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package org.inodes.gus.scummvm;

import android.app.Application;

import java.io.File;

00007 public class ScummVMApplication extends Application {
      public final static String ACTION_PLUGIN_QUERY = "org.inodes.gus.scummvm.action.PLUGIN_QUERY";
      public final static String EXTRA_UNPACK_LIBS = "org.inodes.gus.scummvm.extra.UNPACK_LIBS";

      private static File cache_dir;

      public void onCreate() {
            // This is still on /data :(
            cache_dir = getCacheDir();
            // This is mounted noexec :(
            //cache_dir = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(),
            //                 "/.ScummVM.tmp");
            // This is owned by download manager and requires special
            // permissions to access :(
            //cache_dir = Environment.getDownloadCacheDirectory();

      public static File getLastCacheDir() {
            return cache_dir;

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