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template<class T>
void Common::Array< T >::push_back ( const T &  element  )  [inline, inherited]

Appends element to the end of the array.

Definition at line 102 of file array.h.

Referenced by AdvancedMetaEngine::detectGames(), Cine::detectSaveGameFormat(), Common::FSNode::getChildren(), Ps2FilesystemNode::getChildren(), DS::GBAMPFileSystemNode::getChildren(), DS::DSFileSystemNode::getChildren(), DefaultSaveFileManager::listSavefiles(), Cine::loadPrc(), Cine::loadRel(), and Agi::WagFileParser::parse().

            if (_size + 1 <= _capacity)
                  _storage[_size++] = element;
                  insert_aux(end(), &element, &element + 1);

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