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/* ScummVM - Scumm Interpreter
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2006 The ScummVM project
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scummvm/scummvm/tags/release-0-9-1/engines/kyra/kyra.h $
 * $Id: kyra.h 23950 2006-09-20 20:19:07Z lordhoto $

#ifndef KYRA_H
#define KYRA_H

#include "base/engine.h"
#include "common/rect.h"

namespace Kyra {

class Movie;
class Sound;
class SoundDigital;
class SeqPlayer;
class Resource;
class PAKFile;
class Screen;
class Sprites;
class ScriptHelper;
class Debugger;
class ScreenAnimator;
class TextDisplayer;
class KyraEngine;
class StaticResource;

struct ScriptState;
struct ScriptData;

enum {
      GF_FLOPPY   = 1 <<  0,
      GF_TALKIE   = 1 <<  1,
      GF_AUDIOCD  = 1 <<  2,  // FM-Towns versions seems to use audio CD
      GF_DEMO           = 1 <<  3,
      GF_ENGLISH  = 1 <<  4,
      GF_FRENCH   = 1 <<  5,
      GF_GERMAN   = 1 <<  6,
      GF_SPANISH  = 1 <<  7,
      GF_ITALIAN  = 1 <<  8,
      // other languages here
      GF_LNGUNK   = 1 << 16,  // also used for multi language in kyra3
      GF_AMIGA    = 1 << 17   // this is no special version flag yet!

enum {
      GI_KYRA1 = 0,
      GI_KYRA2 = 1,
      GI_KYRA3 = 2

// TODO: this is just the start of makeing the debug output of the kyra engine a bit more useable
// in the future we maybe merge some flags  and/or create new ones
enum kDebugLevels {
      kDebugLevelScriptFuncs = 1 << 0,          // prints debug output of cmd_* functions
      kDebugLevelScript = 1 << 1,                     // prints debug output of "ScriptHelper" functions
      kDebugLevelSprites = 1 << 2,              // prints debug output of "Sprites" functions
      kDebugLevelScreen = 1 << 3,                     // prints debug output of "Screen" functions
      kDebugLevelSound = 1 << 4,                      // prints debug output of "Sound" functions
      kDebugLevelAnimator = 1 << 5,             // prints debug output of "ScreenAnimator" functions
      kDebugLevelMain = 1 << 6,                       // prints debug output of common "KyraEngine*" functions && "TextDisplayer" functions
      kDebugLevelGUI = 1 << 7,                        // prints debug output of "KyraEngine*" gui functions
      kDebugLevelSequence = 1 << 8,             // prints debug output of "SeqPlayer" functions
      kDebugLevelMovie = 1 << 9                       // prints debug output of movie specific funtions

struct Character {
      uint16 sceneId;
      uint8 height;
      uint8 facing;
      uint16 currentAnimFrame;
      uint8 inventoryItems[10];
      int16 x1, y1, x2, y2;

struct Shape {
      uint8 imageIndex;
      int8 xOffset, yOffset;
      uint8 x, y, w, h;

struct Room {
      uint8 nameIndex;
      uint16 northExit;
      uint16 eastExit;
      uint16 southExit;
      uint16 westExit;
      uint8 itemsTable[12];
      uint16 itemsXPos[12];
      uint8 itemsYPos[12];
      uint8 needInit[12];

struct Rect {
      int x, y;
      int x2, y2;

struct Item {
      uint8 unk1;
      uint8 height;
      uint8 unk2;
      uint8 unk3;

struct SeqLoop {
      const uint8 *ptr;
      uint16 count;

struct SceneExits {
      uint16 northXPos;
      uint8  northYPos;
      uint16 eastXPos;
      uint8  eastYPos;
      uint16 southXPos;
      uint8  southYPos;
      uint16 westXPos;
      uint8  westYPos;

struct BeadState {
      int16 x;
      int16 y;
      int16 width;
      int16 height;
      int16 dstX;
      int16 dstY;
      int16 width2;
      int16 unk8;
      int16 unk9;
      int16 tableIndex;

struct Timer {
      uint8 active;
      int32 countdown;
      uint32 nextRun;
      void (KyraEngine::*func)(int timerNum);

struct Button {
      Button *nextButton;
      uint16 specialValue;
      // uint8 unk[4];
      uint8 process0;
      uint8 process1;
      uint8 process2;
      // uint8 unk
      uint16 flags;
      typedef int (KyraEngine::*ButtonCallback)(Button*);
      // using 6 pointers instead of 3 as in the orignal here (safer for use with classes)
      uint8 *process0PtrShape;
      uint8 *process1PtrShape;
      uint8 *process2PtrShape;
      ButtonCallback process0PtrCallback;
      ButtonCallback process1PtrCallback;
      ButtonCallback process2PtrCallback;
      uint16 dimTableIndex;
      uint16 x;
      uint16 y;
      uint16 width;
      uint16 height;
      // uint8 unk[8];
      uint32 flags2;
      ButtonCallback buttonCallback;
      // uint8 unk[8];

struct MenuItem {
      bool enabled;
      uint16 field_1;
      uint8 field_3;
      const char *itemString;
      int16 x;
      int16 field_9;
      uint16 y;
      uint16 width;
      uint16 height;
      uint8 textColor;
      uint8 highlightColor;
      int16 field_12;
      uint8 field_13;
      uint8 bgcolor;
      uint8 color1;
      uint8 color2;
      int (KyraEngine::*callback)(Button*);
      int16 field_1b;
      const char *labelString;
      uint16 labelX;
      uint8 labelY;
      uint8 field_24;
      uint32 field_25;

struct Menu {
      int16 x;
      int16 y;
      uint16 width;
      uint16 height;
      uint8 bgcolor;
      uint8 color1;
      uint8 color2;
      const char *menuName;
      uint8 textColor;
      int16 field_10;
      uint16 field_12;
      uint16 highlightedItem;
      uint8 nrOfItems;
      int16 scrollUpBtnX;
      int16 scrollUpBtnY;
      int16 scrollDownBtnX;
      int16 scrollDownBtnY;
      MenuItem item[6];

struct KeyboardEvent {
      bool pending;
      uint32 repeat;
      uint8 ascii;

class KyraEngine : public Engine {
      friend class MusicPlayer;
      friend class Debugger;
      friend class ScreenAnimator;

      enum {
            MUSIC_INTRO = 0

      KyraEngine(OSystem *system);
      virtual ~KyraEngine();

      virtual int setupGameFlags() = 0;
      void errorString(const char *buf_input, char *buf_output);

      Resource *resource() { return _res; }
      Screen *screen() { return _screen; }
      ScreenAnimator *animator() { return _animator; }
      TextDisplayer *text() { return _text; }
      Sound *sound() { return _sound; }
      StaticResource *staticres() { return _staticres; }
      uint32 tickLength() const { return _tickLength; }
      virtual Movie *createWSAMovie();

      uint8 game() const { return _game; }
      uint32 features() const { return _features; }

      uint8 **shapes() { return _shapes; }
      Character *currentCharacter() { return _currentCharacter; }
      Character *characterList() { return _characterList; }
      uint16 brandonStatus() { return _brandonStatusBit; }

      // TODO: remove me with workaround in animator.cpp l209
      uint16 getScene() { return _currentRoom; }

      bool quit() const { return _quitFlag; }

      int _paletteChanged;
      Common::RandomSource _rnd;
      int16 _northExitHeight;

      typedef void (KyraEngine::*IntroProc)();
      typedef int (KyraEngine::*OpcodeProc)(ScriptState *script);

      const char * const*seqWSATable() { return _seq_WSATable; }
      const char * const*seqCPSTable() { return _seq_CPSTable; }
      const char * const*seqCOLTable() { return _seq_COLTable; }
      const char * const*seqTextsTable() { return _seq_textsTable; }
      const uint8 * const*palTable1() { return &_specialPalettes[0]; }
      const uint8 * const*palTable2() { return &_specialPalettes[29]; }

      bool seq_skipSequence() const;
      void delayUntil(uint32 timestamp, bool updateGameTimers = false, bool update = false, bool isMainLoop = false);
      void delay(uint32 millis, bool update = false, bool isMainLoop = false);
      void quitGame();

      void registerDefaultSettings();
      void readSettings();
      void writeSettings();

      void snd_playTheme(int file, int track = 0);
      void snd_playVoiceFile(int id);
      void snd_voiceWaitForFinish(bool ingame = true);
      void snd_playSoundEffect(int track);
      void snd_playWanderScoreViaMap(int command, int restart);

      bool speechEnabled();
      bool textEnabled();
      void drawSentenceCommand(const char *sentence, int unk1);
      void updateSentenceCommand(const char *str1, const char *str2, int unk1);
      void updateTextFade();

      void updateGameTimers();
      void clearNextEventTickCount();
      void setTimerCountdown(uint8 timer, int32 countdown);
      void setTimerDelay(uint8 timer, int32 countdown);
      int16 getTimerDelay(uint8 timer);
      void enableTimer(uint8 timer);
      void disableTimer(uint8 timer);

      void delayWithTicks(int ticks);
      void saveGame(const char *fileName, const char *saveName);
      void loadGame(const char *fileName);

      int mouseX() { return _mouseX; }
      int mouseY() { return _mouseY; }
      // all opcode procs (maybe that is somehow useless atm)
      int cmd_magicInMouseItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_characterSays(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_pauseTicks(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_drawSceneAnimShape(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_queryGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_resetGameFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_runNPCScript(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setSpecialExitList(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_blockInWalkableRegion(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_blockOutWalkableRegion(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_walkPlayerToPoint(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_dropItemInScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_drawAnimShapeIntoScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_createMouseItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_savePageToDisk(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_sceneAnimOn(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_sceneAnimOff(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getElapsedSeconds(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_mouseIsPointer(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_destroyMouseItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_runSceneAnimUntilDone(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_fadeSpecialPalette(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_playAdlibSound(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_playAdlibScore(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_phaseInSameScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setScenePhasingFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_resetScenePhasingFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_queryScenePhasingFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_sceneToDirection(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setBirthstoneGem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_placeItemInGenericMapScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setBrandonStatusBit(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_pauseSeconds(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getCharactersLocation(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_runNPCSubscript(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_magicOutMouseItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_internalAnimOn(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_forceBrandonToNormal(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_poisonDeathNow(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setScaleMode(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_openWSAFile(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_closeWSAFile(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_runWSAFromBeginningToEnd(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_displayWSAFrame(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_enterNewScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setSpecialEnterXAndY(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_runWSAFrames(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_popBrandonIntoScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_restoreAllObjectBackgrounds(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCustomPaletteRange(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_loadPageFromDisk(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_customPrintTalkString(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_restoreCustomPrintBackground(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_hideMouse(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_showMouse(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getCharacterX(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getCharacterY(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_changeCharactersFacing(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_copyWSARegion(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_printText(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_random(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_loadSoundFile(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_displayWSAFrameOnHidPage(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_displayWSASequentialFrames(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_drawCharacterStanding(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_internalAnimOff(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_changeCharactersXAndY(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_clearSceneAnimatorBeacon(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_querySceneAnimatorBeacon(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_refreshSceneAnimator(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_placeItemInOffScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_wipeDownMouseItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_placeCharacterInOtherScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getKey(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_specificItemInInventory(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_popMobileNPCIntoScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_mobileCharacterInScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_hideMobileCharacter(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_unhideMobileCharacter(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCharactersLocation(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_walkCharacterToPoint(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_specialEventDisplayBrynnsNote(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_specialEventRemoveBrynnsNote(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setLogicPage(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_fatPrint(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_preserveAllObjectBackgrounds(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_updateSceneAnimations(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_sceneAnimationActive(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCharactersMovementDelay(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getCharactersFacing(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_bkgdScrollSceneAndMasksRight(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_dispelMagicAnimation(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_findBrightestFireberry(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setFireberryGlowPalette(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setDeathHandlerFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_drinkPotionAnimation(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_makeAmuletAppear(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_drawItemShapeIntoScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCharactersCurrentFrame(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_waitForConfirmationMouseClick(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_pageFlip(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setSceneFile(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getItemInMarbleVase(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setItemInMarbleVase(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_addItemToInventory(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_intPrint(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_shakeScreen(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_createAmuletJewel(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setSceneAnimCurrXY(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_poisonBrandonAndRemaps(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_fillFlaskWithWater(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getCharactersMovementDelay(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getBirthstoneGem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_queryBrandonStatusBit(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_playFluteAnimation(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_playWinterScrollSequence(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getIdolGem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setIdolGem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_totalItemsInScene(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_restoreBrandonsMovementDelay(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setMousePos(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getMouseState(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setEntranceMouseCursorTrack(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_itemAppearsOnGround(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setNoDrawShapesFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_fadeEntirePalette(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_itemOnGroundHere(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_queryCauldronState(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCauldronState(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_queryCrystalState(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setCrystalState(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setPaletteRange(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_shrinkBrandonDown(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_growBrandonUp(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setBrandonScaleXAndY(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_resetScaleMode(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getScaleDepthTableValue(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setScaleDepthTableValue(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_message(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_checkClickOnNPC(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_getFoyerItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setFoyerItem(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setNoItemDropRegion(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_walkMalcolmOn(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_passiveProtection(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setPlayingLoop(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_brandonToStoneSequence(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_brandonHealingSequence(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_protectCommandLine(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_pauseMusicSeconds(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_resetMaskRegion(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_setPaletteChangeFlag(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_fillRect(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_dummy(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_vocUnload(ScriptState *script);
      int cmd_vocLoad(ScriptState *script);


      virtual int go();
      virtual int init();

      void startup();
      void mainLoop();
      int initCharacterChat(int8 charNum);
      int8 getChatPartnerNum();
      void backupChatPartnerAnimFrame(int8 charNum);
      void restoreChatPartnerAnimFrame(int8 charNum);
      void endCharacterChat(int8 charNum, int16 arg_4);
      void waitForChatToFinish(int16 chatDuration, const char *str, uint8 charNum);
      void characterSays(const char *chatStr, int8 charNum, int8 chatDuration);

      void setCharactersPositions(int character);
      int setGameFlag(int flag);
      int queryGameFlag(int flag);
      int resetGameFlag(int flag);

      void setupSceneResource(int sceneId);
      void enterNewScene(int sceneId, int facing, int unk1, int unk2, int brandonAlive);
      void transcendScenes(int roomIndex, int roomName);
      void setSceneFile(int roomIndex, int roomName);
      void moveCharacterToPos(int character, int facing, int xpos, int ypos);
      void setCharacterPositionWithUpdate(int character);
      int setCharacterPosition(int character, int *facingTable);
      void setCharacterPositionHelper(int character, int *facingTable);
      int getOppositeFacingDirection(int dir);
      void loadSceneMSC();
      void startSceneScript(int brandonAlive);
      void setupSceneItems();
      void initSceneData(int facing, int unk1, int brandonAlive);
      void clearNoDropRects();
      void addToNoDropRects(int x, int y, int w, int h);
      byte findFreeItemInScene(int scene);
      byte findItemAtPos(int x, int y);
      void placeItemInGenericMapScene(int item, int index);
      void initSceneObjectList(int brandonAlive);
      void initSceneScreen(int brandonAlive);
      int findDuplicateItemShape(int shape);
      int findWay(int x, int y, int toX, int toY, int *moveTable, int moveTableSize);
      int findSubPath(int x, int y, int toX, int toY, int *moveTable, int start, int end);
      int getFacingFromPointToPoint(int x, int y, int toX, int toY);
      void changePosTowardsFacing(int &x, int &y, int facing);
      bool lineIsPassable(int x, int y);
      int getMoveTableSize(int *moveTable);
      int handleSceneChange(int xpos, int ypos, int unk1, int frameReset);
      int processSceneChange(int *table, int unk1, int frameReset);
      int changeScene(int facing);
      void createMouseItem(int item);
      void destroyMouseItem();
      void setMouseItem(int item);
      void wipeDownMouseItem(int xpos, int ypos);
      void setBrandonPoisonFlags(int reset);
      void resetBrandonPoisonFlags();

      void processInput(int xpos, int ypos);
      int processInputHelper(int xpos, int ypos);
      int clickEventHandler(int xpos, int ypos);
      void clickEventHandler2();
      void updateMousePointer(bool forceUpdate = false);
      bool hasClickedOnExit(int xpos, int ypos);
      int checkForNPCScriptRun(int xpos, int ypos);
      void runNpcScript(int func);
      int countItemsInScene(uint16 sceneId);
      int processItemDrop(uint16 sceneId, uint8 item, int x, int y, int unk1, int unk2);
      void exchangeItemWithMouseItem(uint16 sceneId, int itemIndex);
      void addItemToRoom(uint16 sceneId, uint8 item, int itemIndex, int x, int y);
      int checkNoDropRects(int x, int y);
      int isDropable(int x, int y);
      void itemDropDown(int x, int y, int destX, int destY, byte freeItem, int item);
      void dropItem(int unk1, int item, int x, int y, int unk2);
      void itemSpecialFX(int x, int y, int item);
      void itemSpecialFX1(int x, int y, int item);
      void itemSpecialFX2(int x, int y, int item);
      void magicOutMouseItem(int animIndex, int itemPos);
      void magicInMouseItem(int animIndex, int item, int itemPos);
      void specialMouseItemFX(int shape, int x, int y, int animIndex, int tableIndex, int loopStart, int maxLoops);
      void processSpecialMouseItemFX(int shape, int x, int y, int tableValue, int loopStart, int maxLoops);
      void updatePlayerItemsForScene();
      void redrawInventory(int page);
      void drawJewelPress(int jewel, int drawSpecial);
      void drawJewelsFadeOutStart();
      void drawJewelsFadeOutEnd(int jewel);
      void setupShapes123(const Shape *shapeTable, int endShape, int flags);
      void freeShapes123();

      void seq_demo();
      void seq_intro();
      void seq_introLogos();
      void seq_introStory();
      void seq_introMalcolmTree();
      void seq_introKallakWriting();
      void seq_introKallakMalcolm();
      void seq_createAmuletJewel(int jewel, int page, int noSound, int drawOnly);
      void seq_brandonHealing();
      void seq_brandonHealing2();
      void seq_poisonDeathNow(int now);
      void seq_poisonDeathNowAnim();
      void seq_playFluteAnimation();
      void seq_winterScroll1();
      void seq_winterScroll2();
      void seq_makeBrandonInv();
      void seq_makeBrandonNormal();
      void seq_makeBrandonNormal2();
      void seq_makeBrandonWisp();
      void seq_dispelMagicAnimation();
      void seq_fillFlaskWithWater(int item, int type);
      void seq_playDrinkPotionAnim(int item, int unk2, int flags);
      int seq_playEnd();
      void seq_brandonToStone();
      void seq_playEnding();
      void seq_playCredits();
      void updateKyragemFading();
      void setupOpcodeTable();
      OpcodeProc *_opcodeTable;
      int _opcodeTableSize;
      void waitForEvent();
      void loadPalette(const char *filename, uint8 *palData);
      void loadMouseShapes();
      void loadCharacterShapes();
      void loadSpecialEffectShapes();
      void loadItems();
      void loadButtonShapes();
      void initMainButtonList();
      void loadMainScreen(int page = 3);
      void setCharactersInDefaultScene();
      void setupPanPages();
      void freePanPages();
      void closeFinalWsa();
      int handleMalcolmFlag();
      int handleBeadState();
      void initBeadState(int x, int y, int x2, int y2, int unk1, BeadState *ptr);
      int processBead(int x, int y, int &x2, int &y2, BeadState *ptr);
      void setTimer19();
      void setupTimers();
      void timerUpdateHeadAnims(int timerNum);
      void timerSetFlags1(int timerNum);
      void timerSetFlags2(int timerNum);
      void timerSetFlags3(int timerNum);
      void timerCheckAnimFlag1(int timerNum);
      void timerCheckAnimFlag2(int timerNum);
      void checkAmuletAnimFlags();
      void timerRedrawAmulet(int timerNum);
      void timerFadeText(int timerNum);
      void updateAnimFlag1(int timerNum);
      void updateAnimFlag2(int timerNum);
      void drawAmulet();
      void setTextFadeTimerCountdown(int16 countdown);
      void setWalkspeed(uint8 newSpeed);

      int buttonInventoryCallback(Button *caller);
      int buttonAmuletCallback(Button *caller);
      int buttonMenuCallback(Button *caller);
      int drawBoxCallback(Button *button);
      int drawShadedBoxCallback(Button *button);
      void calcCoords(Menu &menu);
      void initMenu(Menu &menu);
      void setGUILabels();
      Button *initButton(Button *list, Button *newButton);
      void processButtonList(Button *list);
      void processButton(Button *button);
      void processMenuButton(Button *button);
      void processAllMenuButtons();

      const char *getSavegameFilename(int num);
      void setupSavegames(Menu &menu, int num);
      int getNextSavegameSlot();

      int gui_resumeGame(Button *button);
      int gui_loadGameMenu(Button *button);
      int gui_saveGameMenu(Button *button);
      int gui_gameControlsMenu(Button *button);
      int gui_quitPlaying(Button *button);
      int gui_quitConfirmYes(Button *button);
      int gui_quitConfirmNo(Button *button);
      int gui_loadGame(Button *button);
      int gui_saveGame(Button *button);
      int gui_savegameConfirm(Button *button);
      int gui_cancelSubMenu(Button *button);
      int gui_scrollUp(Button *button);
      int gui_scrollDown(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsChangeMusic(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsChangeSounds(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsChangeWalk(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsChangeText(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsChangeVoice(Button *button);
      int gui_controlsApply(Button *button);

      bool gui_quitConfirm(const char *str);
      void gui_getInput();
      void gui_redrawText(Menu menu);
      void gui_redrawHighlight(Menu menu);
      void gui_processHighlights(Menu &menu);
      void gui_updateSavegameString();
      void gui_redrawTextfield();
      void gui_fadePalette();
      void gui_restorePalette();
      void gui_setupControls(Menu &menu);

      uint8 _game;
      bool _quitFlag;
      bool _skipFlag;
      bool _skipIntroFlag;
      bool _abortIntroFlag;
      bool _menuDirectlyToLoad;
      bool _abortWalkFlag;
      bool _abortWalkFlag2;
      bool _mousePressFlag;
      int8 _mouseWheel;
      uint8 _flagsTable[53];
      uint8 *_shapes[377];
      uint16 _gameSpeed;
      uint16 _tickLength;
      uint32 _features;
      int _mouseX, _mouseY;
      int8 _itemInHand;
      int _mouseState;
      bool _handleInput;
      bool _changedScene;
      int _unkScreenVar1, _unkScreenVar2, _unkScreenVar3;
      int _beadStateVar;
      int _unkAmuletVar;
      int _malcolmFlag;
      int _endSequenceSkipFlag;
      int _endSequenceNeedLoading;
      int _unkEndSeqVar2;
      uint8 *_endSequenceBackUpRect;
      int _unkEndSeqVar4;
      int _unkEndSeqVar5;
      int _lastDisplayedPanPage;
      uint8 *_panPagesTable[20];
      Movie *_finalA, *_finalB, *_finalC;
      Movie *_movieObjects[10];

      uint16 _entranceMouseCursorTracks[8];
      uint16 _walkBlockNorth;
      uint16 _walkBlockEast;
      uint16 _walkBlockSouth;
      uint16 _walkBlockWest;
      int32 _scaleMode;
      int16 _scaleTable[145];
      Rect _noDropRects[11];
      int8 _birthstoneGemTable[4];
      int8 _idolGemsTable[3];
      int8 _marbleVaseItem;
      int8 _foyerItemTable[3];
      int8 _cauldronState;
      int8 _crystalState[2];

      uint16 _brandonStatusBit;
      uint8 _brandonStatusBit0x02Flag;
      uint8 _brandonStatusBit0x20Flag;
      uint8 _brandonPoisonFlagsGFX[256];
      uint8 _deathHandler;
      int16 _brandonInvFlag;
      uint8 _poisonDeathCounter;
      int _brandonPosX;
      int _brandonPosY;

      uint16 _currentChatPartnerBackupFrame;
      uint16 _currentCharAnimFrame;
      int8 *_sceneAnimTable[50];
      Item _itemTable[145];
      int _lastProcessedItem;
      int _lastProcessedItemHeight;
      int16 *_exitListPtr;
      int16 _exitList[11];
      SceneExits _sceneExits;
      uint16 _currentRoom;
      int _scenePhasingFlag;
      int _sceneChangeState;
      int _loopFlag2;
      int _pathfinderFlag;
      int _pathfinderFlag2;
      int _lastFindWayRet;
      int *_movFacingTable;
      int8 _talkingCharNum;
      int8 _charSayUnk2;
      int8 _charSayUnk3;
      int8 _currHeadShape;
      uint8 _currSentenceColor[3];
      int8 _startSentencePalIndex;
      bool _fadeText;

      uint8 _configTextspeed;
      uint8 _configWalkspeed;
      bool _configMusic;
      bool _configSounds;
      uint8 _configVoice;

      int _curMusicTheme;
      int _newMusicTheme;
      int16 _lastMusicCommand;

      Resource *_res;
      Screen *_screen;
      ScreenAnimator *_animator;
      Sound *_sound;
      SeqPlayer *_seq;
      Sprites *_sprites;
      TextDisplayer *_text;
      ScriptHelper *_scriptInterpreter;
      Debugger *_debugger;
      StaticResource *_staticres;

      ScriptState *_scriptMain;
      ScriptState *_npcScript;
      ScriptData *_npcScriptData;
      ScriptState *_scriptClick;
      ScriptData *_scriptClickData;
      Character *_characterList;
      Character *_currentCharacter;
      Button *_buttonList;
      Button *_menuButtonList;
      bool _displayMenu;
      bool _menuRestoreScreen;
      bool _displaySubMenu;
      bool _cancelSubMenu;
      uint8 _toplevelMenu;
      int _savegameOffset;
      int _gameToLoad;
      char _savegameName[31];
      const char *_specialSavegameString;
      KeyboardEvent _keyboardEvent;

      struct KyragemState {
            uint16 nextOperation;
            uint16 rOffset;
            uint16 gOffset;
            uint16 bOffset;
            uint32 timerCount;
      } _kyragemFadingState;

      // TODO: get rid of all variables having pointers to the static resources if possible
      // i.e. let them directly use the _staticres functions
      void initStaticResource();

      const uint8 *_seq_Forest;
      const uint8 *_seq_KallakWriting;
      const uint8 *_seq_KyrandiaLogo;
      const uint8 *_seq_KallakMalcolm;
      const uint8 *_seq_MalcolmTree;
      const uint8 *_seq_WestwoodLogo;
      const uint8 *_seq_Demo1;
      const uint8 *_seq_Demo2;
      const uint8 *_seq_Demo3;
      const uint8 *_seq_Demo4;
      const uint8 *_seq_Reunion;
      const char * const*_seq_WSATable;
      const char * const*_seq_CPSTable;
      const char * const*_seq_COLTable;
      const char * const*_seq_textsTable;
      int _seq_WSATable_Size;
      int _seq_CPSTable_Size;
      int _seq_COLTable_Size;
      int _seq_textsTable_Size;
      const char * const*_itemList;
      const char * const*_takenList;
      const char * const*_placedList;
      const char * const*_droppedList;
      const char * const*_noDropList;
      const char * const*_putDownFirst;
      const char * const*_waitForAmulet;
      const char * const*_blackJewel;
      const char * const*_poisonGone;
      const char * const*_healingTip;
      const char * const*_thePoison;
      const char * const*_fluteString;
      const char * const*_wispJewelStrings;
      const char * const*_magicJewelString;
      const char * const*_flaskFull;
      const char * const*_fullFlask;
      const char * const*_veryClever;
      const char * const*_homeString;
      const char * const*_newGameString;
      const char *_voiceTextString;
      const char *_textSpeedString;
      const char *_onString;
      const char *_offString;
      int _itemList_Size;
      int _takenList_Size;
      int _placedList_Size;
      int _droppedList_Size;
      int _noDropList_Size;
      int _putDownFirst_Size;
      int _waitForAmulet_Size;
      int _blackJewel_Size;
      int _poisonGone_Size;
      int _healingTip_Size;
      int _thePoison_Size;
      int _fluteString_Size;
      int _wispJewelStrings_Size;
      int _magicJewelString_Size;
      int _flaskFull_Size;
      int _fullFlask_Size;
      int _veryClever_Size;
      int _homeString_Size;
      int _newGameString_Size;
      const char * const*_characterImageTable;
      int _characterImageTableSize;

      const char * const*_guiStrings;
      int _guiStringsSize;

      const char * const*_configStrings;
      int _configStringsSize;
      Shape *_defaultShapeTable;
      int _defaultShapeTableSize;
      const Shape *_healingShapeTable;
      int  _healingShapeTableSize;
      const Shape *_healingShape2Table;
      int  _healingShape2TableSize;
      const Shape *_posionDeathShapeTable;
      int _posionDeathShapeTableSize;
      const Shape *_fluteAnimShapeTable;
      int _fluteAnimShapeTableSize;
      const Shape *_winterScrollTable;
      int _winterScrollTableSize;
      const Shape *_winterScroll1Table;
      int _winterScroll1TableSize;
      const Shape *_winterScroll2Table;
      int _winterScroll2TableSize;
      const Shape *_drinkAnimationTable;
      int _drinkAnimationTableSize;
      const Shape *_brandonToWispTable;
      int _brandonToWispTableSize;
      const Shape *_magicAnimationTable;
      int _magicAnimationTableSize;
      const Shape *_brandonStoneTable;
      int _brandonStoneTableSize;
      Room *_roomTable;
      int _roomTableSize;
      const char * const*_roomFilenameTable;
      int _roomFilenameTableSize;
      const uint8 *_amuleteAnim;
      const uint8 * const*_specialPalettes;

      Timer _timers[34];
      uint32 _timerNextRun;   
      static const char *_musicFiles[];
      static const int _musicFilesCount;
      static const int8 _charXPosTable[];
      static const int8 _addXPosTable[];
      static const int8 _charYPosTable[];
      static const int8 _addYPosTable[];

      // positions of the inventory
      static const uint16 _itemPosX[];
      static const uint8 _itemPosY[];
      void setupButtonData();
      Button *_buttonData;
      Button **_buttonDataListPtr;
      static Button _menuButtonData[];
      static Button _scrollUpButton;
      static Button _scrollDownButton;

      bool _haveScrollButtons;

      void setupMenu();
      Menu *_menu;

      static const uint8 _magicMouseItemStartFrame[];
      static const uint8 _magicMouseItemEndFrame[];
      static const uint8 _magicMouseItemStartFrame2[];
      static const uint8 _magicMouseItemEndFrame2[];

      static const uint16 _amuletX[];
      static const uint16 _amuletY[];
      static const uint16 _amuletX2[];
      static const uint16 _amuletY2[];

class KyraEngine_v1 : public KyraEngine {
      KyraEngine_v1(OSystem *system);

      int setupGameFlags();

class KyraEngine_v2 : public KyraEngine {
      KyraEngine_v2(OSystem *system);

      int setupGameFlags() { _game = GI_KYRA2; return 0; }
      int go();

// maybe subclass KyraEngine_v2 later
class WSAMovieV3;

class KyraEngine_v3 : public KyraEngine {
      KyraEngine_v3(OSystem *system);
      Movie *createWSAMovie();
      SoundDigital *soundDigital() { return _soundDigital; }

      int setupGameFlags();
      int go();

      void playVQA(const char *name);
      int init();

      SoundDigital *_soundDigital;
      int _lang;
      // sound specific
      void playMenuAudioFile();
      int _musicSoundChannel;
      const char *_menuAudioFile;

      // gui/menu specific
      static const char *_mainMenuStrings[];
      int handleMainMenu(WSAMovieV3 *logo);
      void drawMainMenu(const char * const *strings, int select);
      void drawMainBox(int x, int y, int w, int h, int fill);
      void gui_printString(const char *string, int x, int y, int col1, int col2, int flags, ...);

} // End of namespace Kyra


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