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int Common::Archive::listMatchingMembers ( ArchiveMemberList list,
const String pattern 
) [virtual]

Add all the names present in the Archive which match pattern to list. Returned names can be used as parameters to createReadStreamForMember. Must not remove elements from the list.

the number of names added to list

Reimplemented in Common::SearchSet, and Common::FSDirectory.

Definition at line 46 of file archive.cpp.

References Common::List< t_T >::begin(), Common::List< t_T >::end(), listMembers(), Common::List< t_T >::push_back(), and Common::String::toLowercase().

      // Get all "names" (TODO: "files" ?)
      ArchiveMemberList allNames;

      int matches = 0;

      // need to match lowercase key
      String lowercasePattern = pattern;

      ArchiveMemberList::iterator it = allNames.begin();
      for ( ; it != allNames.end(); ++it) {
            if ((*it)->getName().matchString(lowercasePattern, true)) {

      return matches;

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