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Gs2dScreen Class Reference

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struct  VideoState

Public Member Functions

void animThread (void)
void clearOverlay (void)
void clearPrintfOverlay (void)
void copyOverlayRect (const uint16 *buf, uint16 pitch, uint16 x, uint16 y, uint16 w, uint16 h)
void copyPrintfOverlay (const uint8 *buf)
void copyScreenRect (const uint8 *buf, int pitch, int x, int y, int w, int h)
uint16 getHeight (void)
Graphics::PixelFormat getOverlayFormat (void)
int16 getOverlayHeight (void)
int16 getOverlayWidth (void)
uint16 getWidth (void)
void grabOverlay (uint16 *buf, uint16 pitch)
void grabPalette (uint8 *pal, uint8 start, uint16 num)
void grabScreen (Graphics::Surface *surf)
 Gs2dScreen (uint16 width, uint16 height, TVMode tvMode)
void hideOverlay (void)
Graphics::SurfacelockScreen ()
void newScreenSize (uint16 width, uint16 height)
void quit (void)
void setMouseOverlay (const uint8 *buf, uint16 width, uint16 height, uint16 hotSpotX, uint16 hotSpotY, uint8 transpCol)
void setMouseXy (int16 x, int16 y)
void setPalette (const uint8 *pal, uint8 start, uint16 num)
void setShakePos (int shake)
void showMouse (bool show)
void showOverlay (void)
uint8 tvMode (void)
void unlockScreen ()
void updateScreen (void)
void wantAnim (bool runIt)

Private Member Functions

void createAnimTextures (void)
void uploadToVram (void)

Private Attributes

void * _animStack
int _animTid
GsVertex _blitCoords [2]
uint32 * _clut
bool _clutChanged
uint32 _clutPtrs [3]
uint8 _curDrawBuf
int _dmacId
Graphics::Surface _framebuffer
uint32 _frameBufPtr [2]
uint16 _height
int16 _hotSpotX
int16 _hotSpotY
uint32 _mouseScaleX
uint32 _mouseScaleY
int16 _mouseX
int16 _mouseY
uint8 _mTraCol
uint16 * _overlayBuf
bool _overlayChanged
Graphics::PixelFormat _overlayFormat
uint16 _pitch
uint8 * _screenBuf
bool _screenChanged
int _screenSema
int _shakePos
bool _showMouse
bool _showOverlay
volatile bool _systemQuit
TexVertex _texCoords [2]
uint32 _texPtrs [4]
uint16 _tvHeight
uint8 _tvMode
uint16 _tvWidth
int _vblankEndId
int _vblankStartId
VideoState _videoMode
uint16 _width

Static Private Attributes

static const uint32 _binaryClut [16]
static const uint8 _binaryData [4 *14 *2]
static const uint16 _binaryPattern [16]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file Gs2dScreen.h.

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