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Scumm::InfoDialog Class Reference

#include <dialogs.h>

Inheritance diagram for Scumm::InfoDialog:

Scumm::ConfirmDialog Scumm::PauseDialog

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A dialog which displays an arbitrary message to the user and returns ther users reply as its result value. More specifically, it returns the ASCII code of the key used to close the dialog (0 if a mouse click closed the dialog).

Definition at line 156 of file dialogs.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int16 getAbsX () const
virtual int16 getAbsY () const
virtual int16 getChildX () const
virtual int16 getChildY () const
virtual uint16 getHeight () const
virtual uint16 getWidth () const
virtual void handleKeyDown (uint16 ascii, int keycode, int modifiers)
virtual void handleMouseDown (int x, int y, int button, int clickCount)
virtual void handleScreenChanged ()
 InfoDialog (ScummEngine *scumm, int res)
 InfoDialog (ScummEngine *scumm, const String &message)
bool isVisible () const
void releaseFocus ()
virtual int runModal ()

Protected Types

typedef Common::String String

Protected Member Functions

ButtonWidget * addButton (GuiObject *boss, int x, int y, const Common::String &label, uint32 cmd, char hotkey)
virtual void close ()
void deleteWidget (Widget *widget)
bool dimsInactive ()
virtual void draw ()
virtual void drawDialog ()
Widget * findWidget (const char *name)
Widget * findWidget (int x, int y)
uint32 getMillis ()
int getResult () const
virtual void handleCommand (CommandSender *sender, uint32 cmd, uint32 data)
virtual void handleKeyUp (uint16 ascii, int keycode, int modifiers)
virtual void handleMouseMoved (int x, int y, int button)
virtual void handleMouseUp (int x, int y, int button, int clickCount)
virtual void handleMouseWheel (int x, int y, int direction)
virtual void handleTickle ()
virtual void open ()
const String queryResString (int stringno)
void setInfoText (const String &message)
void setResult (int result)

Protected Attributes

Widget * _dragWidget
uint16 _drawingHints
Widget * _firstWidget
Widget * _focusedWidget
uint16 _h
String _message
Widget * _mouseWidget
Common::String _name
GUI::StaticTextWidget * _text
bool _visible
uint16 _w
int16 _x
int16 _y

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