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/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2001-2005 The ScummVM project
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $Header: /cvsroot/scummvm/scummvm/simon/simon.h,v 2005/10/18 02:11:26 sev Exp $

#ifndef SIMON_H
#define SIMON_H

#include <stdio.h>
#include "base/engine.h"
#include "common/util.h"
#include "simon/midi.h"
#include "simon/sound.h"

class GameDetector;

namespace Simon {

/* Various other settings */
//#define DUMP_FILE_NR 8

uint fileReadItemID(Common::File *in);

#define CHECK_BOUNDS(x, y) assert((uint)(x) < ARRAYSIZE(y))

struct Child;
struct Child2;

struct Item;
struct FillOrCopyStruct;
struct Subroutine;
struct SubroutineLine;
struct TimeEvent;

struct TextLocation {
      int16 x, y, width;
      TextLocation() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct HitArea {
      uint16 x, y;
      uint16 width, height;
      uint16 flags;
      uint16 id;
      FillOrCopyStruct *fcs;
      Item *item_ptr;
      uint16 unk3;
      uint16 layer;
      HitArea() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct VgaPointersEntry {
      byte *vgaFile1;
      byte *vgaFile2;
      uint32 dd;
      VgaPointersEntry() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct VgaSprite {
      uint16 id;
      uint16 image;
      uint16 palette;
      uint16 x, y;                                                      /* actually signed numbers */
      uint16 flags;
      uint16 priority;
      uint16 windowNum, fileId;
      VgaSprite() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct VgaSleepStruct {
      uint16 ident;
      const byte *code_ptr;
      uint16 sprite_id;
      uint16 cur_vga_file;
      VgaSleepStruct() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct VgaTimerEntry {
      uint16 delay;
      const byte *script_pointer;
      uint16 sprite_id;
      uint16 cur_vga_file;
      VgaTimerEntry() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }

struct GameSpecificSettings;

class Debugger;

class SimonEngine : public Engine {
      friend class Debugger;

      void errorString(const char *buf_input, char *buf_output);
      void playSting(uint a);

      const byte *_vcPtr;                                               /* video code ptr */
      uint16 _vc_get_out_of_code;

      uint32 *_gameOffsetsPtr;

      uint VGA_DELAY_BASE;
      uint TABLE_INDEX_BASE;
      uint TEXT_INDEX_BASE;
      uint NUM_VIDEO_OP_CODES;
      uint VGA_MEM_SIZE;
      uint TABLES_MEM_SIZE;
      uint MUSIC_INDEX_BASE;
      uint SOUND_INDEX_BASE;
      const GameSpecificSettings *gss;

      byte _game;
      byte _keyPressed;

      typedef enum {
      } SoundFormat;

      Common::File *_gameFile;

      byte *_strippedTxtMem;
      uint _textSize;
      uint _stringTabNum, _stringTabPos, _stringtab_numalloc;
      byte **_stringTabPtr;

      Item **_itemArrayPtr;
      uint _itemArraySize;
      uint _itemArrayInited;

      byte *_itemHeapPtr;
      uint _itemHeapCurPos;
      uint _itemHeapSize;

      byte *_iconFilePtr;

      byte *_tblList;

      const byte *_codePtr;

      byte **_localStringtable;
      uint _stringIdLocalMin, _stringIdLocalMax;

      byte *_tablesHeapPtr, *_tablesHeapPtrOrg, *_tablesheapPtrNew;
      uint _tablesHeapSize, _tablesHeapCurPos, _tablesHeapCurPosOrg;
      uint _tablesHeapCurPosNew;

      Subroutine *_subroutineList, *_subroutineListOrg;
      uint _subroutine;

      uint _dxSurfacePitch;

      uint _recursionDepth;

      uint32 _lastVgaTick;

      uint16 _marks;

      bool _scriptVar2;
      bool _runScriptReturn1;
      bool _skipVgaWait;
      bool _noParentNotify;
      bool _vgaRes328Loaded;
      bool _hitarea_unk_3;
      bool _mortalFlag;
      byte _videoVar8;
      bool _usePaletteDelay;
      bool _syncFlag2;
      bool _inCallBack;
      bool _cepeFlag;
      byte _copyPartialMode;
      uint _speed;
      bool _fastMode;
      bool _dxUse3Or4ForLock;

      uint16 _debugMode;
      uint16 _language;
      bool _pause;
      bool _startMainScript;
      bool _continousMainScript;
      bool _startVgaScript;
      bool _continousVgaScript;
      bool _drawImagesDebug;
      bool _dumpImages;
      bool _speech;
      bool _subtitles;
      bool _fade;
      byte _mouseCursor;
      bool _vgaVar9;
      int16 _scriptUnk1;
      bool _vgaVar6;
      int _scrollX, _scrollXMax, _scrollHeight;
      int _scrollY, _scrollYMax, _scrollWidth;
      int _scrollCount, _scrollFlag;
      const byte *_scrollImage;
      byte _vgaVar8;

      int16 _scriptCondA, _scriptCondB, _scriptCondC;

      uint16 _fcsUnk1;
      FillOrCopyStruct *_fcsPtr1;

      Item *_subjectItem, *_objectItem;
      Item *_item1;

      Item *_hitAreaObjectItem;
      HitArea *_lastHitArea;
      HitArea *_lastHitArea2Ptr;
      HitArea *_lastHitArea3;
      byte _leftButtonDown;
      Item *_hitAreaSubjectItem;
      HitArea *_hitAreaPtr5, *_hitAreaPtr7;
      uint _needHitAreaRecalc;
      uint _verbHitArea;
      uint16 _hitAreaUnk4;
      uint _lockCounter;

      uint16 _windowNum;

      uint _printCharUnk1, _printCharUnk2;
      uint _numLettersToPrint;

      uint _lastTime;

      TimeEvent *_firstTimeStruct, *_pendingDeleteTimeEvent;

      uint _base_time;

      uint _mouseX, _mouseY;
      uint _mouseXOld, _mouseYOld;

      Item *_dummyItem1;
      Item *_dummyItem2;
      Item *_dummyItem3;

      volatile uint16 _lockWord;
      uint16 _scrollUpHitArea;
      uint16 _scrollDownHitArea;

      uint16 _videoVar7;
      volatile uint16 _paletteColorCount;

      uint _screenWidth, _screenHeight;

      byte _videoVar4;
      bool _videoVar5;
      bool _videoVar3;
      bool _unkPalFlag;
      bool _exitCutscene;
      bool _skipSpeech;
      byte _videoVar9;

      uint _soundFileId;
      int16 _lastMusicPlayed;
      int16 _nextMusicToPlay;

      bool _showPreposition;
      bool _showMessageFlag;

      uint _videoNumPalColors;

      uint _vgaSpriteChanged;

      byte *_vgaBufFreeStart, *_vgaBufEnd, *_vgaBufStart;
      byte *_vgaFileBufOrg, *_vgaFileBufOrg2;

      byte *_curVgaFile1;
      byte *_curVgaFile2;

      uint16 _timer1, _timer5, _timer4;

      uint16 _frameRate;

      uint16 _vgaCurFile2;
      uint16 _vgaWaitFor, _vgaCurFileId;
      uint16 _vgaCurSpriteId;

      VgaTimerEntry *_nextVgaTimerToProcess;

      Item *_vcItemArray[20];
      Item *_itemArray6[20];

      uint16 _stringIdArray2[20];
      uint16 _stringIdArray3[20];
      uint16 _speechIdArray4[20];

      uint16 _bitArray[48];
      int16 _variableArray[256];

      FillOrCopyStruct *_fcsPtrArray3[8];

      byte _fcsData1[8];
      bool _fcsData2[8];

      TextLocation _textLocation1, _textLocation2, _textLocation3, _textLocation4;

      int _freeStringSlot;

      byte _stringReturnBuffer[2][180];

      HitArea _hitAreas[90];

      VgaPointersEntry _vgaBufferPointers[450];
      VgaSprite _vgaSprites[180];
      VgaSleepStruct _vgaSleepStructs[30];

      const uint16 *_pathFindArray[20];

      uint8 _paletteBackup[1024];
      uint8 _palette[1024];

      byte _videoBuf1[3000];

      VgaTimerEntry _vgaTimerList[95];

      FillOrCopyStruct *_fcs_list;

      byte _lettersToPrintBuf[80];

      MidiPlayer midi;
      int _midiDriver;

      int _numScreenUpdates;
      int _vgaTickCounter;

      Sound *_sound;

      bool _effectsPaused;
      bool _ambientPaused;
      bool _musicPaused;

      Debugger *_debugger;

      FILE *_dumpFile;

      int _saveLoadRowCurPos;
      int _numSaveGameRows;
      bool _saveDialogFlag;
      bool _saveOrLoad;
      bool _saveLoadFlag;

      byte _saveLoadType, _saveLoadSlot;
      char _saveLoadName[32];

      int _sdlMouseX, _sdlMouseY;

      byte *_sdl_buf_3;
      byte *_sdl_buf;
      byte *_sdl_buf_attached;

      Common::RandomSource _rnd;

      const byte *_vc10BasePtrOld;
      byte _hebrew_char_widths[32];

      SimonEngine(GameDetector *detector, OSystem *syst);
      virtual ~SimonEngine();

      uint16 readUint16Wrapper(const void *src);

      int allocGamePcVars(Common::File *in);
      void loginPlayerHelper(Item *item, int a, int b);
      void loginPlayer();
      void allocateStringTable(int num);
      void setupStringTable(byte *mem, int num);
      void setupLocalStringTable(byte *mem, int num);
      void readGamePcText(Common::File *in);
      void readItemChildren(Common::File *in, Item *item, uint tmp);
      void readItemFromGamePc(Common::File *in, Item *item);
      void loadGamePcFile(const char *filename);

      void palette_fadeout(uint32 *pal_values, uint num);
      byte *allocateItem(uint size);
      byte *allocateTable(uint size);
      void alignTableMem();

      Child *findChildOfType(Item *i, uint child);
      Child *allocateChildBlock(Item *i, uint type, uint size);

      void allocItemHeap();
      void allocTablesHeap();

      Subroutine *createSubroutine(uint a);
      void readSubroutine(Common::File *in, Subroutine *sub);
      SubroutineLine *createSubroutineLine(Subroutine *sub, int a);
      void readSubroutineLine(Common::File *in, SubroutineLine *new_table, Subroutine *sub);
      byte *readSingleOpcode(Common::File *in, byte *ptr);
      void readSubroutineBlock(Common::File *in);

      Subroutine *getSubroutineByID(uint subroutine_id);

      /* used in debugger */
      void dumpSubroutines();
      void dumpSubroutine(Subroutine *sub);
      void dumpSubroutineLine(SubroutineLine *sl, Subroutine *sub);
      const byte *dumpOpcode(const byte *p);

      int startSubroutine(Subroutine *sub);
      int startSubroutineEx(Subroutine *sub);

      bool checkIfToRunSubroutineLine(SubroutineLine *sl, Subroutine *sub);

      int runScript();

      Item *getNextItemPtr();
      uint getNextItemID();
      uint getItem1ID() {return 1;}
      Item *getItem1Ptr();
      Item *getItemPtrB();

      byte getByte();
      int getNextWord();

      uint getNextVarContents();
      uint getVarOrWord();
      uint getVarOrByte();
      uint readVariable(uint variable);
      void writeNextVarContents(uint16 contents);
      void writeVariable(uint variable, uint16 contents);

      void setItemParent(Item *item, Item *parent);

      uint itemPtrToID(Item *id);

      Item *derefItem(uint item);
      void setItemState(Item *item, int value);

      void showMessageFormat(const char *s, ...);
      const byte *getStringPtrByID(uint string_id);
      const byte *getLocalStringByID(uint string_id);
      uint getNextStringID();

      void addTimeEvent(uint timeout, uint subroutine_id);
      void delTimeEvent(TimeEvent *te);

      bool hasChildOfType1(Item *item);
      bool hasChildOfType2(Item *item);

      void itemChildrenChanged(Item *item);
      void unlinkItem(Item *item);
      void linkItem(Item *item, Item *parent);

      bool o_unk_23(uint a);

      void o_kill_sprite_simon1(uint a);
      void o_kill_sprite_simon2(uint a, uint b);

      void o_vga_reset();
      void fcs_unk_2(uint a);
      void o_unk_103();
      void fcs_delete(uint a);
      void o_unk_108(uint a);
      void clear_hitarea_bit_0x40(uint hitarea);
      void set_hitarea_bit_0x40(uint hitarea);
      void set_hitarea_x_y(uint hitarea, int x, int y);
      bool is_hitarea_0x40_clear(uint hitarea);
      void delete_hitarea(uint hitarea);
      void addNewHitArea(int id, int x, int y, int width, int height, int flags, int unk3, Item *item_ptr);
      HitArea *findEmptyHitArea();
      void hitarea_proc_1();
      void handle_verb_hitarea(HitArea * ha);
      void hitarea_leave(HitArea * ha);
      void leaveHitAreaById(uint hitarea_id);

      void o_unk_114();
      void o_wait_for_vga(uint a);
      void skip_speech();
      void o_unk_120(uint a);
      void o_unk_126();
      void o_play_music_resource();
      void o_save_game();
      void o_load_game();
      void o_quit_if_user_presses_y();
      void o_unk_137(uint a);
      void o_unk_138();
      void killAllTimers();

      uint getOffsetOfChild2Param(Child2 *child, uint prop);
      void o_unk_160(uint a);
      void o_play_sound(uint a);
      void o_unk_175();
      void o_unk_176();
      void o_pathfind(int x, int y, uint var_1, uint var_2);
      void o_force_unlock();
      void o_force_lock();
      void o_read_vgares_328();
      void o_read_vgares_23();
      void o_clear_vgapointer_entry(uint a);
      void o_unk_186();
      void o_fade_to_black();

      TextLocation *getTextLocation(uint a);
      void o_print_str();
      void o_setup_cond_c();
      void setup_cond_c_helper();

      void o_inventory_descriptions();

      void lock();
      void unlock();

      void fcs_unk_proc_1(uint i, Item *item_ptr, int unk1, int unk2);

      void loadTextIntoMem(uint string_id);
      void loadTablesIntoMem(uint subr_id);

      uint loadTextFile(const char *filename, byte *dst);
      Common::File *openTablesFile(const char *filename);
      void closeTablesFile(Common::File *in);

      uint loadTextFile_simon1(const char *filename, byte *dst);
      Common::File *openTablesFile_simon1(const char *filename);

      uint loadTextFile_gme(const char *filename, byte *dst);
      Common::File *openTablesFile_gme(const char *filename);

      void invokeTimeEvent(TimeEvent *te);
      bool kickoffTimeEvents();

      void defocusHitarea();
      void startSubroutine170();
      void runSubroutine101();
      void handle_uparrow_hitarea(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void handle_downarrow_hitarea(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void hitareaChangedHelper();
      void focusVerb(uint hitarea_id);
      HitArea *findHitAreaByID(uint hitarea_id);

      void showActionString(uint x, const byte *string);
      void video_putchar(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, byte c, byte b = 0);
      void video_fill_or_copy_from_3_to_2(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void video_toggle_colors(HitArea * ha, byte a, byte b, byte c, byte d);

      void read_vga_from_datfile_1(uint vga_id);

      uint get_fcs_ptr_3_index(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);

      void setup_hitarea_from_pos(uint x, uint y, uint mode);
      void new_current_hitarea(HitArea * ha);
      bool hitarea_proc_2(uint a);
      bool hitarea_proc_3(Item *item);
      void f10_key();
      void hitarea_stuff();

      void handle_mouse_moved();
      void pollMouseXY();
      void draw_mouse_pointer();

      void fcs_unk1(uint fcs_index);
      void draw_icon_c(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint icon, uint x, uint y);
      bool has_item_childflag_0x10(Item *item);
      uint item_get_icon_number(Item *item);
      uint setup_icon_hit_area(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint x, uint y, uint icon_number, Item *item_ptr);
      void fcs_unk_proc_2(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint fcs_index);

      void loadIconFile();
      void processSpecialKeys();
      void hitarea_stuff_helper();

      void startUp_helper_2();
      void showmessage_helper_3(uint a, uint b);
      void showmessage_print_char(byte chr);

      void handle_verb_clicked(uint verb);

      void o_set_video_mode(uint mode, uint vga_res);
      void set_video_mode_internal(uint mode, uint vga_res_id);

      void ensureVgaResLoadedC(uint vga_res);
      void ensureVgaResLoaded(uint vga_res);

      void loadSprite(uint windowNum, uint vga_res, uint vga_sprite_id, uint x, uint y, uint palette);
      void o_unk26_helper(uint a, uint b, uint c, uint d, uint e, uint f, uint g, uint h);
      void talk_with_speech(uint speech_id, uint vga_sprite_id);
      void talk_with_text(uint vga_sprite_id, uint color, const char *string_ptr, int16 x, int16 y, int16 width);
      FillOrCopyStruct *fcs_alloc(uint x, uint y, uint w, uint h, uint flags, uint fill_color, uint unk4);

      void render_string_amiga(uint vga_sprite_id, uint color, uint width, uint height, const char *txt);
      void render_string(uint vga_sprite_id, uint color, uint width, uint height, const char *txt);

      void setup_hit_areas(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint fcs_index);

      byte *setup_vga_destination(uint32 size);
      void vga_buf_unk_proc3(byte *end);
      void vga_buf_unk_proc1(byte *end);
      void vga_buf_unk_proc2(uint a, byte *end);
      void delete_memptr_range(byte *end);

      void setup_vga_file_buf_pointers();

      void run_vga_script();

      // Simon1/Simon2 video script opcodes
      void vc1_fadeOut();
      void vc2_call();
      void vc3_loadSprite();
      void vc4_fadeIn();
      void vc5_skip_if_neq();
      void vc6_skip_ifn_sib_with_a();
      void vc7_skip_if_sib_with_a();
      void vc8_skip_if_parent_is();
      void vc9_skip_if_unk3_is();
      void vc10_draw();
      void vc11_clearPathFinder();
      void vc12_delay();
      void vc13_addToSpriteX();
      void vc14_addToSpriteY();
      void vc15_wakeup_id();
      void vc16_sleep_on_id();
      void vc17_setPathfinderItem();
      void vc18_jump();
      void vc19_chain_to_script();
      void vc20_setRepeat();
      void vc21_endRepeat();
      void vc22_setSpritePalette();
      void vc23_setSpritePriority();
      void vc24_setSpriteXY();
      void vc25_halt_sprite();
      void vc26_setSubWindow();
      void vc27_resetSprite();
      void vc28_dummy_op();
      void vc29_stopAllSounds();
      void vc30_setFrameRate();
      void vc31_setWindow();
      void vc32_copyVar();
      void vc33_setMouseOn();
      void vc34_setMouseOff();
      void vc35_clearWindow();
      void vc36_setWindowImage();
      void vc37_addToSpriteY();
      void vc38_skipIfVarZero();
      void vc39_setVar();
      void vc40();
      void vc41();
      void vc42_delayIfNotEQ();
      void vc43_skipIfBitClear();
      void vc44_skipIfBitSet();
      void vc45_setSpriteX();
      void vc46_setSpriteY();
      void vc47_addToVar();
      void vc48_setPathFinder();
      void vc49_setBit();
      void vc50_clearBit();
      void vc51_clear_hitarea_bit_0x40();
      void vc52_playSound();
      void vc53_no_op();
      void vc54_no_op();
      void vc55_offset_hit_area();
      void vc56_delay();
      void vc57_no_op();
      void vc58();
      void vc59();
      void vc60_killSprite();
      void vc61_changeSprite();
      void vc62_fastFadeOut();
      void vc63_fastFadeIn();

      // Simon2 specific Video Script Opcodes
      void vc64_skipIfSpeechEnded();
      void vc65_slowFadeIn();
      void vc66_skipIfNotEqual();
      void vc67_skipIfGE();
      void vc68_skipIfLE();
      void vc69_playTrack();
      void vc70_queueMusic();
      void vc71_checkMusicQueue();
      void vc72_play_track_2();
      void vc73_setMark();
      void vc74_clearMark();
      void vc75_setScale();
      void vc76_setScaleXOffs();
      void vc77_setScaleYOffs();
      void vc78_pathUnk1();
      void vc79_pathUnk2();
      void vc80_setOverlayImage();
      void vc81_setRandom();
      void vc82_pathUnk3();
      void vc83_playSoundLoop();
      void vc84_stopSoundLoop();

      void delete_vga_timer(VgaTimerEntry * vte);
      void vc_resume_sprite(const byte *code_ptr, uint16 cur_file, uint16 cur_sprite);
      int vc_read_var_or_word();
      uint vc_read_next_word();
      uint vc_read_next_byte();
      uint vc_read_var(uint var);
      void vc_write_var(uint var, int16 value);
      void vc_skip_next_instruction();

      bool itemIsSiblingOf(uint16 val);
      bool itemIsParentOf(uint16 a, uint16 b);
      bool vc_maybe_skip_proc_1(uint16 a, int16 b);

      void add_vga_timer(uint num, const byte *code_ptr, uint cur_sprite, uint cur_file);
      VgaSprite *find_cur_sprite();
      void vc_set_bit_to(uint bit, bool value);

      void expire_vga_timers();

      bool isSpriteLoaded(uint16 id, uint16 fileId);

      bool vc_get_bit(uint bit);

      void fcs_setTextColor(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint value);

      void video_copy_if_flag_0x8_c(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void delete_hitarea_by_index(uint index);

      void fcs_unk_5(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint fcs_index);
      void fcs_putchar(uint a);

      void copy_img_from_3_to_2(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void video_erase(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);

      void dx_copy_rgn_from_3_to_2(uint b, uint r, uint y, uint x);

      byte *dx_lock_2();
      void dx_unlock_2();

      byte *dx_lock_attached();
      void dx_unlock_attached();

      byte *read_vga_from_datfile_2(uint id);

      void resfile_read(void *dst, uint32 offs, uint32 size);

      int init(GameDetector &detector);
      int go();
      void openGameFile();

      void timer_callback();
      void timer_proc1();

      void timer_vga_sprites();
      void timer_vga_sprites_2();

      void dx_clear_surfaces(uint num_lines);
      void dx_update_screen_and_palette();

      void dump_video_script(const byte *src, bool one_opcode_only);
      void dump_vga_file(const byte *vga);
      void dump_vga_script(const byte *ptr, uint res, uint sprite_id);
      void dump_vga_script_always(const byte *ptr, uint res, uint sprite_id);
      void dump_vga_bitmaps(const byte *vga, byte *vga1, int res);
      void dump_single_bitmap(int file, int image, const byte *offs, int w, int h, byte base);

      void dx_clear_attached_from_top(uint lines);
      void dx_copy_from_attached_to_2(uint x, uint y, uint w, uint h);
      void dx_copy_from_attached_to_3(uint lines);
      void dx_copy_from_2_to_attached(uint x, uint y, uint w, uint h);

      void print_char_helper_1(const byte *src, uint len);
      void print_char_helper_5(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);

      void quick_load_or_save();
      void shutdown();

      byte *vc10_depack_swap(const byte *src, uint w, uint h);
      byte *vc10_no_depack_swap(const byte *src, uint w, uint h);

      Item *getNextItemPtrStrange();

      bool save_game(uint slot, char *caption);
      bool load_game(uint slot);

      void showmessage_helper_2();
      void print_char_helper_6(uint i);

      void video_putchar_newline(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs);
      void video_putchar_drawchar(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, uint x, uint y, byte chr);

      void loadMusic(uint music);
      void checkTimerCallback();
      void delay(uint delay);
      void pause();

      void o_83_helper();
      void o_waitForMark(uint i);
      void timer_vga_sprites_helper();

      void decodeStripA(byte *dst, const byte *src, int height);
      void scroll_timeout();
      void hitarea_stuff_helper_2();
      void realizePalette();
      void fadeUpPalette();

      void vc_kill_sprite(uint file, uint sprite);

      void set_dummy_cursor();

      void set_volume(int volume);

      void save_or_load_dialog(bool load);
      void o_unk_132_helper_3();
      int o_unk_132_helper(bool *b, char *buf);
      void o_clear_character(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, int x, byte b = 0);
      void savegame_dialog(char *buf);
      void o_file_error(FillOrCopyStruct *fcs, bool save_error);

      int count_savegames();
      int display_savegame_list(int curpos, bool load, char *dst);

      void show_it(void *buf);

      char *gen_savename(int slot);

} // End of namespace Simon


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