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uint16 Cine::RawScript::getLabel ( const FWScriptInfo info,
byte  index,
uint16  offset 
) const

find the next label from current position

info Script info instance
index Label index to look for
offset Current position in script
Position of next instruction following the label
computeScriptStackFromScript replacement

Definition at line 482 of file script_fw.cpp.

References _data, and getNextLabel().

Referenced by Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfDiffNearest(), Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfEquNearest(), Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfInfEquNearest(), Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfInfNearest(), Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfSupEquNearest(), and Cine::FWScript::o2_gotoIfSupNearest().


      int pos = offset;

      while ((pos = getNextLabel(info, pos)) >= 0) {
            if (_data[pos++] == index) {
                  return pos;

      return -pos - 1;

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