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/* Header is not present in Windows CE SDK */
/* It would not be a bad idea to take this thing from gcc distro and port
   it properly. For now only required part is ported. */

struct dirent
      long        d_ino;            /* Always zero. */
      unsigned short    d_reclen;   /* Always zero. */
      unsigned short    d_namlen;   /* Length of name in d_name. */
      char*       d_name;           /* File name. */
      /* NOTE: The name in the dirent structure points to the name in the
       *           finddata_t structure in the DIR. */

 * This is an internal data structure. Good programmers will not use it
 * except as an argument to one of the functions below.
typedef struct
      /* disk transfer area for this dir */
/*    struct _finddata_t      dd_dta; */

      /* dirent struct to return from dir (NOTE: this makes this thread
       * safe as long as only one thread uses a particular DIR struct at
       * a time) */
      struct dirent           dd_dir;

      /* _findnext handle */
      long              dd_handle;

             * Status of search:
       *     0 = not started yet (next entry to read is first entry)
       *    -1 = off the end
       *     positive = 0 based index of next entry
      short             dd_stat;

      /* given path for dir with search pattern (struct is extended) */
      char              dd_name[1];
} DIR;

DIR*        opendir (const char*);
struct dirent*    readdir (DIR*);
int         closedir (DIR*);
void        rewinddir (DIR*);
long        telldir (DIR*);
void        seekdir (DIR*, long);

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