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/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2005 The ScummVM project
 * Parts of code heavily based on:
 * icoutils - A set of programs dealing with MS Windows icons and cursors.
 * Copyright (C) 1998-2001 Oskar Liljeblad
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $Header: /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm/scumm/resource_v7he.h,v 2005/10/18 02:11:21 sev Exp $

#if !defined(RESOURCE_V7HE_H) && !defined(DISABLE_HE)

namespace Scumm {

#define WINRES_ID_MAXLEN (256)

 * Definitions

#define ACTION_LIST                       1     /* command: list resources */
#define ACTION_EXTRACT                    2     /* command: extract resources */
#define CALLBACK_STOP                     0     /* results of ResourceCallback */
#define CALLBACK_CONTINUE                 1

#define MZ_HEADER(x)    ((DOSImageHeader *)(x))
#define NE_HEADER(x)    ((OS2ImageHeader *)PE_HEADER(x))
#define NE_TYPEINFO_NEXT(x) ((Win16NETypeInfo *)((byte *)(x) + sizeof(Win16NETypeInfo) + \
                                        ((Win16NETypeInfo *)x)->count * sizeof(Win16NENameInfo)))

#define STRIP_RES_ID_FORMAT(x) (x != NULL && (x[0] == '-' || x[0] == '+') ? ++x : x)


#define     IMAGE_RESOURCE_NAME_IS_STRING       0x80000000
#define     IMAGE_RESOURCE_DATA_IS_DIRECTORY    0x80000000

#define PE_HEADER(module) \
    ((Win32ImageNTHeaders*)((byte *)(module) + \

#define PE_SECTIONS(module) \
    ((Win32ImageSectionHeader *)((byte *) &PE_HEADER(module)->optional_header + \

#define IMAGE_DOS_SIGNATURE    0x5A4D     /* MZ */
#define IMAGE_OS2_SIGNATURE    0x454E     /* NE */
#define IMAGE_OS2_SIGNATURE_LE 0x454C     /* LE */
#define IMAGE_OS2_SIGNATURE_LX 0x584C     /* LX */
#define IMAGE_VXD_SIGNATURE    0x454C     /* LE */
#define IMAGE_NT_SIGNATURE     0x00004550 /* PE00 */

#if !defined (WIN32)
#define IMAGE_SCN_CNT_CODE                0x00000020
#define IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA          0x00000040

#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_RESOURCE            2
#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_SECURITY            4
#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_DEBUG               6
#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_GLOBALPTR           8   /* (MIPS GP) */
#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_TLS                 9
#define     IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_IAT                 12  /* Import Address Table */

#if !defined (WIN32)
#define RT_CURSOR        1
#define RT_BITMAP        2
#define RT_ICON          3
#define RT_MENU          4
#define RT_DIALOG        5
#define RT_STRING        6
#define RT_FONTDIR       7
#define RT_FONT          8
#define RT_ACCELERATOR   9
#define RT_RCDATA        10
#define RT_MESSAGELIST   11
#define RT_GROUP_CURSOR  12
#define RT_GROUP_ICON    14

#define RETURN_IF_BAD_POINTER(r, x) \
      if (!check_offset(fi->memory, fi->total_size, fi->file->name(), &(x), sizeof(x))) \
            return (r);
#define RETURN_IF_BAD_OFFSET(r, x, s) \
      if (!check_offset(fi->memory, fi->total_size, fi->file->name(), x, s)) \
            return (r);

class ResExtractor {
      ResExtractor(ScummEngine_v70he *scumm);
      virtual ~ResExtractor();

      void setCursor(int id);

      virtual int extractResource(int id, byte **buf) { return 0; };
      virtual int convertIcons(byte *data, int datasize, byte **cursor, int *w, int *h,
                                           int *hotspot_x, int *hotspot_y, int *keycolor,
                                           byte **palette, int *palSize) { return 0; };

      enum {
            MAX_CACHED_CURSORS = 10

      struct CachedCursor {
            bool valid;
            int id;
            byte *bitmap;
            int w, h;
            int hotspot_x, hotspot_y;
            uint32 last_used;
            byte *palette;
            int palSize;

      ScummEngine_v70he *_vm;

      ResExtractor::CachedCursor *findCachedCursor(int id);
      ResExtractor::CachedCursor *getCachedCursorSlot();

      bool _arg_raw;
      char _fileName[256];
      CachedCursor _cursorCache[MAX_CACHED_CURSORS];

      typedef Common::MemoryReadStream MemoryReadStream;


class Win32ResExtractor : public ResExtractor {
      Win32ResExtractor(ScummEngine_v70he *scumm);
      ~Win32ResExtractor() {};
      int extractResource(int id, byte **data);
      void setCursor(int id);
      int convertIcons(byte *data, int datasize, byte **cursor, int *w, int *h,
                   int *hotspot_x, int *hotspot_y, int *keycolor, byte **palette, int *palSize);

      int extractResource_(const char *resType, char *resName, byte **data);
 * Structures

#if !defined(__GNUC__)
      #pragma START_PACK_STRUCTS

      struct WinLibrary {
            Common::File *file;
            byte *memory;
            byte *first_resource;
            bool is_PE_binary;
            int total_size;

      struct WinResource {
            char id[256];
            void *this_;
            void *children;
            int level;
            bool numeric_id;
            bool is_directory;

      struct Win32IconResDir {
            byte width;
            byte height;
            byte color_count;
            byte reserved;

      struct Win32CursorDir {
            uint16 width;
            uint16 height;

      struct Win32CursorIconDirEntry {
            union {
                  Win32IconResDir icon;
                  Win32CursorDir cursor;
            } res_info;
            uint16 plane_count;
            uint16 bit_count;
            uint32 bytes_in_res;
            uint16 res_id;

      struct Win32CursorIconDir {
            uint16 reserved;
            uint16 type;
            uint16 count;
            Win32CursorIconDirEntry entries[1] GCC_PACK;

      struct Win32CursorIconFileDirEntry {
            byte width;
            byte height;
            byte color_count;
            byte reserved;
            uint16 hotspot_x;
            uint16 hotspot_y;
            uint32 dib_size;
            uint32 dib_offset;

      struct Win32CursorIconFileDir {
            uint16 reserved;
            uint16 type;
            uint16 count;
            Win32CursorIconFileDirEntry entries[1];

      struct Win32BitmapInfoHeader {
            uint32 size;
            int32 width;
            int32 height;
            uint16 planes;
            uint16 bit_count;
            uint32 compression;
            uint32 size_image;
            int32 x_pels_per_meter;
            int32 y_pels_per_meter;
            uint32 clr_used;
            uint32 clr_important;

      struct Win32RGBQuad {
            byte blue;
            byte green;
            byte red;
            byte reserved;

      struct Win32ImageResourceDirectoryEntry {
            union {
                  struct {
                        #ifdef SCUMM_BIGENDIAN
                        unsigned name_is_string:1;
                        unsigned name_offset:31;
                        unsigned name_offset:31;
                        unsigned name_is_string:1;
                  } s1;
                  uint32 name;
                  struct {
                #ifdef SCUMM_BIG_ENDIAN
                        uint16 __pad;
                        uint16 id;
                        uint16 id;
                        uint16 __pad;
                  } s2;
            } u1;
            union {
                  uint32 offset_to_data;
                  struct {
                #ifdef SCUMM_BIG_ENDIAN
                        unsigned data_is_directory:1;
                        unsigned offset_to_directory:31;
                        unsigned offset_to_directory:31;
                        unsigned data_is_directory:1;
                  } s;
            } u2;

      struct Win16NETypeInfo {
            uint16 type_id;
            uint16 count;
            uint32 resloader;     // FARPROC16 - smaller? uint16?

      struct Win16NENameInfo {
            uint16 offset;
            uint16 length;
            uint16 flags;
            uint16 id;
            uint16 handle;
            uint16 usage;

      struct OS2ImageHeader {
            uint16 magic;
            byte ver;
            byte rev;
            uint16 enttab;
            uint16 cbenttab;
            int32 crc;
            uint16 flags;
            uint16 autodata;
            uint16 heap;
            uint16 stack;
            uint32 csip;
            uint32 sssp;
            uint16 cseg;
            uint16 cmod;
            uint16 cbnrestab;
            uint16 segtab;
            uint16 rsrctab;
            uint16 restab;
            uint16 modtab;
            uint16 imptab;
            uint32 nrestab;
            uint16 cmovent;
            uint16 align;
            uint16 cres;
            byte exetyp;
            byte flagsothers;
            uint16 fastload_offset;
            uint16 fastload_length;
            uint16 swaparea;
            uint16 expver;

      struct DOSImageHeader {
            uint16 magic;
            uint16 cblp;
            uint16 cp;
            uint16 crlc;
            uint16 cparhdr;
            uint16 minalloc;
            uint16 maxalloc;
            uint16 ss;
            uint16 sp;
            uint16 csum;
            uint16 ip;
            uint16 cs;
            uint16 lfarlc;
            uint16 ovno;
            uint16 res[4];
            uint16 oemid;
            uint16 oeminfo;
            uint16 res2[10];
            uint32 lfanew;

      struct Win32ImageFileHeader {
            uint16 machine;
            uint16 number_of_sections;
            uint32 time_date_stamp;
            uint32 pointer_to_symbol_table;
            uint32 number_of_symbols;
            uint16 size_of_optional_header;
            uint16 characteristics;

      struct Win32ImageDataDirectory {
            uint32 virtual_address;
            uint32 size;

      struct Win32ImageOptionalHeader {
            uint16 magic;
            byte major_linker_version;
            byte minor_linker_version;
            uint32 size_of_code;
            uint32 size_of_initialized_data;
            uint32 size_of_uninitialized_data;
            uint32 address_of_entry_point;
            uint32 base_of_code;
            uint32 base_of_data;
            uint32 image_base;
            uint32 section_alignment;
            uint32 file_alignment;
            uint16 major_operating_system_version;
            uint16 minor_operating_system_version;
            uint16 major_image_version;
            uint16 minor_image_version;
            uint16 major_subsystem_version;
            uint16 minor_subsystem_version;
            uint32 win32_version_value;
            uint32 size_of_image;
            uint32 size_of_headers;
            uint32 checksum;
            uint16 subsystem;
            uint16 dll_characteristics;
            uint32 size_of_stack_reserve;
            uint32 size_of_stack_commit;
            uint32 size_of_heap_reserve;
            uint32 size_of_heap_commit;
            uint32 loader_flags;
            uint32 number_of_rva_and_sizes;
            Win32ImageDataDirectory data_directory[IMAGE_NUMBEROF_DIRECTORY_ENTRIES];

      struct Win32ImageNTHeaders {
            uint32 signature;
            Win32ImageFileHeader file_header;
            Win32ImageOptionalHeader optional_header;

      struct Win32ImageSectionHeader {
            byte name[IMAGE_SIZEOF_SHORT_NAME];
            union {
                  uint32 physical_address;
                  uint32 virtual_size;
            } misc;
            uint32 virtual_address;
            uint32 size_of_raw_data;
            uint32 pointer_to_raw_data;
            uint32 pointer_to_relocations;
            uint32 pointer_to_linenumbers;
            uint16 number_of_relocations;
            uint16 number_of_linenumbers;
            uint32 characteristics;

      struct Win32ImageResourceDataEntry {
            uint32 offset_to_data;
            uint32 size;
            uint32 code_page;
            uint32 resource_handle;

      struct Win32ImageResourceDirectory {
            uint32 characteristics;
            uint32 time_date_stamp;
            uint16 major_version;
            uint16 minor_version;
            uint16 number_of_named_entries;
            uint16 number_of_id_entries;

#if !defined(__GNUC__)
      #pragma END_PACK_STRUCTS

 * Function Prototypes

      WinResource *list_resources(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, int *);
      bool read_library(WinLibrary *);
      WinResource *find_resource(WinLibrary *, const char *, const char *, const char *, int *);
      byte *get_resource_entry(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, int *);
      int do_resources(WinLibrary *, const char *, char *, char *, int, byte **);
      bool compare_resource_id(WinResource *, const char *);
      const char *res_type_string_to_id(const char *);

      const char *res_type_id_to_string(int);
      char *get_destination_name(WinLibrary *, char *, char *, char *);

      byte *extract_resource(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, int *, bool *, char *, char *, bool);
      int extract_resources(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, WinResource *, WinResource *, WinResource *, byte **);
      byte *extract_group_icon_cursor_resource(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, char *, int *, bool);

      bool decode_pe_resource_id(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, uint32);
      bool decode_ne_resource_id(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, uint16);
      WinResource *list_ne_type_resources(WinLibrary *, int *);
      WinResource *list_ne_name_resources(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, int *);
      WinResource *list_pe_resources(WinLibrary *, Win32ImageResourceDirectory *, int, int *);
      int calc_vma_size(WinLibrary *);
      int do_resources_recurs(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, WinResource *, WinResource *, WinResource *, const char *, char *, char *, int, byte **);
      char *get_resource_id_quoted(WinResource *);
      WinResource *find_with_resource_array(WinLibrary *, WinResource *, const char *);

      bool check_offset(byte *, int, const char *, void *, int);

      uint32 simple_vec(byte *data, uint32 ofs, byte size);

      void fix_win32_cursor_icon_file_dir_endian(Win32CursorIconFileDir *obj);
      void fix_win32_bitmap_info_header_endian(Win32BitmapInfoHeader *obj);
      void fix_win32_cursor_icon_file_dir_entry_endian(Win32CursorIconFileDirEntry *obj);
      void fix_win32_image_section_header(Win32ImageSectionHeader *obj);
      void fix_os2_image_header_endian(OS2ImageHeader *obj);
      void fix_win32_image_header_endian(Win32ImageNTHeaders *obj);
      void fix_win32_image_data_directory(Win32ImageDataDirectory *obj);

class MacResExtractor : public ResExtractor {

      MacResExtractor(ScummEngine_v70he *scumm);
      ~MacResExtractor() { }
      void setCursor(int id) ;

      int extractResource(int id, byte **buf);
      bool init(Common::File in);
      void readMap(Common::File in);
      byte *getResource(Common::File in, const char *typeID, int16 resID, int *size);
      int convertIcons(byte *data, int datasize, byte **cursor, int *w, int *h,
                   int *hotspot_x, int *hotspot_y, int *keycolor, byte **palette, int *palSize);

      struct ResMap {
            int16 resAttr;
            int16 typeOffset;
            int16 nameOffset;
            int16 numTypes;

      struct ResType {
            char  id[5];
            int16 items;
            int16 offset;

      struct Resource {
            int16 id;
            int16 nameOffset;
            byte  attr;
            int32 dataOffset;
            byte  *name;

      typedef Resource *ResPtr;

      int _resOffset;
      int32 _dataOffset;
      int32 _dataLength;
      int32 _mapOffset;
      int32 _mapLength;
      ResMap _resMap;
      ResType *_resTypes;
      ResPtr  *_resLists;

} // End of namespace Scumm


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