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void OSystem_Dreamcast::getTimeAndDate ( TimeDate t ) const [virtual]

Get the current time and date, in the local timezone. Corresponds on many systems to the combination of time() and localtime().

Implements OSystem.

Definition at line 199 of file dcmain.cpp.

References TimeDate::tm_hour, TimeDate::tm_mday, TimeDate::tm_min, TimeDate::tm_mon, TimeDate::tm_sec, and TimeDate::tm_year.

  time_t curTime;
  struct tm t = *localtime(&curTime);
  td.tm_sec = t.tm_sec;
  td.tm_min = t.tm_min;
  td.tm_hour = t.tm_hour;
  td.tm_mday = t.tm_mday;
  td.tm_mon = t.tm_mon;
  td.tm_year = t.tm_year;

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