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AdvancedMetaEngine Class Reference

#include <advancedDetector.h>

Inheritance diagram for AdvancedMetaEngine:

MetaEngine PluginObject

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Detailed Description

A MetaEngine implementation based around the advanced detector code.

Definition at line 233 of file advancedDetector.h.

MetaEngineFeature flags

virtual bool hasFeature (MetaEngineFeature f) const
enum  MetaEngineFeature {
  kSupportsListSaves, kSupportsLoadingDuringStartup, kSupportsDeleteSave, kSavesSupportMetaInfo,
  kSavesSupportThumbnail, kSavesSupportCreationDate, kSavesSupportPlayTime

Public Member Functions

 AdvancedMetaEngine (const ADParams &dp)
virtual bool createInstance (OSystem *syst, Engine **engine, const ADGameDescription *desc) const =0
virtual Common::Error createInstance (OSystem *syst, Engine **engine) const
virtual GameList detectGames (const Common::FSList &fslist) const
virtual const ADGameDescription * fallbackDetect (const Common::FSList &fslist) const
virtual GameDescriptor findGame (const char *gameid) const
virtual int getMaximumSaveSlot () const
virtual const char * getName () const =0
virtual const char * getOriginalCopyright () const =0
virtual GameList getSupportedGames () const
virtual SaveStateList listSaves (const char *target) const
virtual SaveStateDescriptor querySaveMetaInfos (const char *target, int slot) const
virtual void removeSaveState (const char *target, int slot) const

Private Attributes

const ADParamsparams

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