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Agi::fsnodeNameEqualsIgnoreCase Struct Reference

Inheritance diagram for Agi::fsnodeNameEqualsIgnoreCase:

Common::UnaryFunction< const Common::FSNode &, bool >

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Detailed Description

A function object (i.e. a functor) for testing if a Common::FSNode object's name is equal (Ignoring case) to a string or to at least one of the strings in a list of strings. Can be used e.g. with find_if().

Definition at line 701 of file sound_2gs.cpp.

Public Types

typedef const Common::FSNodeArgumenType
typedef bool ResultType

Public Member Functions

 fsnodeNameEqualsIgnoreCase (const Common::String str)
 fsnodeNameEqualsIgnoreCase (const Common::StringArray &str)
bool operator() (const Common::FSNode &param) const

Private Attributes

Common::StringArray _str

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