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MT32Emu::Synth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void close (void)
const PartgetPart (unsigned int partNum) const
const PartialgetPartial (unsigned int partialNum) const
bool open (SynthProperties &useProp)
void playMsg (Bit32u msg)
void playMsgOnPart (unsigned char part, unsigned char code, unsigned char note, unsigned char velocity)
void playSysex (const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void playSysexWithoutFraming (const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void playSysexWithoutHeader (unsigned char device, unsigned char command, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void readMemory (Bit32u addr, Bit32u len, Bit8u *data)
void render (Bit16s *stream, Bit32u len)
void writeSysex (unsigned char channel, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)

Static Public Member Functions

static Bit8u calcSysexChecksum (const Bit8u *data, Bit32u len, Bit8u checksum)

Protected Member Functions

void closeFile (File *file)
FileopenFile (const char *filename, File::OpenMode mode)
void printDebug (const char *fmt,...) GCC_PRINTF(2
int report (ReportType type, const void *reportData)

Private Member Functions

void doRender (Bit16s *stream, Bit32u len)
bool dumpTimbre (File *file, const TimbreParam *timbre, Bit32u addr)
int dumpTimbres (const char *filename, int start, int len)
bool initPCMList (Bit16u mapAddress, Bit16u count)
void initReverb (Bit8u newRevMode, Bit8u newRevTime, Bit8u newRevLevel)
bool initRhythmTimbre (int drumNum, const Bit8u *mem, unsigned int memLen)
bool initRhythmTimbres (Bit16u mapAddress, Bit16u count)
bool initTimbres (Bit16u mapAddress, Bit16u offset, int startTimbre)
bool loadControlROM (const char *filename)
bool loadPCMROM (const char *filename)
bool loadPreset (File *file)
void playAddressedSysex (unsigned char channel, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void readMemoryRegion (const MemoryRegion *region, Bit32u addr, Bit32u len, Bit8u *data)
void readSysex (unsigned char channel, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
bool refreshSystem ()
void writeMemoryRegion (const MemoryRegion *region, Bit32u addr, Bit32u len, const Bit8u *data)

Private Attributes

Bit8s chantable [32]
Bit8u controlROMData [CONTROL_ROM_SIZE]
const ControlROMMapcontrolROMMap
iir_filter_type iirFilter
bool isEnabled
bool isOpen
float masterTune
Bit16u masterVolume
MemParams mt32default
MemParams mt32ram
SynthProperties myProp
float outbufl [MAX_SAMPLE_OUTPUT]
float outbufr [MAX_SAMPLE_OUTPUT]
Partparts [9]
Bit16s * pcmROMData
int pcmROMSize
float sndbufl [MAX_SAMPLE_OUTPUT]
float sndbufr [MAX_SAMPLE_OUTPUT]
Tables tables
Bit16s tmpBuffer [MAX_SAMPLE_OUTPUT *2]


class Part
class Partial
class RhythmPart
class Tables

Detailed Description

Definition at line 189 of file synth.h.

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