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Common::String DefaultSaveFileManager::getSavePath (  )  const [protected, virtual, inherited]

Get the path to the savegame directory. Should only be used internally since some platforms might implement savefiles in a completely different way.

Definition at line 146 of file default-saves.cpp.

References Common::String::empty().

Referenced by DefaultSaveFileManager::listSavefiles(), DefaultSaveFileManager::openForLoading(), DefaultSaveFileManager::openForSaving(), and DefaultSaveFileManager::removeSavefile().


      Common::String dir;

      // Try to use game specific savepath from config
      dir = ConfMan.get("savepath");

      // Work around a bug (#999122) in the original 0.6.1 release of
      // ScummVM, which would insert a bad savepath value into config files.
      if (dir == "None") {
            ConfMan.removeKey("savepath", ConfMan.getActiveDomainName());
            dir = ConfMan.get("savepath");

#ifdef _WIN32_WCE
      if (dir.empty())
            dir = ConfMan.get("path");

      return dir;

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