphicAnim[index]; }
      uint16 graphicAnimCount() const { return _numGraphicAnim; }
      ObjectDescription *objectDescription(uint16 objNum) const { return &_objectDescription[objNum]; }
      uint16 objectDescriptionCount() const { return _numObjDesc; }
      uint16 currentRoomSfx() const { return _sfxName[_currentRoom]; }

      uint16 joeFacing() const { return _joe.facing; }
      uint16 joeX() const { return _joe.x; }
      uint16 joeY() const { return _joe.y; }
      JoeWalkMode joeWalk() const { return _joe.walk; }
      uint16 joeScale() const { return _joe.scale; }
      uint16 joeCutFacing() const { return _joe.cutFacing; }
      uint16 joePrevFacing() const { return _joe.prevFacing; }

      void joeFacing(uint16 dir) { _joe.facing = dir; }
      void joePos(uint16 x, uint16 y) { _joe.x = x; _joe.y = y; }
      void joeWalk(JoeWalkMode walking);
      void joeScale(uint16 scale) { _joe.scale = scale; }
      void joeCutFacing(uint16 dir) { _joe.cutFacing = dir; }
      void joePrevFacing(uint16 dir) { _joe.prevFacing = dir; }

      int16 gameState(int index) const;
      void gameState(int index, int16 newValue);

      TalkSelected *talkSelected(int index) { return &_talkSelected[index]; }

      const char *roomName(uint16 roomNum) const;
      const char *objectName(uint16 objNum) const;
      const char *objectTextualDescription(uint16 objNum) const;
      const char *joeResponse(int i) const;
      const char *verbName(Verb v) const;

      void eraseRoom();
      void setupRoom(const char *room, int comPanel, bool inCutaway);
      void displayRoom(uint16 room, RoomDisplayMode mode, uint16 joeScale, int comPanel, bool inCutaway);

      int16 entryObj() const { return _entryObj; }
      void entryObj(int16 obj) { _entryObj = obj; }

      ActorData *findActor(uint16 noun, const char *name = NULL) const;
      bool initPerson(uint16 noun, const char *actorName, bool loadBank, Person *pp);
      uint16 findPersonNumber(uint16 obj, uint16 room) const;

      void loadJoeBanks(const char *animBank, const char *standBank);

      //! Load the various bobs needed to animate Joe
      void setupJoe();

      //! Setup Joe at the right place when entering a room
      void setupJoeInRoom(bool autoPosition, uint16 scale);
      uint16 joeFace();
      void joeGrab(int16 grabState);

      void joeUseDress(bool showCut);
      void joeUseClothes(bool showCut);
      void joeUseUnderwear();

      void makeJoeSpeak(uint16 descNum, bool objectType = false);
      void makePersonSpeak(const char *sentence, Person *person, const char *voiceFilePrefix);
      void startDialogue(const char *dlgFile, int personInRoom, char *cutaway);
      void playCutaway(const char *cutFile, char *next = NULL);

      void inventorySetup();
      uint16 findInventoryItem(int invSlot) const;
      void inventoryRefresh();
      int16 previousInventoryItem(int16 first) const;
      int16 nextInventoryItem(int16 first) const;
      void removeDuplicateItems();
      uint16 numItemsInventory() const;
      void inventoryInsertItem(uint16 itemNum, bool refresh = true);
      void inventoryDeleteItem(uint16 itemNum, bool refresh = true);
      void inventoryScroll(uint16 count, bool up);
      void removeHotelItemsFromInventory();

      //! Copy data from dummy object to object
      void objectCopy(int dummyObjectIndex, int objectIndex);

      void handleSpecialArea(Direction facing, uint16 areaNum, uint16 walkDataNum);

      void handlePinnacleRoom();

      void update();

      void saveState(byte *&ptr);
      void loadState(uint32 ver, byte *&ptr);

      void setupRestoredGame();

      //! Ugly hack from original code
      void sceneReset() { _scene = 0; }

      //! Make a scene
      void sceneStart();

      //! Stop making a scene
      void sceneStop();

      void changeRoom();

      virtual void useJournal() = 0;

      void executeSpecialMove(uint16 sm);

      void startCredits(const char *filename);
      void stopCredits();

      void start();

      enum {
            JOE_RESPONSE_MAX    = 40,
            DEFAULT_TALK_SPEED  = 7 * 3,
            GAME_STATE_COUNT    = 211,
            TALK_SELECTED_COUNT = 86


      void initialise();

      void asmMakeJoeUseDress();
      void asmMakeJoeUseNormalClothes();
      void asmMakeJoeUseUnderwear();
      void asmSwitchToDressPalette();
      void asmSwitchToNormalPalette();
      void asmStartCarAnimation();
      void asmStopCarAnimation();
      void asmStartFightAnimation();
      void asmWaitForFrankPosition();
      void asmMakeFrankGrowing();
      void asmMakeRobotGrowing();
      void asmShrinkRobot();
      void asmEndGame();
      void asmPutCameraOnDino();
      void asmPutCameraOnJoe();
      void asmAltIntroPanRight();
      void asmAltIntroPanLeft();
      void asmSetAzuraInLove();
      void asmPanRightFromJoe();
      void asmSetLightsOff();
      void asmSetLightsOn();
      void asmSetManequinAreaOn();
      void asmPanToJoe();
      void asmTurnGuardOn();
      void asmPanLeft320To144();
      void asmSmooch();
      void asmMakeLightningHitPlane();
      void asmScaleBlimp();
      void asmScaleEnding();
      void asmWaitForCarPosition();
      void asmShakeScreen();
      void asmAttemptPuzzle();
      void asmScaleTitle();
      void asmPanRightToHugh();
      void asmMakeWhiteFlash();
      void asmPanRightToJoeAndRita();
      void asmPanLeftToBomb();
      void asmEndDemo();
      void asmInterviewIntro();
      void asmEndInterview();

      virtual bool preChangeRoom() = 0;
      virtual bool handleSpecialMove(uint16 sm) = 0;

      uint16 _currentRoom;
      uint16 _oldRoom;
      uint16 _newRoom;

      //! Total number of room in game
      uint16 _numRooms;

      //! First object number in room
      uint16 *_roomData;

      //! Background music to play in room
      uint16 *_sfxName;

      //! Bounding box of object
      Box *_objectBox;

      //! Inventory items
      ItemData *_itemData;
      uint16 _numItems;

      GraphicData *_graphicData;
      uint16 _numGraphics;

      ObjectData *_objectData;
      uint16 _numObjects;

      ObjectDescription *_objectDescription;
      uint16 _numObjDesc;

      ActorData *_actorData;
      uint16 _numActors;

      //! Walk off point for an object
      WalkOffData *_walkOffData;
      uint16 _numWalkOffs;

      FurnitureData *_furnitureData;
      uint16 _numFurniture;
      GraphicAnim *_graphicAnim;
      uint16 _numGraphicAnim;

      //! Actor position in room is _walkOffData[_entryObj]
      int16 _entryObj;

      //! Object description (Look At)
      Common::StringList _objDescription;
      uint16 _numDescriptions;

      Common::StringList _objName;
      uint16 _numNames;

      //! Room name, prefix for data files (PCX, LUM...)
      Common::StringList _roomName;

      Common::StringList _verbName;

      Common::StringList _joeResponse;

      //! Actor animation string
      Common::StringList _aAnim;
      uint16 _numAAnim;

      //! Actor name
      Common::StringList _aName;
      uint16 _numAName;

      //! Actor filename
      Common::StringList _aFile;
      uint16 _numAFile;

      struct {
            uint16 x, y;
            uint16 facing, cutFacing, prevFacing;
            JoeWalkMode walk;
            uint16 scale;
      } _joe;
      int16 _gameState[GAME_STATE_COUNT];

      TalkSelected _talkSelected[TALK_SELECTED_COUNT];

      //! Inventory items
      int16 _inventoryItem[4];

      //! Puzzle counter for room T7
      uint8 _puzzleAttemptCount;

      //! Cutscene counter
      int _scene;

      Credits *_credits;
      Journal *_journal;

      QueenEngine *_vm;

class LogicDemo : public Logic {

      LogicDemo(QueenEngine *vm) : Logic(vm) {}
      void useJournal();


      bool preChangeRoom();
      bool handleSpecialMove(uint16 sm);

class LogicInterview : public Logic {

      LogicInterview(QueenEngine *vm) : Logic(vm) {}
      void useJournal();


      bool preChangeRoom();
      bool handleSpecialMove(uint16 sm);

class LogicGame : public Logic {

      LogicGame(QueenEngine *vm) : Logic(vm) {}
      void useJournal();


      bool preChangeRoom();
      bool handleSpecialMove(uint16 sm);

} // End of namespace Queen


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