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/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2003-2004 The ScummVM project
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * $Header: /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm/sky/control.h,v 1.34 2004/11/27 00:26:00 fingolfin Exp $

#ifndef CONTROL_H
#define CONTROL_H

#include "common/stdafx.h"
#include "common/scummsys.h"

class OSystem;
class SaveFileManager;

namespace Sky {

class Disk;
class Screen;
class Logic;
class Mouse;
class Text;
class MusicBase;
class Sound;
struct Compact;
struct dataFileHeader;
struct MegaSet;

#define MAX_SAVE_GAMES 999
#define MAX_TEXT_LEN 80
#define PAN_LINE_WIDTH 184
#define PAN_CHAR_HEIGHT 12
#define STATUS_WIDTH 146
#define MPNL_X 60  // Main Panel
#define MPNL_Y 10

#define SPNL_X 20  // Save Panel
#define SPNL_Y 20
#define SP_HEIGHT 149
#define SP_TOP_GAP 12
#define SP_BOT_GAP 27
#define CROSS_SZ_X 27
#define CROSS_SZ_Y 22


#define GAME_NAME_X (SPNL_X + 18)                     // x coordinate of game names
#define GAME_NAME_Y (SPNL_Y + SP_TOP_GAP)       // start y coord of game names
#define MAX_ON_SCREEN ((SP_HEIGHT - SP_TOP_GAP - SP_BOT_GAP) / PAN_CHAR_HEIGHT) // no of save games on screen
#define CP_PANEL 60400 // main panel sprite

#define MAINPANEL 0
#define SAVEPANEL 1

#define NO_MASK false
#define WITH_MASK true

// resource's onClick routines
#define DO_NOTHING            0
#define SAVE_A_GAME           3
#define RESTORE_A_GAME  4
#define SP_CANCEL       5
#define SHIFT_UP_FAST   8
#define SHIFT_UP_SLOW   9
#define SPEED_SLIDE           10
#define MUSIC_SLIDE           11
#define TOGGLE_FX       12
#define TOGGLE_MS       13
#define TOGGLE_TEXT           14
#define EXIT                  15
#define RESTART               16
#define QUIT_TO_DOS           17
#define RESTORE_AUTO    18

// onClick return codes
#define CANCEL_PRESSED  100
#define NAME_TOO_SHORT  101
#define GAME_SAVED            102
#define SHIFTED               103
#define TOGGLED               104
#define RESTARTED       105
#define GAME_RESTORED   106
#define RESTORE_FAILED  107
#define NO_DISK_SPACE   108
#define SPEED_CHANGED   109
#define QUIT_PANEL            110

#define SLOW 0
#define FAST 1


#define SAVE_EXT   1
#define SAVE_MEGA0       2
#define SAVE_MEGA1       4
#define SAVE_MEGA2       8
#define SAVE_MEGA3      16
#define SAVE_GRAFX      32
#define SAVE_TURNP      64

// skipping revision 4, that one will be used for messy downward compatibility in 0.5.0 branch

struct AllocedMem {
      uint16 *mem;
      AllocedMem *next;

class ConResource {
      ConResource(void *pSpData, uint32 pNSprites, uint32 pCurSprite, uint16 pX, uint16 pY, uint32 pText, uint8 pOnClick, OSystem *system, uint8 *screen);
      virtual ~ConResource(void) {};
      void setSprite(void *pSpData) { _spriteData = (dataFileHeader*)pSpData; };
      void setText(uint32 pText) { if (pText) _text = pText + 0x7000; else _text = 0; };
      void setXY(uint16 x, uint16 y) { _x = x; _y = y; };
      bool isMouseOver(uint32 mouseX, uint32 mouseY);
      virtual void drawToScreen(bool doMask);

      dataFileHeader *_spriteData;
      uint32 _numSprites, _curSprite;
      uint16 _x, _y;
      uint32 _text;
      uint8 _onClick;
      OSystem *_system;
      uint8 *_screen;

class TextResource : public ConResource {
      TextResource(void *pSpData, uint32 pNSprites, uint32 pCurSprite, uint16 pX, uint16 pY, uint32 pText, uint8 pOnClick, OSystem *system, uint8 *screen);
      virtual ~TextResource(void);
      virtual void drawToScreen(bool doMask);
      void flushForRedraw(void);
      uint16 _oldX, _oldY;
      uint8 *_oldScreen;

class ControlStatus {
      ControlStatus(Text *skyText, OSystem *system, uint8 *scrBuf);
      void setToText(const char *newText);
      void setToText(uint16 textNum);
      void drawToScreen(void);
      TextResource *_statusText;
      dataFileHeader *_textData;
      Text *_skyText;
      OSystem *_system;
      uint8 *_screenBuf;

class Control {
      Control(SaveFileManager *saveFileMan, Screen *screen, Disk *disk, Mouse *mouse, Text *text, MusicBase *music, Logic *logic, Sound *sound, OSystem *system);
      void doControlPanel(void);
      void doLoadSavePanel(void);
      void restartGame(void);
      void showGameQuitMsg(bool useScreen = true);
      void doAutoSave(void);
      uint16 quickXRestore(uint16 slot);
      bool loadSaveAllowed(void);

      int displayMessage(const char *altButton, const char *message, ...);

      void initPanel(void);
      void removePanel(void);

      void drawMainPanel(void);

      void delay(unsigned int amount);
    void animClick(ConResource *pButton);
      bool getYesNo(char *text);
      void buttonControl(ConResource *pButton);
      uint16 handleClick(ConResource *pButton);
      uint16 doMusicSlide(void);
      uint16 doSpeedSlide(void);
      uint16 toggleFx(ConResource *pButton);
      uint16 toggleText(void);
      void toggleMusic(void);
      uint16 shiftDown(uint8 speed);
      uint16 shiftUp(uint8 speed);
      void drawTextCross(uint32 flags);
      void drawCross(uint16 x, uint16 y);

      uint16 saveRestorePanel(bool allowSave);
      void loadDescriptions(uint8 *destBuf);
      void saveDescriptions(uint8 *srcBuf);
      void setUpGameSprites(uint8 *nameBuf, dataFileHeader **nameSprites, uint16 firstNum, uint16 selectedGame);
      void showSprites(dataFileHeader **nameSprites, bool allowSave);
      bool checkKeyList(uint8 key);
      void handleKeyPress(uint8 key, uint8 *textBuf);

      uint16 _selectedGame;
      uint16 saveGameToFile(void);
      void stosMegaSet(uint8 **destPos, MegaSet *mega);
      void stosCompact(uint8 **destPos, Compact *cpt);
      void stosStr(uint8 **destPos, Compact *cpt, uint16 type);
      uint32 prepareSaveData(uint8 *destBuf);

      bool autoSaveExists(void);
      uint16 restoreGameFromFile(bool autoSave);
      void lodsMegaSet(uint8 **srcPos, MegaSet *mega);
      void lodsCompact(uint8 **srcPos, Compact *cpt);
      void lodsStr(uint8 **srcPos, uint16 *src);
      uint16 parseSaveData(uint8 *srcBuf);

      uint16 *lz77decode(uint16 *data);
      void applyDiff(uint16 *data, uint16 *diffData, uint16 len);
      static Compact *_saveLoadCpts[833]; //-----------------
      static uint16 *_saveLoadARs[19];
      static uint8 _resetData288[0x39B8];
      static uint8 _resetDiff303[824];    // moved to sky/compacts/savedata.cpp
      static uint8 _resetDiff331[824];
      static uint8 _resetDiff348[824];
      static uint8 _resetDiffCd[856];  //-----------------

      AllocedMem *_memListRoot;
      void appendMemList(uint16 *pMem);
      void freeMemList(void);

      SaveFileManager *_saveFileMan;
      Screen *_skyScreen;
      Disk *_skyDisk;
      Mouse *_skyMouse;
      Text *_skyText;
      MusicBase *_skyMusic;
      Logic *_skyLogic;
      Sound *_skySound;
      OSystem *_system;
      int _mouseX, _mouseY;
      bool _mouseClicked;
      byte _keyPressed;

      struct {
            uint8 *controlPanel;
            uint8 *button;
            uint8 *buttonDown;
            uint8 *savePanel;
            uint8 *yesNo;
            uint8 *slide;
            uint8 *slode;
            uint8 *slode2;
            uint8 *slide2;
            uint8 *musicBodge;
      } _sprites;

      uint8 *_screenBuf;
      int _lastButton;
      uint32 _curButtonText;
      uint16 _firstText;
      uint16 _savedMouse;
      uint32 _savedCharSet;
      uint16 _enteredTextWidth;

      ConResource *createResource(void *pSpData, uint32 pNSprites, uint32 pCurSprite, int16 pX, int16 pY, uint32 pText, uint8 pOnClick, uint8 panelType);

      dataFileHeader *_textSprite;
      TextResource *_text;

      ConResource *_controlPanel, *_exitButton, *_slide, *_slide2, *_slode;
      ConResource *_restorePanButton, *_savePanButton, *_dosPanButton, *_restartPanButton, *_fxPanButton, *_musicPanButton;
      ConResource *_bodge, *_yesNo;
      ConResource *_controlPanLookList[9];

      //- Save/restore panel
      ConResource *_savePanel;
      ConResource *_saveButton, *_downFastButton, *_downSlowButton;
      ConResource *_upFastButton, *_upSlowButton, *_quitButton, *_restoreButton;
      ConResource *_autoSaveButton;

      ConResource *_savePanLookList[6], *_restorePanLookList[7];

      ControlStatus *_statusBar;

      static char _quitTexts[16][35];
      static uint8 _crossImg[594];

} // End of namespace Sky

#endif // CONTROL_H

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