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WINCESdlGraphicsManager Class Reference

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struct  zoneDesc

Public Member Functions

void add_left_click (bool pushed)
void add_right_click (bool pushed)
void addDirtyRect (int x, int y, int w, int h, bool mouseRect=false)
virtual void beginGFXTransaction ()
void blitCursor ()
virtual void clearFocusRectangle ()
virtual void clearOverlay ()
void copyRectToOverlay (const OverlayColor *buf, int pitch, int x, int y, int w, int h)
void copyRectToScreen (const byte *src, int pitch, int x, int y, int w, int h)
virtual void disableCursorPalette (bool disable)
virtual void displayMessageOnOSD (const char *msg)
void drawMouse ()
virtual OSystem::TransactionError endGFXTransaction ()
virtual void fillScreen (uint32 col)
int getDefaultGraphicsMode () const
bool getFeatureState (OSystem::Feature f)
bool getFreeLookState ()
virtual int getGraphicsMode () const
virtual int16 getHeight ()
virtual Graphics::PixelFormat getOverlayFormat () const
virtual int16 getOverlayHeight ()
virtual int16 getOverlayWidth ()
virtual int getScreenChangeID () const
const OSystem::GraphicsModegetSupportedGraphicsModes () const
virtual int16 getWidth ()
virtual void grabOverlay (OverlayColor *buf, int pitch)
bool hasDesktopResolution ()
bool hasFeature (OSystem::Feature f)
bool hasPocketPCResolution ()
bool hasSquareQVGAResolution ()
bool hasWideResolution () const
void hideOverlay ()
bool hotswapGFXMode ()
void init_panel ()
virtual void initEventObserver ()
void initSize (uint w, uint h, const Graphics::PixelFormat *format=NULL)
void initZones ()
void internDrawMouse ()
void internUpdateScreen ()
bool loadGFXMode ()
Graphics::SurfacelockScreen ()
void move_cursor_down ()
void move_cursor_left ()
void move_cursor_right ()
void move_cursor_up ()
bool notifyEvent (const Common::Event &event)
void reset_panel ()
virtual void resetGraphicsScale ()
bool saveScreenshot (const char *filename)
virtual void setCursorPalette (const byte *colors, uint start, uint num)
void setFeatureState (OSystem::Feature f, bool enable)
virtual void setFocusRectangle (const Common::Rect &rect)
bool setGraphicsMode (int mode)
void setMouseCursor (const byte *buf, uint w, uint h, int hotspot_x, int hotspot_y, uint32 keycolor, int cursorTargetScale, const Graphics::PixelFormat *format)
void setMousePos (int x, int y)
virtual void setShakePos (int shakeOffset)
bool showMouse (bool visible)
void showOverlay ()
void smartphone_rotate_display ()
void swap_freeLook ()
void swap_mouse_visibility ()
void swap_panel ()
void swap_panel_visibility ()
void swap_smartphone_keyboard ()
void swap_zoom_down ()
void swap_zoom_up ()
void switch_zone ()
void undrawMouse ()
void unloadGFXMode ()
void unlockScreen ()
void update_game_settings ()
virtual void updateScreen ()
void warpMouse (int x, int y)
 WINCESdlGraphicsManager (SdlEventSource *sdlEventSource)

Static Public Member Functions

static const
supportedGraphicsModes ()

Public Attributes

int _currentZone
bool _hasfocus
int _keyRepeat
int _keyRepeatTime
int _keyRepeatTrigger
int _lastKeyPressed
MousePos _mouseCurState
int _mouseXZone [TOTAL_ZONES]
int _mouseYZone [TOTAL_ZONES]
int _newOrientation
bool _noDoubleTapPT
bool _noDoubleTapRMB
int _orientationLandscape
bool _panelInitialized
int _scaleFactorXd
int _scaleFactorXm
int _scaleFactorYd
int _scaleFactorYm
CEGUI::ToolbarHandler _toolbarHandler
bool _toolbarHighDrawn
bool _usesEmulatedMouse
bool _zoomDown
bool _zoomUp

Static Public Attributes

static zoneDesc _zones [TOTAL_ZONES]

Protected Types

enum  { kTransactionNone = 0, kTransactionActive = 1, kTransactionRollback = 2 }
enum  { NUM_DIRTY_RECT = 100, MAX_SCALING = 3 }
enum  { kMouseColorKey = 1 }

Protected Member Functions

virtual void adjustMouseEvent (const Common::Event &event)
virtual int effectiveScreenHeight () const
virtual void grabPalette (byte *colors, uint start, uint num)
virtual bool handleScalerHotkeys (Common::KeyCode key)
virtual bool isScalerHotkey (const Common::Event &event)
virtual void setAspectRatioCorrection (bool enable)
virtual void setFullscreenMode (bool enable)
virtual void setGraphicsModeIntern ()
virtual void setPalette (const byte *colors, uint start, uint num)
virtual void toggleFullScreen ()

Protected Attributes

SDL_Color * _currentPalette
int _currentShakePos
SDL_Color * _cursorPalette
bool _cursorPaletteDisabled
int _cursorTargetScale
SDL_Rect _dirtyRectList [NUM_DIRTY_RECT]
bool _enableFocusRect
bool _enableFocusRectDebugCode
Common::Rect _focusRect
bool _forceFull
Graphics::Surface _framebuffer
OSystem::MutexRef _graphicsMutex
SDL_Surface * _hwscreen
SDL_Rect _mouseBackup
byte * _mouseData
byte _mouseKeyColor
bool _mouseNeedsRedraw
SDL_Surface * _mouseOrigSurface
SDL_Surface * _mouseSurface
bool _mouseVisible
int _newShakePos
int _numDirtyRects
VideoState _oldVideoMode
Graphics::PixelFormat _overlayFormat
SDL_Surface * _overlayscreen
bool _overlayVisible
uint _paletteDirtyEnd
uint _paletteDirtyStart
ScalerProc * _scalerProc
int _scalerType
SDL_Surface * _screen
int _screenChangeCount
bool _screenIsLocked
SDL_Surface * _tmpscreen
SDL_Surface * _tmpscreen2
TransactionDetails _transactionDetails
int _transactionMode
VideoState _videoMode

Private Member Functions

void create_toolbar ()
void drawToolbarMouse (SDL_Surface *surf, bool draw)
bool isOzone ()
void loadDeviceConfigurationElement (Common::String element, int &value, int defaultValue)
void retrieve_mouse_location (int &x, int &y)
bool update_scalers ()

Private Attributes

bool _canBeAspectScaled
SDL_Rect _dirtyRectOut [NUM_DIRTY_RECT]
bool _forceHideMouse
bool _freeLook
uint16 _mouseBackupDim
byte * _mouseBackupOld
uint16 * _mouseBackupToolbar
int _mouseHotspotX
int _mouseHotspotY
bool _panelStateForced
bool _panelVisible
int _repeatX
int _repeatY
String _saveActiveToolbar
bool _saveToolbarState
bool _saveToolbarZoom
bool _scalersChanged
int _stepX1
int _stepX2
int _stepX3
int _stepY1
int _stepY2
int _stepY3
SDL_Surface * _toolbarHigh
SDL_Surface * _toolbarLow

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file wincesdl-graphics.h.

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