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Common::Event Struct Reference

#include <events.h>

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Detailed Description

Data structure for an event. A pointer to an instance of Event can be passed to pollEvent.
Rework/document this structure. It should be made 100% clear which field is valid for which event type. Implementation wise, we might want to use the classic union-of-structs trick. It goes roughly like this: struct BasicEvent { EventType type; }; struct MouseMovedEvent : BasicEvent { Common::Point pos; }; struct MouseButtonEvent : MouseMovedEvent { int button; }; struct KeyEvent : BasicEvent { ... }; ... union Event { EventType type; MouseMovedEvent mouse; MouseButtonEvent button; KeyEvent key; ... };

Definition at line 106 of file events.h.

Public Attributes

KeyState kbd
Common::Point mouse
bool synthetic
EventType type

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