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const char * AbstractFSNode::lastPathComponent ( const Common::String str,
const char  sep 
) [static, protected, inherited]

Returns the last component of a given path.

Examples: /foo/bar.txt would return /bar.txt /foo/bar/ would return /bar/

strString containing the path.
sepcharacter used to separate path components
Pointer to the first char of the last component inside str.

Definition at line 27 of file abstract-fs.cpp.

Referenced by RoninCDFileNode::getName(), and RoninCDFileNode::getParent().

      // TODO: Get rid of this eventually! Use Common::lastPathComponent instead
      if (str.empty())
            return "";

      const char *start = str.c_str();
      const char *cur = start + str.size() - 2;

      while (cur >= start && *cur != sep) {

      return cur + 1;

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