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anim.cpp File Reference

#include "common/endian.h"
#include "common/stream.h"
#include "cine/cine.h"
#include "cine/anim.h"
#include "cine/gfx.h"
#include "cine/pal.h"
#include "cine/part.h"
#include "cine/various.h"
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struct  Cine::AnimHeader2Struct


namespace  Cine


void Cine::convert4BBP (byte *dest, const byte *source, int16 width, int16 height)
void Cine::convert8BBP (byte *dest, const byte *source, int16 width, int16 height)
void Cine::convert8BBP2 (byte *dest, byte *source, int16 width, int16 height)
void Cine::convertMask (byte *dest, const byte *source, int16 width, int16 height)
int Cine::emptyAnimSpace (int start=0)
void Cine::freeAnimDataRange (byte startIdx, byte numIdx)
void Cine::freeAnimDataTable ()
void Cine::generateMask (const byte *sprite, byte *mask, uint16 size, byte transparency)
static byte Cine::getAnimTransparentColor (const char *animName)
int Cine::loadAni (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)
void Cine::loadAnimHeader (AnimHeaderStruct &animHeader, Common::MemoryReadStream readS)
int Cine::loadMsk (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)
int Cine::loadResource (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)
int Cine::loadSeq (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)
int Cine::loadSet (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)
int Cine::loadSpl (const char *resourceName, int16 idx)


static const AnimDataEntry Cine::transparencyData []

Detailed Description

Make resource manager class and make load* functions its members

Definition in file anim.cpp.

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