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Cine::RawScript Class Reference

#include <script.h>

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Detailed Description

Script bytecode and initial labels, ScriptStruct replacement.

_data is one byte longer to make sure strings in bytecode are properly terminated

Definition at line 86 of file script.h.

Public Member Functions

byte getByte (unsigned int pos) const
 One byte of bytecode.
uint16 getLabel (const FWScriptInfo &info, byte index, uint16 offset) const
 find the next label from current position
const char * getString (unsigned int pos) const
 String in bytecode.
uint16 getWord (unsigned int pos) const
 One word of bytecode.
const ScriptVarslabels () const
 Size of script.
RawScriptoperator= (const RawScript &src)
 Assignment operator.
 RawScript (const RawScript &src)
 Copy constructor.
 RawScript (const FWScriptInfo &info, const byte *data, uint16 size)
 Complete constructor.
 RawScript (uint16 size)
 Constructor for partial loading.
void setData (const FWScriptInfo &info, const byte *data)
 Copy bytecode and calculate labels.
 ~RawScript ()

Public Attributes

uint16 _size
 Bytecode length.

Protected Member Functions

void computeLabels (const FWScriptInfo &info)
 Calculate initial script labels.
int getNextLabel (const FWScriptInfo &info, int offset) const
 Get the next label in bytecode.

Private Attributes

byte * _data
 Script bytecode.
ScriptVars _labels
 Initial script labels.

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