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void Cine::FWScript::load ( const ScriptVars labels,
const ScriptVars local,
uint16  compare,
uint16  pos 
) [protected]

Restore script state from savefile.

labels Restored script labels
local Restored local script variables
compare Restored last comparison result
pos Restored script position

Reimplemented in Cine::OSScript.

Definition at line 654 of file script_fw.cpp.

References _compare, _labels, _line, _localVars, _pos, _script, and Cine::RawScript::_size.

Referenced by Cine::FWScriptInfo::create(), and Cine::OSScript::load().

      assert(pos < _script._size);
      _labels = labels;
      _localVars = local;
      _compare = compare;
      _pos = _line = pos;

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