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      io_sccf.c based on

      By chishm (Michael Chisholm)

      Hardware Routines for reading a compact flash card
      using the Super Card CF

      CF routines modified with help from Darkfader

      This software is completely free. No warranty is provided.
      If you use it, please give me credit and email me about your
      project at chishm@hotmail.com

      See gba_nds_fat.txt for help and license details.

#include "io_sccf.h"


 #error Supercard CF support requires GBAMP CF support
#endif // SUPPORT_MPCF

Since all CF addresses and commands are the same for the GBAMP,
simply use it's functions instead.

extern bool MPCF_IsInserted (void);
extern bool MPCF_ClearStatus (void);
extern bool MPCF_ReadSectors (u32 sector, u8 numSecs, void* buffer);
extern bool MPCF_WriteSectors (u32 sector, u8 numSecs, void* buffer);

Returns true if SuperCard was unlocked, false if failed
Added by MightyMax
Modified by Chishm
bool SCCF_Unlock(void)
#define CF_REG_LBA1 *(volatile unsigned short *)0x09060000
      unsigned char temp;
      volatile short *unlockAddress = (volatile short *)0x09FFFFFE;
      *unlockAddress = 0xA55A ;
      *unlockAddress = 0xA55A ;
      *unlockAddress = 0x3 ;
      *unlockAddress = 0x3 ;
      // provoke a ready reply
      temp = CF_REG_LBA1;
      CF_REG_LBA1 = (~temp & 0xFF);
      temp = (~temp & 0xFF);
      return (CF_REG_LBA1 == temp);
#undef CF_REG_LBA1

bool SCCF_Shutdown(void) {
      return MPCF_ClearStatus() ;
} ;

bool SCCF_StartUp(void) {
      return SCCF_Unlock() ;
} ;

IO_INTERFACE io_sccf = {
} ;

LPIO_INTERFACE SCCF_GetInterface(void) {
      return &io_sccf ;
} ;

#endif // SUPPORT_SCCF

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