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      Reserved space for new drivers

      This software is completely free. No warranty is provided.
      If you use it, please give me credit and email me about your
      project at chishm@hotmail.com

      See gba_nds_fat.txt for help and license details.

#ifndef IO_DLDI_H
#define IO_DLDI_H

// 'DLDI'
#define DEVICE_TYPE_DLDD 0x49444C44

#include "disc_io.h"
#ifdef NDS
#include <nds/memory.h>
#include <nds.h>

extern IO_INTERFACE _io_dldi;

extern u8 _dldi_driver_name;

// export interface
static inline LPIO_INTERFACE DLDI_GetInterface(void) {
#ifdef NDS
      // NDM: I'm really not sure about this change ARM9 - ARM7
#endif // defined NDS
      return &_io_dldi;

#endif      // define IO_DLDI_H

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