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DefaultSaveFileManager Class Reference

#include <default-saves.h>

Inheritance diagram for DefaultSaveFileManager:

Common::SaveFileManager Common::NonCopyable PSPSaveFileManager

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Detailed Description

Provides a default savefile manager implementation for common platforms.

Definition at line 37 of file default-saves.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearError ()
 DefaultSaveFileManager (const Common::String &defaultSavepath)
virtual Error getError ()
virtual String getErrorDesc ()
virtual Common::StringList listSavefiles (const Common::String &pattern)
virtual Common::InSaveFileopenForLoading (const Common::String &filename)
virtual Common::OutSaveFileopenForSaving (const Common::String &filename)
virtual String popErrorDesc ()
virtual bool removeSavefile (const Common::String &filename)
virtual bool renameSavefile (const String &oldName, const String &newName)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void checkPath (const Common::FSNode &dir)
virtual Common::String getSavePath () const
virtual void setError (Error error, const String &errorDesc)

Protected Attributes

Error _error
String _errorDesc

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