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SaveStateDescriptor Class Reference

#include <game.h>

Inheritance diagram for SaveStateDescriptor:

Common::HashMap< String, String, IgnoreCase_Hash, IgnoreCase_EqualTo >

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Detailed Description

A hashmap describing details about a given save state. TODO Guaranteed to contain save_slot and description values. Additional ideas: Playtime, creation date, thumbnail, ...

Definition at line 123 of file game.h.

Public Types

typedef IteratorImpl< const Node > const_iterator
typedef IteratorImpl< Node > iterator

Public Member Functions

const_iterator begin () const
iterator begin ()
void clear (bool shrinkArray=0)
bool contains (const String &key) const
const Common::Stringdescription () const
Common::Stringdescription ()
bool empty () const
const_iterator end () const
iterator end ()
void erase (const String &key)
const_iterator find (const String &key) const
iterator find (const String &key)
bool getBool (const Common::String &key) const
const Graphics::SurfacegetThumbnail () const
const String & getVal (const String &key) const
String & getVal (const String &key)
const String & operator[] (const String &key) const
String & operator[] (const String &key)
const Common::Stringsave_slot () const
Common::Stringsave_slot ()
 SaveStateDescriptor (const Common::String &s, const Common::String &d)
 SaveStateDescriptor (int s, const Common::String &d)
void setDeletableFlag (bool state)
void setPlayTime (int hours, int minutes)
void setSaveDate (int year, int month, int day)
void setSaveTime (int hour, int min)
void setThumbnail (Graphics::Surface *t)
void setVal (const String &key, const String &val)
void setWriteProtectedFlag (bool state)
uint size () const

Protected Attributes

< Graphics::Surface

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